How to Get Savior Title in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

The new season of Destiny 2 brought with it the title of Savior and this is the ultimate title that...

The new season of Destiny 2 brought with it the title of Savior and this is the ultimate title that you can show off once you have earned it. It isn’t easy though it actually has to be earned over the course of the next few months as Season of Dawn content comes out. Once you have it, it will be pretty cool as it will float over you when you play and will be displayed on banners. This guide will show you how to get Savior title in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn.

How to Get Savior Title in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Like mentioned before, getting the title is restricted to the achievements of the first three months of the season only! Making it even more challenging! A set of similar triumphs as were required for the last season’s title are required for the Savior too.

Starting with the Savior title triumphs, rumors are that you need 28 of those but this confusion has been solved and the final figure is 15 only. The Savior title is, therefore, 15 achievements away. But triumphs are further broken down into smaller tasks giving an incremental progression advantage.

The secret triumphs will also be contributing to getting the title, just like last season, they are rather hidden and have to be explored during the gameplay by someone in the community. The secret triumphs each having their respective rewards are as follows

200 triumph score – Save a Legend, available 17th December

100 triumph score – Legend Sundial, available 7th December

100 triumph score – Empyrean foundation

Defeating the bosses, playing a lot and getting drops should be your aim while doing the Sundial Arena where each is as follows:

  • Flayer Slayer
  • Defeat each Psion Flayer (easy with different boss in each quest)
  • Niruul – available at launch
  • Ozletc – available 17th December
  • Tazaroc – available 24th December
  • Defeat Inotam, Oblivian’s Triune, within the Sundial Available 4th February
  • Legendary Psion
  • Defeat Inotam on Legend or higher (Get a team for higher)

Race Through Time
Undefeatable Sundial is where you must survive without using any firearm if you want the Savior title.

Some triumphs are easy as they can be done in the first try like the first one “Race Through Time”. Then comes the triumphs that aren’t only one shot ones like Defeating Inotam, Oblivious Tribune and on these, you will have to put in some effort and time.

Each rank of the Obelisk Resonance namely and available must also be done where the aim should be to rank any Obelisk to 40,

  • Tangled Shore Resonance – available at launch
  • Mars Resonance – available at launch
  • EDZ Resonance – available 17th December
  • Nessus Resonance – available 17th December and Global Resonance

Then you can take on Crucibles which are quiet easy and doable, each having a nice reward where defeating opponents could secure up to a 100 plus!

Complete all the Gambit triumphs and playing a gambit each week is advisable. This will also grant you the Python Shotgun required for the Destiny 2 Savior title.

  • Defeat the opponents with the reaper
  • Team player Gambit emblem
  • 500 Shotgun final blows and 150 close range blows
  • Infamy rank( save bounties to boost your infamy when you are a legend)

Strikes are the last thing you should worry about as they are easy and can be done in no time. Just use different character each time following strikes are a must. Below are the Strike related triumphs for Savior title.

  • Tactician vanguard emblem
  • Vanguard nightbeam shader
  • 30 Bosses
  • 400,000 points (4 Nightfalls at 100,000)
  • 450 Solar final blows
  • Buzzard sidearm
  • Strike/Nightfall points (should complete as you go for the emblem )
  • Symmtry scout exotic
  • Devil’s run sidearm exotic  ( do this on 7th January when it will be available)
  • Bastion which will be available at 28th February

The title of Savior is only all these tasks away and keeping in the months restriction in mind one should plan accordingly if they really want to be the SAVIOR! So plan accordingly, log in each week and try to get the tasks done weekly. Good luck!

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