Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough

Our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about finding and completing all available Main Quests in KCD with detailed walkthroughs, objectives, and more.

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough Guide will tell you about all of the quests in the Main Storyline. Each of the quests will be explained so that you know what to do when you try to attempt these quests. Furthermore, some useful Tips and Tricks will be provided so that you can sail past with flying colors.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is not a run of the mill RPG but, it introduces alto f new ideas. The quests in the game whether they are main quests or side quests are well done and in this Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough guide, we will give you tips and tricks, how to track your objectives in order to complete them efficiently.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough

The main quests follow a specific storyline and all of the objectives are based around on it. We will go on one by one and explain all of the objectives that you have to accomplish in a step-by-step fashion. Not only will we tell you of the objectives but we will also explain how you can easily accomplish them in the simplest way possible.

Each mission is different and has you doing a host of different things such as sneaking their way past enemies, killing them and retrieving a plethora of different items from various places.

All Main Quests Walkthrough

There are quite a few quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They are quite standard when it comes to games like these but they are difficult enough for even some of the great players to get stuck in certain places.

The objectives require a lot of careful planning as the enemies are quite tough to beat and some of the objectives do not tell you exactly what it is that you have to do in order to accomplish.

The quests are beautifully arranged and give a sort of true representation of Bohemia in 1403. The quest is one of revenge, as you seek vengeance for everything that you have lost.

Unexpected Visit

This quest has you collecting debt from Kunesh, learning to fight with a sword, buying charcoal at the market, getting ale from the tavern, and getting the sword hilt from the castle.

Head to the castle and talk to the guard in front of the gate, receive the crossguard and near his hut you’ll find Kunesh. Head to the left from the path to go to the Sword Hilt. Then move to the village on your back and go left to get to Kunesh. Fight him to get the money and then buy charcoal from the dealer nearby.

For that henry must possess 10 pieces of charcoal. Initially you won’t have much gold with you, but you can trade items from your inventory such as food from Henry’s house in exchange for a good price.

After that, go to the tavern (do whatever you want when the cutscene pops up) and speak to Bianca to get the ale. She’ll give you Pitcher of Ale and 3 bottles of Saviour Schnapps.

But before that, you can even meet your allies at the tavern where you’ll be given two options either to fling dung at the Deutsch’s house or ignore the offer. It’s up to you to choose.

You can also speak to Combat Master Vanyek here and practice at the ring left to the castle. Your main task is to complete few lessons with melee weapon before returning to your father.

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This quest starts off at Rovna that has been attacked by Cumans. The main objective of this quest is to locate your parents. It will begin automatically once you get to Skalitz. Go to the quest marker and defeat the bandit so that you can loot the corpses.

The bandit will also drop you the Seax hunting sword which is perfect if you prefer to be an agile warrior. Keep on defeating the bandits in your way as you head over to the quest marker.

Once at the village, reach the castle on the hill using the eastern path. Once at the location, go to the area where your parents fell in the prologue to trigger a cutscene.

The spade will be behind you to your left. An NPC will have it and he will be fending off a dog with it. Here you can either persuade him to give you the spade or you can beat him up and take it forcefully.

Once you have done that, now go to Linden tree near your house and dig a grave. This will then trigger a cutscene after which the next quest will begin.


This is a rather simple quest which has a total of two objectives for you to complete. The first one is to save your parents which will be easy enough as you will be in a Dream Realm. The second one is to get to Sir Radzig.

Tso awake from your nightmare, simply run towards the quest market and smash any enemy that comes close to you. They all will die in a single stroke since all you see of them is an illusion.

Once you are awoken at Rattay Mill, you need to head for the castle which is located in Rattay. It is south of your location. You can either chose to travel there or you can use the fast travel option if you are hell-bent on saving time. Once you get to the castle, all you need to do is to head inside and speak to Sir Radzig and the quest will be complete.

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Your objective in this quest is to get to the Training Ground and talk to Captain Bernard. This quest starts at Dusk and you’ll have to kill your time till 8pm. Make sure to return to train with Bernard to increase your attributes along with passive skills. First of all, move on towards the location of Captain Bernard who is found at the Upper Rattay Gate combat arena and begin to train with him.

