Kena: Bridge of Spirits Sprout Boss Guide

Sprout is your introduction to boss fight mechanics in Kena: Bridge of Spirits but despite that, it can pose quite a threat. Our guide will help ease you through the Sprout boss encounter in Kena: Bridge of Spirits so you can resume your journey as a Spirit Guide.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Sprout Boss

As soon as you start your journey as a spirit guide, Kena will face off against the first boss, called Sprout. Even though this is practically the start of the game, if you are playing on the higher difficulty, Sprout can cause problems for you.

We will be telling you about all of Sprout’s moves and how you can counter them. Kena’s arsenal of weapons and moves will also be discussed.

How to Defeat Sprout

After the cutscene is over, the Sprout Boss will spawn and charge at you. Kena will learn how to use her shield to defend against aggressive enemies. Use your shield to fend off Sprout’s swinging attacks.

The game will also teach you that triggering the shield at the right moment will trigger a parry, and that will be extremely useful later on in the game so make sure you practice it during this boss fight.

Parrying and Rot Attacks

Close in for a few quick hits but keep an eye on Sprout’s arms. As soon as he charges his arm, you have to dodge away as that swing attack can knock you over and do a lot of damage.

Sprout can also make consecutive lunge attacks, and your best bet is to shield up when he does that. If you time your shield right, you can push him back with a parry attack.

Use your rot on him to take out a significant chunk from his health bar. Rot attacks need to be charged up, so they appear after a while during any fight. As you level up your rot and unlock new skills, you will be able to use them more frequently during fights.

The rot attacks keep the enemy occupied, and that’s the perfect moment to close in and land a few heavy attacks to finish them off.

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