How to Get the Final Word Machine Gun in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Final Word is a brand new legendary and unique 50 Cal weapon that you can get in Wastelanders DLC. This is perhaps the best weapon in the game that is a guaranteed drop from a certain place. In this guide, we will show you How to Get the Final Word Machine Gun in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

How to Get the Final Word Machine Gun in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

This guide will uncover how to get the Final Word and all its stats.

Damage 118
50 Cal 1152
Fire Rate 114
Range 204
Accuracy 47
Weight 20.7
Value 1018

How to Get Final Word
So the Final Word is a 50 Cal Machine gun with Anti-armor and quite faster fire rate. The high base damage, faster fire rate and long-range makes it a powerhouse.

Not just these, the best perk is that the gun comes with a 250 Damage Resistance while reloading! What else could have been merged into this gun?

So to get the Final Word, you will have to go to the Ash Heap. Get a quest from there which is called ‘Ally Narrow Escape’. You will have to save ‘Beckett’ in this quest.

So as soon as you save him, he will ask you to fetch a couple of things and then build a bar at his base. Fetching these items is pretty direct and easy. Once you have built the bar for him at your camp, he will stay there.

Beckett will then give you another series of 12 simple fetch or kill quests. Once you have finished all of the quests, you will be given a key to the Watauga Underground.

Once you get to the Watauga Underground, it’s bit of a maze but look for the garage door. Open up the garage door through a terminal there and go ahead.

Make your way through the underground tracks. The path there is a bit zigzag-shaped but you will find your way out. Go ahead and deal with all the enemies that appear.

Go ahead then and you will find The Claw. There will be a dialog between Beckett and The Claw there. You should try to convince Beckett to not to kill Claw – who is his brother.

So once you are finished with the dialog, return to your camp and talk to Beckett. He will then reward you with the Final Word.