After the training is completed, head to a range where you’ll receive a Vambrace and a Villager’s ash bow

After a while you’ll get challenged by Hans Capon and both you and Hans will receive seven shots from range. Points matter in this battle therefore, make sure to attack near the target.

Once you’ve defeated Hans, he’ll call you out for a sword fight. You’ll be taken to an arena for this fight. Make sure to block his moves and focus on his stamina. After you’ve won, you’ll receive a Capon’s hunting bow

After this, speak to the Bailiff at the opposite end of the town. He is near the stairs with the ‘U’ pattern. The doors might be locked which means you need to sleep and come back the next morning.

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Keeping the Peace

Before the quest begins, make sure to collect the guard kit from the armoury. For this you must head to the tower marked and interact with the guard to receive guard’s armor and a bludgeon. Check it out again if the guard is not there.

This quest has you joining Nightingale as he patrols the area. Get your weapons from the Armory and meet him at the Church. Wait until about 02:00 PM for him to show up if he is not there. After that, you will follow him around and settle a dispute; find a missing guard and have a beer with Nightingale.

All of this is guided by Nightingale so you will probably not run into any problems here. After this, you have to go and ring the bell at the back of the Tavern and come back to have a fistfight with Sir Hans.

The Prey

You need to meet Lord Capon in the Courtyard of his Upper Castle. First of all, you will need to save all of your items in Heny’s chest then meet with Hans there and follow him to the camp. Waste your time until the next day and then shoot as many hares as you possibly can before noon. You can pick up arrows if you miss a few shots.

Pass the time and then follow the camp marker to get back to the camp. There’s a Villager’s ash bow, a set of arrows and dried food. Here you will meet with Hans and head off again. After the cutscene, locate him on the northwest edge of the area that is circled on your map. Here you can either fight the guards, take them down with stealth or somehow untie Hans and run away – the choice is yours to make.

No matter what your choice is, you’ll free Hans and return to the town. Henry receive a house as a reward.

The Hunt Begins

The quest begins in a castle yard t Rattay. Talk to Captain Bernard about traveling and mount Pebbles. The last objective continues as you need to report to Captain Bernard in the courtyard. Meet up with him and then mount your horse to ride to Neuhof. Ask questions from the local residents and keep on asking until you find out that the attackers ran into the woods towards the north.

It will be easy to spot the trail of blood here and you will come upon 2 bandits. Once you get to them, kill them and take their stuff. After this, head back to the town and ask questions from the people you have already spoken to find out where Ginger went.

Talk to Mark and receive information about Ginger. Move north and come across few broken down entrances. This indicates that the Bandits are now in the forest north from the village. Find the two bandits and kill them. Return to Neuhof to the hoof-pick’s owner. Talk to Jakub and you’ll be given details about Ginger in the next quest.

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Ginger in a Pickle

Your first objective is to talk to the coal burners in the south. Get to their camp and speak to them. Follow the trail of your objective market and keep on going to the coal burner camps until you get to the bandits whom you have to kill to get the whereabouts of Ginger.

After this, speak to the twin and he will tell you where to find Ginger. In case he is not at that location, wait until the morning and he will appear. Now head back to Captain Bernard or Sir Radiz to tell them what you have found.


This quest begins after the first one ends. In this quest, you need to find a horse and ride to Talmberg so that you can talk to Sir Robard. He will take you to the ruler of the land and later, you will meet Lady Stephanie.

After this, you need to kill time until the next morning and then head over to the Battlements to talk to Sir Robard again. Robard will ask you to find the outside attackers. You need to wait until the morning and then head outside the castle. Find a horse and head on towards Skalitz to begin the next quest.

Mysterious Ways

In this quest, go to Uzhitz and talk to people to find the limping Bandit. Question the Bailiff as much as you can and he will eventually redirect you to the Priest. The Priest will be at the Church and he will win the dialogue but invite you to the tavern in the evening. Now skip time until the evening and then go talk to the Priest. Always pick the first option in the timed responses.

After this, find the Bailiff and talk to him prior to heading off towards Rattay once again. Here, talk to the Scribe living above the Armorer and get him his medication from the apothecary downstairs in the same building. Once you have done that, you can read his Black Chronicle which has records of the Bandit. You can read it yourself if you have the skill or just ask him to do it. You will get information about Lubosh the bandit and the quest will conclude.

