Kena: Bridge of Spirits Kappa Boss Guide

In this Kena: Bridge of Spirits Kappa Boss guide, we will tell you about the complete fight with the boss and how you can defeat Kappa easily.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Kappa Boss

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is full of boss fights, and the first actual boss where your skills are put to the test is the Kappa Boss. The Kappa Boss fight is in phases, and you will be facing many other enemies and obstacles during the fight with Kappa.

Phase #1

The fight with the Kappa starts with a cutscene where he comes out of the ground from a puddle. You will find three of these puddles in the whole area you will be fighting him in, and he will be moving pretty quickly between these three puddles.

You can’t really damage him early on as he will be moving very quickly. So focus on killing the minions and dodging his attacks more than attacking him head-on early in the fight.

Continue attacking and killing the minions while you dodge Kappa’s attacks and build up your energy. In this way, you can summon Rot and then stun the Kappa boss by commanding Kena’s Spirit Allies.

At the time when the boss is stunned, you can quickly attack him to deal a ton of physical damage. You can continue doing this till the boss’s health bar drops to half.

Phase #2

In the second phase, the first thing Kappa will do is go to the top of the cliff inside the cave. Once there, he will spew corruption outside your reach, so you don’t need to do much. Just dodge these attacks.

He will eventually come back to the ground, but until he does, you just have to dodge his attacks. After he comes back to the ground, get ready since this time he will be sending much stronger minions than before, and he will be providing them with covering fire as well.

Now again, follow the strategy of the first phase. Take out these minions first to gather Rot Energy and then use it to stun Kappa. This time when he gets stunned, you have to take him down using your melee attacks.

Doing this will hopefully result in Kappa losing all his health for good. But if that does not happen, you can repeat this process of gathering the Rot and stunning him again. Even if he is not down the first time, he will surely be down after this second barrage of melee hits.

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