Kingdom Come: Deliverance Healing Guide – How To Heal, Cure Food Poisoning, Marigold Concoction

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you will get hurt a lot. The game is not forgiving when it comes to combat and most of the time you will be running around getting hurt and bleeding out. To counter this, you must know how to heal and stop yourself from bleeding to death. We have curated this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Healing Guide in which we have listed some of the basic ways by which you can heal yourself in different scenarios.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Healing – Detailed Guide

There are different ways by which you can heal yourself. Some of them include applying bandages, sleeping, bathhouses, and more. Below we have explained in detail how you can use these different methods to heal. We have also listed how you can cure Food Poisoning if you get it somehow.

Healing Wounds

Healing is one of the most important elements in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Your survival without the efficient use of healing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not possible. When it comes to combat, the game is very difficult and enemies are ruthless.

It will not be long before you are injured during combat and need some sort of healing to get back in the fight. Sadly, the game does not allow you to heal yourself during combat. Therefore, if you get injured during a fight and are about to die, either you will have to run away from the enemy or kill him.

Once out of the danger, you can look into different means of healing yourself. The most basic one is eating Food. This is not very effective as food restores very little health and you cannot eat too much food because of fear of over-eating.

More effective ways of gaining a major chunk of your health back is using Potions or Sleeping. If you start bleeding than you must first apply bandages to stop bleeding, otherwise, you will bleed to death even before finding a bed or brewing a health potion. If you plan to regain your health by sleeping, you will need to go to your own beds or rent a room in an inn. This is the cheapest way of healing your wounds. You will gain health based on the number of hours you sleep.

Crafting Health Potions

For Health Potions, you can find them on your journey in the form of loot as well. However, if you brew your own Health Potions, you will get a bonus boost to HP. There are different potions in the game that will help you regenerate your health but the best potion is Marigold Concoction.

Marigold Concoction will heal your health over a small period of time outside of combat. You can buy it from any Innkeeper, Barmaid, or Alchemist. You can brew Marigold Concoction yourself too! The alchemist in Rattay sells its recipe.

The ingredients required for Marigold Concoction are very easy to find as they are widely available in the game and the process to brew it is simple as well. You can brew as many potions as you like and keep them safe for later use. Self-brewed potions also give you a bonus.

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Curing Food Poisoning

When you eat rotten food, you will suffer from Food Poisoning. The intensity of Food Poisoning depends on how rotten the food was. Slightly rotten food will give you a mild Food Poisoning while eating too much rotten food will give you severe Food Poisoning.

Food in your inventory continuously loses its freshness. Any food less than 50% freshness is considered as rotten. Food items below 30% freshness are extremely rotten. We recommend that you avoid eating rotten food items at all costs because they will cause Food Poisoning and you will have to seek a remedy.

An easy way to check if you had Food Poisoning is the skull icon that appears on top of your health bar. Your health will also start to deplete in this condition. Severe Food Poisoning will deteriorate this health for a longer amount of time and can even lead to death if no remedy is taken.

However, healing Food Poisoning is very simple. You can find any bed and sleep in it for at least 4 hours. This will cure any type of Food Poisoning. Healing is simple and you can even eat rotten food items next to a bed and then sleep to cure the Food Poisoning.

Other than that if you do not have access to a bed, you can purchase an Antidote Potion from any Apothecary Shop located near you. This will cost you but spending a little dime to survive is better than dying by eating some rotten food.

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This concludes our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Healing and Food Poisoning Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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