On the Scent

First of all, you need to track down Reeky. Get to Ledetchko which is towards the north side of Rattay. Talk to the villagers to get to know where to find Reeky’s father and the Bathhouse Wench. Talk to them and you will learn that Reeky is in the woods.

You can get the location of Reeky’s hideout from the innkepper or the woodcutters. After that, follow the location of his hideout on your map. Search all of the caves until you find a cave that has Reeky. After that, use all of the dialogue options with Ricky to end the quest.

My Friend Timmy

This is an easy quest which has almost everything that you need to do marked on the map. In the beginning, you will be ambushed by 3 bandits. Crouch to the right side and silently take them down as Reeky distracts them. Just take the archer towards the right side and the remaining two will run away. After this, head to the windmill which will be marked on your map. There, talk to Mirka and she will reveal details about Timmy.

Try to avoid the conversation with Runt’s bandits as they want to kill Timmy. Tell them he is in Rattay if you have a high enough Speech. After this, take down the guard watching you and then move forward. Make sure you do not tell them where Timmy is. Once you get to Timmy, talk to him and get the location of the other bandits. The speech icon dialogue choices are by far the best ones. In the end, go to Sir Radzig’s camp marked on your map to end the quest.

Nest of Vipers

Another quest which is not really that tricky. First of all, locate the Bandit Camp using the information that Timmy has given you. Just take the left path from the waypoint every single time. When you get to the camp, look around the wooden houses and the camp before going back to Sir Radzig to report the issue. You can run in and outside the camp without fighting anyone. Once you have the information, head back to Radzig and use the following dialogue options:

  • I’m Back From Scouting
  • It’s In Some Overgrown Ruins
  • There’s A Lot Of Them
  • There Are Cumans There
  • They’re Well Positioned
  • They’re Making Some Ladders In The Camp

In the end, you need to talk to Sir Divish at Talmberg in his castle. Ask him for reinforcements and then tell him that you are ready. After this, the battle will start. It is good if you bring a few high damage arrows. After preparing, let Divish know you are ready to fight to end the quest.

Baptism of Fire

At the start of the quest, fight until you get inside the camp. Follow your allies and they will kill everyone for you. Pick the loot up if you want. After that, ignore the archers and have your allies kill the Commander. Loot the corpses if you wish.

After you kill the commander, wait a couple of minutes, and the archers will disappear. Now, fight until you get to the church and then defend the area. You can hide behind a tent and let your allies kill everyone if you want. Just make sure you do not take too much damage.

After this, you will fight Runt. An easy way to beat him is to use the bow rather than melee weapons. Use arrows with high damage and try to land headshots as he does not really dodge them much. 6 or 7 headshots are enough whereas around 12 body shots will also do the trick. You might die a few times but in the end, you will beat him and start the next quest along with a cutscene.

Questions and Answers

Before you start this quest; get a Valerian and two Thistle from the Apothecary in Rattay, Charcoal from a Blacksmith, and learn to read. Then, go towards the hall of the upper castle by following the Waypoint and then travel to Merchojed to figure out what happened to Matthias.

After you have found Mathias and talked to him, inquire about the situation from the Bailiff. After you are done with that, go to the captive in Merchojed. To do this, you need to deliver the cure and then talk to Melichar once again. Take the captive to Rattay jail before heading back to Sir Radzig to end the quest.

All that Glisters

For this quest, you need to go to the German Knight in Sasau Inn if the captive in the last quest died. If he did not, then simply follow the waypoint marker to the woods towards the north of Rovna.

You will notice a trail of blood from the corpse near the wagon. Investigate the blood and then follow the trail to the Charcoal burner’s camp. The burner in the middle of the camp will tell you to talk to Borya, who will now be marked on your map.

Talk to him and try to use speech or strength to make him tell you of the wounded man hiding in his shed, who he rescued from the caravan.

When you talk to the wounded man, a knight will soon enter whom you need to chase down. Make your horse touch his so that he will get off it and start fighting you. Shoot him with arrows in his head. He will soon surrender so that you can talk to him.

