Kingdom Come: Deliverance Romance Guide

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a lot of opportunities where your character can have sex if you play your cards right. Having sex will reward you with different Trophies/Achievements. This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Romance Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about earning these Romance-related Achievements/Trophies.

Many of us like to be a playboy in video games and when the game itself gives us the chance to court women and girls, how can we pass up on that. In this guide, we will help you court/romance women in Kingdom Come deliverance and will also help you earn the Virgin Trophy for romance in the process.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Romance and Sex

There will be different opportunities where you can choose to have romance or not. By having sex with Lady Theresa, you can earn ‘McLovin’ Trophy/Achievement.

Having a romance with Lady Stephanie will reward you with ‘Casanova’ Achievement/Trophy. As for choosing not to have sex in the game at all will earn you the ‘Virgin’ Trophy/Achievement.

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The Bathhouse

Making your way to the Bathhouse where you will see a woman standing nearby. You need to talk to her and choose ‘Use the Bathhouse Services’ after which she will ask you what are you interested in.

Choose the second last option that says, ‘To Pay for a Wench and Everything that Goes with That’. This will take few moments in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This will not reward you with an Achievement/Trophy but you can come here to have romance.

How to Have Romance With Theresa

To romance Theresa in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you first need to advance far enough to unlock the Town of Rafftay. By following the sidequest called ‘Courtship’, you will visit Theresa.

Once you meet, pick any of the three locations. At this point, you can say anything you see fit, as it would not impact the outcome of your romance. After this, you need to wait for 2-3 days in Kingdom Come: Deliverance before you can again go out with her.

After few days, you’ll get a new marker and you’ll be asked to go to her tavern where you will be asked to dance with her. After the dance, you will have to engage in a fistfight and emerge victoriously. Once again, wait for 2-3 days and this will the last date where you will unlock the ‘McLovin’ Achievement/Trophy.

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Drinking with Father Goodwin

When you meet with Father Goodwin during the Main Quest, Mysterious Ways, he will offer you a few drinks at the tavern. You can get on his good side by keeping the conversation lively but ultimately all you have to do is accept his final offer of drinking the night away.

Eventually you will find yourself hooking up with the local alehouse maid during the “climax of the evening”.

Cavorting with Witches

Talk with Father Goodwin in the to acquire the Side Quest, Playing with the Devil. This quest requires you to go to the forest to find a Herbalist who has brewed a potion for three women from town who will try to commune with the devil.

You can track them as they leave town and sneakily trail them until they reach the area in the forest where they begin the ritual.

If you reveal yourself at that point, they will mistake you for the Devil, and offer themselves to you. You can accept their offer and hook up with them

How to Have Romance With Stephanie Romance

To earn ‘Casanova’ Trophy/Achievement, you need to follow some simple steps and recover three items which she needs. This task is not that difficult to do but you need to advance to the Rafftay Town Mission, go back to Talmberg, and talk to Lady Stephanie.

She can be found in the Living Area of the Castle. You should be able to find an NPC who will escort you to her. At this point, you will receive ‘At Your Service, My Lady!’ will be given to you. In which you have to gather three different items.

These items are a horse, a crown, and some wine. Items are not that hard to locate and the quests are also simple. Do note that the ‘Crown’ requires a Smile Gem which you can skip if you wish.

After gathering all the items, you need to return to Lady Stephanie and she will reward you with a shirt. Make sure you wear the shirt because it is very important or you won’t be able to earn the Trophy/Achievement. After putting the shirt on, you will earn the ‘Casanova’ Achievement/Trophy unlocks.

How to Unlock Virgin Achievement/Trophy

This Achievement/Trophy is rather self-explanatory. You have to stay virgin all game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Virgin is granted when you ‘Stay Celibate and Complete the Entire Game as a Virgin’. If you do not want to be virgin, you can follow the above guide which will reward you with ‘McLovin’ and ‘Casanova’ Achievements/Trophies instead.

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