Kingdom Come: Deliverance Side Quests Guide

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, every region is full of different NPCs that you can interact with to obtain Side Quests. These Kingdom Come Deliverance side Quests add to the Main Quest of the game as well as give you a very good opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in medieval Bohemia, its people and its politics.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Side Quests

What sets these Side Quests apart from other RPGs is that it is up to you how you want complete them. The decision you make in these KCD Side Quests will affect the world of the game so you need to make sure that you keep this thing in mind. Every decision you take will affect the world of the game in one way or the other.

You will find Side Quests in every region of Kingdom Come Deliverance. We have detailed them below according to the region in which you can start these Side Quests.

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A Friend in Need…

Matthew and Fritz have been hanging around at the tavern for too long and with too less to pay for. As you meet up with them, they request you to find them word in return for a handsome reward. They suggest Theresa’s Uncle’s Mill.

Go talk to Theresa in Rattay, but to no end. Then, as per her suggestion go to Ledetchko and find Miller Oliver. His foreman, Old Thomas says there’s no work but you must talk directly to him.

Talk with him and try to convince him to hire the two. Threaten him if need be or bribe him with 50 Greschen. Return to inform Matthew and Fritz that they’ve got work now, but you’ll find out the rewards will be due in a week.

…Is a Friend in Need

A week after getting them work, Henry visits Matthew and Fritz at the mill in Ledetchko. He finds out the foreman, Old Thomas isn’t satisfied with them and complains to the Miller while Miller himself does not have a problem with their work. This spells fishy business about Thomas which you come to uncover later on.

Talk to Matthew and Fritz, who’ll tell you about the cruelty of the foreman with Fritz. The two don’t want to leave and so you must resolve the issue with Old Thomas. There are a couple pf ways of doing this.

You can confront Thomas and tell them to leave the boys alone for a while and they’ll be off in a few months after they get the due work done. But Matthew won’t be happy as he has an eye for the Miller’s daughter Jane.

Or settle it with a fist fight. Intimidate him and then challenge him for a 3 on 3 fight. Go to the designated spot at the 18th hour with Matthew and Fritz.

Or you can talk directly to the Miller and let him know that Thomas is a foul personality. He would be hesitant to understand that so you must talk to his daughter. Get information from her about her brother’s accident with Thomas that sneak into Thomas’s room at night to retrieve a scarf that belonged to Jane’s Brother. You can either give the scarf to Jane and let her confront Thomas and make him leave.

Reward: 175 Groschen

A Costly Brawl

Travelling to Sasau, Henry meets Matthew and Fritz who have been thrown out of the monastery by the monks who claim they owe them money. Still the dispute to complete the quest.

When you start questioning about the cause of the dispute, you find that no one is talking freely about it. Ask Fritz, and press him a bit to know about the beating of Brother Elias at the hands of the two. Don’t aggravate him too much, it will lead to a fight.

Go to the monastery and ask around. It seems nobody knows anything except Johanka, he’ll tell you the story.You’ll come to find out that you must seek Brother Elias and get him to forgive the debt.

Find him at the infirmary and persuade him to come to conclude the dispute. He’ll eventually settle for an apology from Matthew and Fritz or an outright payment of 100 Greschen. Go to Matthew and Fritz and inform them about the settlement to complete the quest.

A Bird in the Hand…

Speak to the Berthold, to get a quest of finding and restoring 3 Nightingale birds that have escaped. Locate and capture the birds to bring them back to the Berthold to claim the reward.

The Berthold will instruct you in detail, how to find those birds, even demonstrating the song they sing. You’ll be given three traps to cage the birds. The birds were last seen heading north-east towards Vanrik.

Head to the woods marked on the map, west of Rattay and wander around listing for the song. Wherever you hear it, drop a cage and beat about the bushes for a while until its singing stops; this means it trapped. Do not drop all cages, but repeat this process for each bird.