Do not kill him, as he is required for the next objective. Once you talk to him, you will need to talk to Tobias Feyfar at the lower castle in Rattay. Use all dialogue options with him and then talk to the fresco painter at the Inn. Advance time until 07:00 PM if the painter has not shown up.

Now you will need to go to the Overseer’s Office to find out how the counterfeiters get their hands on the quicksilver. Persuade him and then go talk to Master Feyfar once again. He will tell you to check a workshop in Sasau. Talk to the person who is upstairs and use all of your dialogue options.

After that, you will need to go to Florian’s house and persuade him to give you details about Rapota. Once you see Rapota outside Florian’s home, talk to him and he will run away. Run after him at an instant so that when he stops to get his horse, you can crash onto him and stop him.

After you have talked to him, you will need to head on to the mineshaft in Skalitz hills and find the mineshaft. Go to the end of the tunnel and then arrest Jezhek of Ronow.

To defeat him, shoot arrows into his head and wear thick armor to avoid a lot of damage. Once you have arrested Jezhek, go speak to Radzig in the lower castle of Rattay. However, before that, go to the jail and using the keys from Bernard, find out where the counterfeit currency is coming from.

If You Can’t Beat ‘em
In this quest, you will go to Sasau so that you can talk to the Bailiff about the crimps. He will be at the house of Sasau Scribe during the day. Also, talk to two of the Innkeepers. Choose the dialogue about recruiting bandits and they will tell you to find the Tanners of Sasau.

Before you can enter the house, you need to challenge the brawlers. The fight may be a little longer than usual but it is not that difficult, as all you need to do is to beat all of the enemies in a fistfight. Make sure you do not stop attacking so that the opponent has no time to react.

Then persuade tanner so that you can get a 95 Groschen from him. Return to the brawlers and fight them until you defeat Punch to learn where the crimps meet. Then go to the waypoint to the church in the south of Sasau. Pray at the church to see a cutscene. Exhaust all dialogue options with the crimps and accept their task to end the quest.

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience

This is a rather short quest. Tell Sir Radzig about the request of the bandits. He will send you to the monastery in Sasau where you can talk to Karl (guy in green hat).

After that, you will need to persuade the guardian to go away or knock him out by sneaking up behind him and looting the quest item from his inventory. This will give you the next objective. For this, you need to steal the guardian’s purse so that you can take Karl’s place in the monastery.

A Needle in a Haystack

In this quest, you need to stop the tour of Brother Antonius from happening. However, talk to him before he is gone and inquire about Pious. Tell him you are searching for Pious and that you want to kill him. Then persuade him to not tell Pious anything. It does not matter whether you fail or succeed in the persecution.

Now advance the time until 11 and dine with everyone else. The dining place is on the ground floor. Head to the end of the hall from the chapel and take the door on the right. Sit for around 30 seconds and then stand up. You will be poisoned and will black out. Once you wake up, here are the dialogue options that you need to select:

  • What deal?
  • I agree.
  • Alright! Let’s do it your way.
  • What will you do?
  • Where can I find blood in the Monastery?
  • What do I need the keys for?
  • I know everything I need to know. I can get to work.

After your talk with Antonius, who is actually Pious, you need to lie down on the bed and regenerate health till 11 o clock. At 11, head to the kitchen and move to the back to find the blood in a goatskin. If you see a paper there instead of the goatskin, then you can use that paper to order blood and pick it up the next day. After that, go to the storage room and then head inside the second door. There is the monastery key on that shelf.

Now sleep toll morning and then go to Antonious to talk to him. When you are done with evening mass, go talk to him and then follow him outside. When the dialogue option appears, tell him you are turning him over to the bailiff. This will start the fight in which you need to punch him until he is unconscious. This will automatically turn him over to the bailiff.

The Die is Cast

First of all, head to the place that you agreed to go to and then light a fire to signal the bandits, which will trigger a cutscene. If you didn’t kill Pious as we did not in the last quest, then they will attack you at one point in the conversation.

If you want the Merciful Achievement/Trophy, then just get your horse and flee. Now store all of your stuff at home or it will be lost. After that, head to the location of the bandit camp towards the southwest edge (Vranik).

