How To Level Up Fast In DBZ Kakarot?

Confused how the leveling system works in the game? This guide will help you level up fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and master the gameplay

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot features several playable characters and Saga from the beloved anime. The game features several RPG mechanics that allow you to build your favorite character how you please, often this involves accumulating XP and leveling up.

In this guide, we’ll look at 5 of the best XP farming tips in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot so you can start taking on the likes of Frieza and Cell. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

1. Complete Main Story Missions and Side-Quests

Your main source of XP in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will be through the main story. Each playable character will receive tons of XP whilst playing through the story and training. You should keep one thing in mind, though: throughout the gameplay, complete every side-quest to level up easily in DBZ Kakarot.

It is worth noting that if you move past a specific point in the story, you might not get a chance to complete the side quest later on, which means you’ll miss out on significant amounts of XP.

2. Engage in Fights Around the Map

DBZ Kakarot Level Up Fast fights around the map

As any RPG would have taught you by now, the best way to level up is to kill hordes of enemies repeatedly until you become the best Z Fighter.

Go around the map, scouting out for enemies with power levels you can handle, and kill them; they will reappear soon after, within a few minutes. After wearing your character out, go to a campfire nearby to eat and resume your process of beating down bad guys to a pulp.

Try not to get yourself too engaged in fighting at the start of the game; the story’s progression is good enough, but fighting all enemies towards the middle and end of the campaign is worth it. This method works especially well for end-game leveling.

Stock up on healing items before taking on harder enemies. They net higher XP, but it’s worthless if you get wiped mid-battle. Healing items will ensure you can sustain yourself, fight for longer, and potentially win the encounter. You may also consider using dirty tactics and spamming energy attacks to stun-lock enemies. That should provide you with a window big enough to damage the opponent before they unleash punishment on you.

3. Use the Community Board

DBZ Kakarot Level Up Fast community board

As you go through Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will eventually meet King Kai, who will unlock the Community Board mechanic. On the community board, you can place down Soul Emblems, and depending on how you set them up, you’ll earn several bonuses, including increased XP.

Use all the gifts/soul emblems you can for all characters, and try not to focus on one character. Once you defeat the final boss, you’ll get a bonus of 100% combat experience, allowing you to make your progress through the game much more efficient.

There are several Community Boards, each centered around a specific facet, so pick your characters and their placement wisely.

4. Use Meal Bonuses

In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you can cook different meals, and consuming these meals net you different buffs and bonuses. While most meals are centered around giving you more HP and attack power, others temporarily increase your XP gain.

To maximize your XP gains, cook and eat these meals before a big fight or story segment. You can also consume these meals before looking for enemies in the open world, which will help you level up fast in DBZ Kakarot.

These are all the meals that give you increased XP in DBZ Kakarot

  • Meat Course (+15% XP)
  • Deluxe Meat Course (+25% XP)
  • Super Deluxe Meat Course (+35% XP)
  • Sugary Cupcake (+10% XP)
  • Artsy Cupcake (+20% XP)
  • Rich Cupcake (+20% XP)

5. Use the Capsule Corp Training Room

DBZ Kakarot Level Up Fast capsule corps training room

The fifth and final way to level up fast in DBZ Kakarot is by frequenting the training room. This facility lets you learn new moves, sharpen your fighting skills, and nets you a decent amount of XP for every completed task.

Take your time and give the training room a whirl with all your favorite characters. Higher-level characters also mean your community board will receive additional rewards and bonuses.

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