In the meantime, you can take out the bandit camps or hunt to improve the skill.

Reward: 40 Arrows, 150 Groschen

A Man of the Cloth

The only surviving villager of Rovna tasks Henry to bring a priest to Rovna to offer spiritual guidance to the people so they can return to the village.

The previous father, Father Simon left off after his maidservant, Mary died. Go talk to her parents at their farm north-east of Skalitz. Her mother will tell you about Mary’s memorial cross, travel westwards on the path until you reach the cross.

There, follow the trail of comfrey flowers that lead to a creek where the father is held by a Tramps. Convince them to let the father go or fight them to free the father. Father will then return to Rovna.

Alternatively, you can find Father Francis living in Sanau. Convince him or bribe him to come to Rovna.

Reward: 250 Groschen

A Place to Call Home

As Bailiff of Pribystalitz, you must make some upgrades to your town. More specifically, you must increase the population to 40, raise the income to 1200 Groschen and fully repair the church.

You already have a Temporary Rathaus and a Labourer’s Camp as well as a chest of Greschen placed in Marius’s Office.

As soon as you decide where to start construction, Marius the contractor will start supervising the job. You’ll have to negotiate his pay with him between 55 to 120 Groschen. To further the task, you must get supplies which will trigger the side quest; Supplies.

Collect the necessary resources and build the woodcutters camp, bridge and road, and get some traders to further the market. Slowly work towards your objective collecting money and building houses to accommodate more people while also tending to their need until you finally get enough resources to build the church.

Once the church is built, go back to Sir Divish and bring him to show your town and collect his praise.


The Bailiff of Rattay asks Henry to fill the empty jobs and hire 6 refugees. One as a cook for Konard, three water carriers and two people to empty the latines.

You must interview a couple of refugees and assign proper jobs to each one of them or Konard will terminate the hiring; if you hire the wrong person for a job.

Speak with Alex, the refugees’ spokesperson. He’ll point you to Agnes who is working for the preist, hire her as the cook. However, she will be hesitant because of the fact that Konark works for Father Francis. Lie to her about Father Francis having passed away and she’ll agree to work.

Agnes will also have some refugees lined up at the Rathaus for you to assign the rest of the jobs. Additionally, at Rattay Mill Theresa will ask you to give Antonia a job who she is not skilled at all, but has to pay for her father’s medication.

Interview the lined-up refugees at the Rathaus to know what they can give you in return and then return to bailiff to make the appointments. For water carriers keep Tonda, Pickman and Vincent. And for emptying latrines pick, Rock and Antonia.

Once all is done, return after some time to receive your part of the trader from the hired refugees.

A Rock and A Hard Place

Meet with Matthew at the Inn in the Glade after the side quest; Besmirched. You’ll find him talking about a plan to get rich fast. Listen to his plan, he will offer you to steal money from a chest in Talmberg Castle.

The easy way to do it is to not accept the robbery as soon as he offers, instead only listen to him then head to Talmberg Castle, find the chest, pick it and bring the loot back. Then, go talk to Matthew again to accept the robbery, but you have the loot already so the task is as good as done.

This way, the chest will spawn when Matthew talk to you about his plan, but the bandit that guard it don’t because you don’t accept. And so, you do this quest without bloodshed or any hassle.

At Your Service My Lady

You’ll know about the Lady Stephanie’s cousin’s wedding from either the Innkeeper of Talmberg or from a Talmberg guard. The Lady will hire you to fetch her some items for the wedding.

Get her an ornamental crown from Sasau, wine from a merchant in Rattay and a roan from the stable in Uzhitz.

For the Horse, head to Uzhitz and talk to the Head Groom at the horse traders and get the horse. Then, to tame the horse, you must talk to Vaskeh. And be careful not to tell him that you can do it on your own.

