Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions Guide – Gummiphone Photos Locations, Rewards

There are plenty of Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions in the game. In our Kingdom Hearts III Gummiphone Photo Missions Guide, we have helped you with finding all photos in KH3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions

Sora can take photos of his surroundings and even selfies using the Gummiphone. That is useful in completing the KH3 Photo Missions offered at the Moogle Shop. Completing these missions grants you new Cuisine Recipes.

As for the Trophy/Achievements Hunters, you can get 2 Trophies/Achievements from these Gummiphone Photo Missions, one for taking your first picture and another for completing all the missions.

Gummiphone Photo Locations

Gummiphone Photo Missions Description Photo Locations
I need oven mitts to handle that hotness, kupo. Get a picture of a Flame Core. Head to the Olympus world and teleport to the Overlook way point. There, take the stairs down to the right, some Flame Cores will spawn there.
That fiend keeps getting my pom-pom wet, kupo. Get a picture of a Water Core. Head to Thebes in the Olympus world and go down the stairs that lead to Mount Olympus. There follows the river up to the large water fall and Water Cores will spawn there.
Fluffy doesn’t always mean cute, kupo. Get a picture of a Chief Puff. Head to the kingdom of Corona world and teleport to the forest hills. Head towards the town, and you will encounter them on your way there.
I can’t get over those chiselled muscles, kupo. Get a picture of the Statue of Hercules. In Olympus Thebes, the Hercules statue is located in the first area where you spawned.
Mechasmasher’s busting through the wall, kupo. Get a picture of the big Beasts & Bugs wall display. Head to the Toy Box, use the Pest Area spawn to get to the second floor. There, go into the store, at the back of the store you will see Beasts & Bugs wall display.
Who built that tower in the forest, kupo? Get a picture of Rapunzel’s Tower. Take the picture of the Rapunzal’s Tower in the Kingdom of Corona.
Wish I could ditch work and see the festival, kupo. Get a picture of the festival. In the Kingdom Of Corona, take a picture of the spot you did the dance with everyone in the town.
It takes a hot fire to forge lightning bolts, kupo. Get a picture of the fire in the secluded forge. Head to the Olympus, use the Corridor spawn and climb up the stairs ahead till you have reached straightaway rail slide. Get on it and then take a right from there, and you’ll land in the Forge area. Take a picture of this big structure in the center.
“King of the gods” to some, “Dad” to others, kupo. Get a picture of Zeus. You’ll find Zeus in the Cloud Ridge area of Olympus.
I love watching the tram go by at twilight, kupo. Get a picture of the tram. Take the picture of the big trolley moving around in the Twilight Town.
Give that hard worker in yellow a raise, kupo. Get a picture of the CDA agent. Take the picture of the guys in yellow suits who hang around the Power Plant in Monsteropolis.
Somehow I doubt that palace has a fireplace, kupo. Get a picture of the Ice Palace. Head to the Arendelle, use the Mountain Ridge spawn to get there. The palace will be right in front of you.
I think I saw a walking, talking snowman, kupo! Get a picture of Olaf. In Arendelle, you can find Olaf standing in front of the palace after you have completed the game.
He helps keep the birds out of the fields, kupo. Get a picture of the scarecrow in the fields. Scarecrow can be located easily in the fields of The Hundred Acre Wood.
There it is, kupo. My lucky star, kupo! Get a picture of the evening star. In San Fransokyo, head to North District Night and climb up the big building with blue neon lights in front of you. Get to its highest point, and point your camera towards the sky. You should see a star brighter than all the others.
The fish are swimming through the air, kupo! Get a picture of the fish-shaped wind socks in broad daylight Take the picture of the colorful balloons scattered across San Fransokyo during the day, commonly seen in the Central District.

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