How to Get, Give and Use Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gifts

Learn everything there is to know about gifts in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and how it influences your relationship with characters in proper RPG form

Gifts are a way to increase the strength of your bond with certain characters in DBZ Kakarot which allows you to gain various buffs. If you might have forgotten about gifts, then let us explain How to Get, Give and Use Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gifts.

How to Get, Give and Use Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gifts

Throughout your journey, you will find various special items that you will be able to give to a character in the Community provided you own their Soul Emblem. A gift will increase the community stat and some friendship. Rarer the gift, the better the boost you are going to get.

What are Communities you may ask? Well, it’s basically Soul Emblems that you place together, or should I say, groups of characters that you place next to each other in order to get the most out of bonuses. Completing the main and side-quests you will discover more Soul Emblems which you can place onto the Community Board for additional bonuses.

The bonuses are there as is, but you can take them even a step further by giving gifts to the respective characters to increase the level of their Soul Emblem.

Giving Gifts
Here is a detailed step-by-step explanation on how to give a gift to a character.

  • Open the main-menu.
  • Go into the Community tab and select Soul Emblems.
  • Go to the Emblem you want and open up its details.
  • You can now give gifts and raise the level of that emblem.

Acquiring Gifts
The bonuses are hefty but not free; so you are going to have to work your way in DBZ Kakarot in order to get gifts to improve the levels of your emblems.

Completing chapters and various battles throughout the game will reward you with gifts, as well as side-quests scattered throughout the open-world during the various sagas.

Make sure to complete all side-quests as you come across them as you will not get a chance to complete them after you have defeated the saga’s final boss. Side Activities are marked with a blue exclamation point and they give you gifts and Soul Emblems as well.

Not only through activities, but you will also find items of interest whilst exploring the vast world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. You can pick them up by interacting with them. Once you have these gifts, you are going to want to give them to the characters that prefer the gift you just got.

Another great method for farming gifts is to take down enemy bases. For example, during the Saiyan Saga you will spot various Red Ribbon Towers, and after the Frieza Saga, you will find Frieza’s spaceships on Earth.

Simply use your Ki Blasts to destroy these bases which will reward you with useful ingredients for your future journey. Bases respawn after a little bit of time which means it is an easy way to get a decent number of gifts.

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