How to Get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 no longer has Pinnacle weapons since the developers deemed them too difficult to obtain. Now players can access a new collection of weapons known as Ritual Weapons. These don’t have any special perks but do serve as nice novelty pieces. The Ritual Weapon that players are chasing during Season of Dawn is the Void Shotgun Python. This guide will go over How to Get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2.

How to Get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2

You get this Gambit ritual weapon in Destiny 2 by doing a quest for The Drifter. Talk with him at the Tower and you will be assigned the quest Get Closer! In order to complete this, you need to do the following tasks during Gambit matches:

  • Get 500 Shotgun final blows
  • Get 150 close-range Shotgun final blows
  • Reach Infamy rank “Heroic”

This is fairly easy to do so simply play a little bit of Gambit with your shotgun to get this ritual weapon and grind your rank up a bit.

Shotguns are extremely powerful and can take down foes in no time at all so you can get about 500 final blows quickly. The close range kills are very easy to get if you use a higher rate of fire shotgun and make every shot count.

In order to get your rank up to Heroic, you need to score 2050 points.

This may sound like a lot of work at first but keep in mind that you get 120 points for winning one match and even if you lose; the game will award you 65. So just play for a bit while doing your best and you will find yourself ranking up in no time.

Despite the Python ritual weapon challenge not being too difficult, we would advise that you avoid letting yourself get overwhelmed by hoards of enemies without any backup. If they get to you, they can just as easily pick you off as you were planning to do to them.

For this reason, try to keep some friendly help nearby before you go charging into large groups of enemies who are gathered together.

Getting multiple kills with the Python ritual weapon will end up giving you some boosts that give bonus progress when trying to land Shotgun final blows.

Slot 1 Perks
Overflow: You will get more ammo than usual when reloading after you’ve picked up Special or Heavy ammunition for your weapons.

Feeding Frenzy: You get quicker reloading speed when getting kills with your weapon.

Slot 2 Perks
Shield Disorient: Your shield explodes to disorient nearby enemies.

One-Two Punch: You get a short melee damage boost for hitting a foe with every pellet in a shot