For the crown, you must meet Master Jerome in Sasau. The crown is ready but the moldavite stone that is to be engraved in it is missing. The merchant that was supposed to deliver did not show up. Go westwards on the road until you find a cart filled with blood. Follow the blood trail to a couple of bandits where you’ll find the merchant’s body and a locked chest. Pick the chest to find the stone inside. Bring it to Jerome and then collect crown in the evening.

Next up, you must participate in an archery competition for the last barrel of wine which is the prize. You can win the competition, but that depends on your archery skills, or you can persuade the winner to give it away or snatch it from the trader beforehand.

Take all three items back to Lady Stephanie to complete the quest.

Mightier than the Sword

In Rattay, find the scribe to initiate this quest. Choose the dialogue option expressing your interest in learning and asking for someone who can teach you how to read. The scribe will then guide you to head to Uzhitz and find the scribe there.

Now you need to head to Uzhitz and find the sribe of that region. Once you find the scribe, talk with him and ask him to teach you how to read. He will ask you to pay 50 Groschen for it. Pay him the amount and learn the lessons spanning over a few days.

You will get a response choice at the end of the conversation in which we chose the Greedy one. You can choose anyone you want to but remember that each decision will affect the overall world of the game.


You get this side quest option during the main quest by the name of ‘Keeping the Peace’. Before going on the patrol, you will speak with Nightingale who will mention about repaying Theresa. Once the main quest is over, head to Theresa and start the side quest.

Once you get the quest, head to the Mill and prepare a gift for her before actually going to her. You can steal a Decorated Silver Goblet from the cupboard inside the Ballifs quarters. It works well for this quest. Take the item and head to see Theresa.

Give her the present and then later ask her how she is feeling. She will ask you to take her out for a walk. The path along the river is the best option for the stroll. When you sit down and have the conversation, go for the speech options.

Finish the first date with her and then wait for a few days until the objectives in your Quest log change. Visit her again and take her out to a second date. When you reach the tavern, dance with her until a local drunk starts making a scene. Deal with him to conclude the date.

Now you need to wait again for some days until the final date can occur. This is a simple date and involves both of you playing Blind Mans Bluff. No matter who wins, you conclude the date in the same manner.

The Good Thief

Finish Story Quest ‘Run’ and you will automatically get this side quest. When you wake up at the Miller Peshek’s Mill, speak with him and he will give you this quest. Your task is to retrieve a ring from a corpse. There are two ways to complete this quest.

Once you go out the Mill, he will ask you to gather some items required for the digging such as a spade. You can skip this part, as it is not required. Head to the hill and find the location marked on the map.

Once there, you will have to look for the Executioner’s house. He lives near the location marked on the map. Find his house and head inside. Here you have two options. You can either lockpick the chest in his bedroom to obtain the ring or convince the executioner that you are a friend and you can keep the ring safe.

He will ask you to purchase it for 15 Groschen. Pay him the amount he wants and you will get the ring. Now you need to head back to Kohelitz to find Miller. This is located to your North East from there. Give him the ring to complete the quest.

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Next to Godliness

Return to Hans once you have recovered him from the bandits and he is recovered. Find him inside his room in Rattay in the South East section of the castle. He will ask you to meet him at a bathhouse in the evening.

To access the back room where he is located, you must beat the maid in a game of dice first. Beat the maid in 2 out of 3 games and you will be granted access to the back door. Once there, get in the tub with Sir Hans. After some conversation, leave the tub and he will assign you a task.

The task is to locate some very fine wine from the Rathaus Wine Cellar. To get access to this, steal the key from Lord Capon’s chest in the bathhouse and head to the Armory of Rattay. On the backside of the Armory, you will find a staircase.

Climb the staircase and unlock the door using the key you stole. Enter the door and head down to the cellar. When you encounter the guard, you can take him down or talk your way through. It depends on you.

Head down and find the pitcher near the barrel. Pick it up and fill it completely to the top from the barrel. Now head to the upper castle garden to collect some poppy, dandelions, sage, and roses. Follow this order of flowers. You will return to the bath house and complete the side quest.