Persuade the guard by telling him you want to go inside and you bring an urgent message. Now go to Erik in the building near the top of the hill and he will tell you to train with the combat master if you tell him that you know how to use a sword. See the master and then see Erik again.

When you see the cutscene and realize you are trapped, accept the help of your friend Zbyshek. Then run to the marker and jump over the wall. Once done, go right and walk sideways so that you do not fall off. Do not worry about the enemies as they will not be able to follow you. After you have escaped, select the option ‘A deal’s a deal’ when the cutscene triggers. Then make sure that Zbyshek survives when you get to Rattay.


Ask for your equipment from Captain Bernard and then head on over to Talmberg to let them know of the attack. Make sure you get there immediately as this is a timed objective. Make sure you have the right gear as the siege will begin automatically once you talk to Divish. When the battle begins, avoid killing anyone.

If you feel like helping, then use your bare hands to knock out a few enemies. Once you have secured the bandit camp, you can get your things back from a chest and find a ‘Letter from Vranik’ in the same room. Take that letter to Radzig to end this quest.

Out of the Frying Pan

This quest only takes a few seconds. Once the cutscene ends; just move around the horses on the right-hand side. Do not fight enemies as they won’t kill you if you just run. Get inside the guard tower near the gate and use the portcullis control. That’s it, the quest is over.

Night Raid

Get to Captain Robard who is right in front of you. Then follow your comrades and wait until the Sentries are dead to climb the walls. Here, it is best if you just get caught by the enemies and then run back to your ladder. This will make you skip all of the hard part of the quest and you will be able to end it instantly. The quest is meant for you to fail, so this is the best option for you to take as you can save a lot of time.


First of all, talk to Feyfar and then to the Quartermaster. Both of them can be found on the map. For the quarter master, either hunt the animals or buy the meat. The beer can be bought from ‘Inn in the Glade’ if you can persuade the tavern. Try to drink a Bard Potion to increase your speech. These potions can be found in the Bathhouses.

Now talk to Sir Divish near Talmberg and then go to the Sasau monastery to see Nicodemus. Once you have persuaded the sawbones from the monastery to come to Talmberg.

After that, go to Uzhits and talk to Father Godwin to come to come to Talmberg. Try the Bard Potion once again if you find out that you are failing to persuade him to come to Talmberg.

Now, talk to Captain Bernard. He will send you to a herbalist who you need to help find mint (found near houses and gardens), Valerian (found in forest paths, peat bogs and damp grounds) and Wormwood (found on roadsides and fields). Once the potion is brewed, get them to Captain Bernard and get your reward.

The Charcoal-Burners are next. As they will not have any pitch, tell the quartermaster to get some for them and then watch the Trebuchet be tested. It might take a few days for it to be ready so learn to be patient.

Cold Steel, Hot Blood

This is an extremely short quest. Go to the battleground and hold it until the enemy attacks. All you need to do is to keep yourself and your lord safe as your allies kill everyone. After the first wave, you need to follow the soldiers to Hanush. Here defeat the few enemies that are there and you will end the quest.

Family Values

Another short quest. Run to the camp and defeat the soldiers. Only attack them with your bare fists if you want the Merciful trophy. Once done, go to the tent and then go to Erik to talk to him.

Exhaust all dialogue options and remember to use a Bard Potion if he has better speech stats than you. This will also get you the Freud trophy. The quest will end after the interrogation.

An Oath is an oath

Once you are ready, talk to Sir Divish and then fire the trebuchet. The soldiers will load it for you and all you need to do is to pull the lever. Then talk to Sir Robard. He will tell you to wait for two days.

You can skip this time or make some preparations. After that, talk to Sir Robard to immediately begin the attack. Just hang back and watch your allies do everything to get the Merciful trophy. Once the castle is taken, go with Sir Hans to meet with your father.


This quest is with you the entire game. He will automatically have killed Runt in the quest ‘Baptism of Fire’. The quest will conclude when you finish the Epilogue, which comes up next.


This is the last quest of the game. Talk to Sir Radzig after you go to the upper Rattay castle. Then take the letter from Margrave in the same room that you talked to Sir Radzig. After this, you need to ride with Capon and join him after the ride ends to finish the game.

This is all we have in our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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