Destiny 2 Sundial Activity Guide

If you have played Temple of Osiris in Destiny 2, then you might be familiar with the concept of time travel in the game. Sundial is a new game mode which is a six-player activity in Season of Dawn which extends that concept. Here we have the complete Destiny 2 Sundial Activity guide for you to make the best out of your experience during these time travels.

Destiny 2 Sundial Activity

Long story short, Osiris needs the help of a team of Guardians in order to stop the Cabal from going back to the past and winning the Red War.

Before you get into the Sundial arena, you are going to have to make sure that you have completed Matter of Time quest which can be obtained from Ikora in the Tower, once completed, you can access the Sundial mode in Destiny 2.

Sundial activity pits you off against hordes of Cabal enemies whilst assigning you different objectives such as depositing Arc Charges and such. The horde of enemies can become easily overwhelming if you are new to the game-mode and do not know what you are doing, so follow these few tips we have explained to get a better understanding of Sundial.

In Sundial, the Cabal have a power level of 850, so it is wise to put those skills to use and not underestimate your opponent. If you stay still for more than 2 seconds, you will have to either tank a lot of damage or die trying.  Mobility is key.

Personally, I’d recommend avoiding any weapons such as a sniper rifle, scout rifle or a pulse rifle while playing Sundial. You are going to be fighting a ton of enemies while running around, this game-mode is more about the numbers than just fending off a few strong guys.

Get mid-range and short-range weaponry such as shotguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, fusion rifles, and trace rifles.

For heavy weapons in Sundial, you are definitely going to want an AoE weapon to clear out stacks of enemies at once, rocket launcher works too, but generally, the greater amount of ammo in a grenade launcher is definitely going to help you out.

Solar Energy
Stick to Solar since your enemies are going to be using solar shields. This will help you in saving some time tearing down enemy shields. The added bonus of the shields exploding upon deterioration due to damage from a solar weapon helps in clearing out stacks of enemies.

Team Co-Ordination
Every game-mode requires all participants to co-ordinate in order to gain maximum benefit out of it both loot-wise and in terms of having fun.

Co-ordinate your grenade throws, your shield placements, your areas, and your ultimates to make sure you are never too underprepared should the game-mode send something heavy your way.

Being a hunter myself, I tend to always use my smoke grenade should someone be too low of health, or use it on myself if I need to revive someone; it can be a lifesaver at times.

Other than that, using Nightstalker’s bow ability really helps in thinning out crows and taking out tough enemies instantly with the right amount of damage.

And that is all the tips I have for you guardian, have a safe hunt in your journey to preserve the past.

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