Kena: Bridge of Spirits Abilities and Upgrades Guide

Kena: Bridge of Spirits focuses on the story of the protagonist Kena who possesses certain abilities that help her fight enemies to progress into the story. In this guide, we’ll be discussing all the abilities at Kena’s disposal and their upgrades in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Abilities and Upgrades

Once you’ve successfully made your way to the Village, an abilities/upgrades screen appears which helps you unlock different types of abilities and upgrades in exchange for Karma (in-game currency).

How to Earn Karma

Karma is an important currency in Kena: Bridge of Spirits and there are many ways to earn it. Karma can be earned by:

  • Solving puzzles
  • Clearing corrupted flowers
  • Restoration of corrupted areas
  • Fighting enemies
  • Repositioning statues (Owl and Cat statues)

However, progressing into the game can gradually increase the number of Karma you possess.

Meaning, solving puzzles and completing other quests aren’t the only ways to earn karma as you can earn it by simply advancing into the story and defeating enemies. The choice is yours!

Once you have enough Karma, you can unlock the abilities and upgrades of your desire.

How to Increase Rot Level

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you must be at a particular Rot Level for certain ability upgrades. To upgrade Rot Level:

Start off by collecting Rot, as more Rot means a higher Rot Level. Secondly, reaching a threshold like 5, 15, 35, 65 till 100 can also grant you a higher Rot level.

An increased Rot level not only helps in acquiring certain ability upgrades but also increases the number of Rot Actions you can use in a fight.

Kena Abilities and Upgrades

As mentioned before, once you’re at the village in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a screen appears which lets you unlock abilities and upgrades via Karma.

The upgrade screen itself is distributed into a total of four rows with each having its own ability possessed by Kena. On the other hand, you have a column section as well which focuses on four upgrades.


The first row on the upgrade screen is available for melee attacks. Melee attacks consist of Light Attacks and Heavy Attacks. Heavy attacks are far superior in dealing damage to Light attacks but are slower.

Additionally, you can create a Charged attack by holding a Heavy Attack. A Charged Attack is the slowest attack out of the three but deals the most damage.

Below are the upgrades:

Sprint Light Attack: Press Light Attack when running and execute a sweeping attack.

Sprint Attack Heavy: Sprint Light Attack is needed for this one. Press Heavy Attack when running to execute an overhead attack.

Air Slam:  Spring Light Attack is needed for this one. Press Heavy Attack when leaping to execute a mid-air overhead attack

Perfect Charge: Rot level 3 is needed for this one. Deal an amazing amount of damage by releasing a Heavy Attack at the right moment.

Rot Hammer: Press Rot Action while holding Heavy Attack for a Rot Hammer strike. The Hammering attack can easily close the distance between you and your enemies.


The second row on the upgrade screen is available for shield. Shield possessed by Kena activates once you hold the Pulse button.

Once activated, you have to time it to block and parry attacks, giving you an opportunity to follow it up by performing your counterattack against an opponent.

Below are the upgrades:

Parry Counter: Execute a Spinning Attack by pressing Light Attack after you’re successfully done parrying.

Shield Health+: Increases the strength of Kena’s Shield.

Parry Courage: Shield Health+ and Rot level 3 are needed for this. Receive a Rot Action upon parrying an opponent’s attack.

Shield Health ++: Parry Courage and Rot Level 4 is needed for this. Increases the strength of Kena’s Shield.

Enter The Fray: Start combat with 1 Rot Action available.

Spirit Bow

The third row on the upgrade screen is available for Spirit Bow. Spirit Bow is best used when solving puzzles, firing ranged attacks, and saving yourself from your opponents.

Below are the upgrades:

Focus: Slow time by pressing Lock-On when drawing the bow.

Bind Multi-shot: Focus is needed for this. While shooting, the arrow breaks into parts to wound more opponents.

Increased Quiver: Prior to recharging the Spirit Bow, Kena is capable of firing 5 arrows.

Increased Quiver ++: Increased Quiver and Rot level 3 is needed for this. Prior to recharging the Spirit Bow, Kena is capable of firing 6 arrows.

Rot Infused Arrow: Pressing Rot Action when drawing the bow results in making a Rot Infused Arrow, capable of going through the opponent when shot.

Spirit Bomb

The fourth row on the upgrade screen is available for Spirit Bomb. Unlocked right after you’ve gone inside the Storehouse after finishing Taro’s quest. You’ll learn the key techniques to make full use of the bomb.

Below are the upgrades:

Quickdraw Bomb: Shooting the bomb prior to its bursting results in an increase in Bomb damage.

Multi Bomb: Create two bombs at once.

Rot Infused Bomb: To create a Rot Infused Bomb, press Rot Action when holding a Spirit Bomb. It slows down your opponents and their projectiles.

Spirit Dash

The last Kena ability in the game, Spirit Dash. This ability doesn’t have any upgrades available.

Visit the Fields and the Village Heart areas, complete the given quest and learn how to master this ability.

Which Kena Upgrades Should You Get First?

Once you’ve gained all the Karma required to unlock the upgrades, you can freely choose which upgrade to choose first.

Enter the Fray
The first and the most recommended one is your Enter the Fray which provides you with a Rot Action upon entering the battlefield.

When it comes to your Spirit Bow, it’s definitely good to get yourself the Focus upgrade. You can easily slow time down in battle to dish out some extra damage with your bow with precision shots.

Parry Courage
As for parrying, look no further than your Parry Courage as it provides you with a Rot Action each time you parry in battle.

Sprint Attack Heavy (Mid-Game)
Additionally, you might want to look at Sprint Attack Heavy for wiping out your opponents. But, considering it isn’t that important, nor does its benefits outweigh other skills like the ones we mentioned above, it might not be worth investing in early on in the game.

Increased Quiver, Shield Health+ and Rot Infused Bomb
Increased Quiver, and Increased Quiver++ to receive extra arrows, Rot Infused Arrow to hit multiple opponents at once, Shield Health+ for extra protection against an opponent’s attacks and Rot Infused Bomb as an explosive complementary to your arsenal.

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