Horizon Zero Dawn Allies Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Allies guide will guide how to make certain characters in the game your allies who will help you further ahead on Aloy's journey.

During Aloy’s Journey through Horizon Zero Down, she will need friends to help her out. As you progress through the game Aloy will have to make some important choices at critical moments. Your choices will determine if the character will a friend or a foe. To make the right choices, we have this Horizon Zero Dawn Allies guide.

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How to Recruit Horizon Zero Dawn Allies

While these optional allies will be helpful along the journey but they won’t be very easily pleased and that is where we come in to guide you through the process of recruiting these optional allies in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you are not paying attention these allies could become your foes and that is exactly we do not want. So here is everything you need to know to make allies.

To recruit allies in HZD you will have to make characters happy and you can’t antagonize characters or they will resent you. So, during the conversations, there will be a point where you will be given three choices namely: Brain, Heart, or Fist.

Always choose the Heart option as it will lead you in the right direction to make them your ally. You can also choose other options if you like but you are likely to lose the character as your ally. Follow the following steps to make sure that you make allies.

  • You will have to complete all main quests up until The Looming Shadow
  • Always select the heart option during the dialogue, while other options are not necessarily wrong but heart options is the safest one.
  • During the “Cause for Concern” side mission you will have the choice of dueling with Nil, don’t do it but select the opposite option to make Nil you ally.
  • Complete the following side quests

-> Sunstone Rock

-> Traitor’s Bounty

-> A Moment’s Peace

-> A Queen’s Gambit

-> A Daughter’s Vengeance

-> Honor the Fallen

-> Sun and Shadow

-> Redmaw

In order to make maximum allies in HZD you are required to complete the aforementioned side quests. Also, after completing these side quests you will unlock Hunter’s Blind, Hunting for the Lodge, and Deadliest Game.

By following these step you will recruit the maximum number of allies for your journey in Horizon. However, during some scenarios you will be compelled to make the alternative choice which could lead to you losing an ally so be very mindful about your choices in HZD if you want allies.

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