Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Calendar Guide

Thanks to Destiny 2 the fun is not gonna end in Shadowkeep with the end of Season of Undying as the new Season The Season of Dawn is starting from December 10th. This new season will bring a lot of exciting events to take on too. Whether it’s about exotic new Quests or seasonal artifacts the new seasons packs it all! Our Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Calendar has all the information you need about the content that awaits you with the next season of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Calendar

Starting from on 10th December the new Season of Dawn will feature following exciting events that will extend into February.

It’s going to be a busy winter for the Destiny Enthusiasts. Almost with a week’s interval, new events will be available

December 10th will be when the fun officially starts this date on the calendar brings Niruul The deep voice Boss that you can beat! Elimination PVP mode and The Rusted land PVP map will also be available too!

All players can get the Solar Subclass Update but the Sundial PvE mode is exclusive for season pass holders only.

Tangled Shores and Mars Obelisks come on 10th December too! Finally comes The Lantern of Orisis Seasonal Artifact!

December 17th is when Obelisks will pop up on Nessux and EDZ but the Sundial Boss The Sky Piercer will be available for pass holders only. The mission to save Saint-14 will also begin

December 17th to January 14th in this time period the players will experience the traditional Dawning

December 24th The new Sundial boss Tazaroc the Sun eater will be available to play against. The Iron banner which is a PVP MODE will also happen on this date

January 7th The quest to get the Devil’s ruin which is a fusion rifle will be there to complete along with the Legend Sundial to beat

January 28th The quest of Bastion will become available and you can take on to it to get the Amazing weapon

February 4th When the mysterious and interesting event of Empyrean Foundation is due to happen and The Final Sundial Boss Inotam Oblivion’s Triune will be a challenging one

February 11th to 18th is when the Crimson’s days will it occur which is basically the Destiny’s Version of Valentine’s day.

What must be kept in mind is that Sundial Bosses, Saint-14 quests, Legend Sundial and the Exotic quests require the players to have a Season Pass. The rest of the events though are for all.

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