At Your Service, My Lady

This side quest is based on romance and you can court the woman involved in the quest as well if you want to. You can start this quest once the main quest ‘Awakening’ is out of the way. The women we are talking about is Lady Stephanie, wife of Talmberg.

You will meet her once before this side quest but your interaction with her does not affect this side quest in any way. To start this side quest, head to the Talmberg castle and find Lady Stephanie on the second floor.

Talk with her to start the side quest. Your main objective here is to collect three items for her. Specifically Wine, a Crown and a Horse. Locations of all these items are marked on your map.

For the Wine, you need to head to the Wine Merchant of Rattay. He is out of the required wine but guides you to participate in the Archery contest to win the Wine instead. Here you are presented with three options to obtain the Wine.

You can either win the Archery contest. Make sure you save the game before attempting so you can retry if you lose. Another option is to convince the winner to give you the Wine bottle if you have a high Speech level. The last option is to buy the bottle from the winner for 200 Groschen.

For the Crown, you must head to Sasau. There you find out that the merchant never arrived who has the crown. Either now you can find out what happened to the merchant or you can use a forged Crown by talking with the person there. Lady Stephanie does notice the forgery.

The last item required is the horse. For the horse, head to Uzhitz and look for the stable master. He will tell you about the unique way of calming the horse down if he tries to buck the rider off. The trick is to sing to the horse to calm it down. Now you need to ride back to the castle on it.

Once you return to the castle with all three items, Lady Stephanie will give you a shirt. If you want to court her, accept the shirt otherwise reject the shirt. Courting her or any other woman in Kingdom Come Deliverance will make the lock the trophy ‘Virgin’ for this playthrough.

Restless Spirit

Location: Ledetchko
The Herbalist near Ledetchko gives this side quest to you. She is located just north of the town right before the large woods start. Go to her location and speak with her to start the quest. She will give you the task to clear out a haunted butcher’s shop.

Before the next task, have 10 Poppy’s in your inventory. If you do not know where to find them, you can simply buy them from the Herbalist. Now head to the town, find the woman, and ask her about being haunted. She will direct you to Alois’s grave in Sasau.

Your next location is Sasau. Head to the west of Sasau to find the graveyard in the church. Once there, find Alois’s grave which has a large wooden cross-covered in vines. Pick the flowers from there and return to the previous woman. Go with her inside and start the procedure. Put all the herbs on the table, make your decisions about the questions asked and then burn the herbs.

Return the next day and if you find that the ghost is still there, you can try with another method. Now you need to visit the Apothecary in Rattay. Head there and speak with the Apothecary to know about the secret book hidden away called Necronomicon.

To find the monastery where the book is located, you need to head to the far east of the Rattay. It is not located in the Rattay region. Reach Ledetchko and then keep heading west until you reach the first big town. The monastery is located in this big town. Head to the Northern edge of this town and you will find the monastery.

Enter the compound of the monastery to find some stairs ahead on the left side. Take the stairs and enter the small room at the end. Here you will see some chests and bedrolls. Look for the East open door and head further inside the monastery. It is best to wait until it is dark for the next section, as you will be trespassing.

Head into the next large to find a table with four chairs. There is also a hard chest in the corner that you need to pick. Once done, you will get a key from the chest. This key will unlock your access to the Forbidden Books. Keep heading ahead and pass two rooms until you reach the Library.

In the corner of the Library, you will find a large wardrobe. Open this wardrobe and collect the book you need for the quest. Once you have the book, head back to the Apothecary in Rattay. Give the book too him and then wait a few days for him to read the book.

Once you have spoken to him after a few days, return to the haunted place and speak with the woman again. Learn more about the story and then speak with the Butcher. Once you know the location of the grave, head outside towards the burned house and collect some wood ashes.

Go to the grave and put the ashes on it. Return back to the Apothecary and you will have to follow some final objectives before your quest is complete.

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