How to Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, XP Farming Tips

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is out; an RPG game that emphasizes on levels. Keeping that in mind, we have brought you the best methods in our knowledge and tips on How to Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

The Character Progression system can be a bit tedious for playing the game long-term but if you want to know exactly what you are doing right off the bat then it is recommended that you give this guide a read for an in-sight into the gameplay mechanics and useful Dragon Ball Z Kakarot XP Farming Tips.

How to Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Different characters are leveled up with various activities, your Z fighters namely Goku, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin and Vegeta are yours to train as you see fit.

Main Story and Side-Quests
Your main source of experience will be through the main story. Each character of yours will receive tons of XP whilst playing through the story and training. There is one thing you should keep in mind though; throughout the gameplay, it is mandatory that you complete every side-quest you come across to level up easily in DBZ Kakarot.

It is worth noting that if you move past a specific point in the story; you might not get a chance to complete the side-quest later on.

Of course, Dragon Ball Z, the anime that inspired every 5-year-old back in the day to try and learn Kung Fu and Karate. The game rewards you adequately for winning various fights. As any RPG would have taught you by now, the best way to level up is to kill hordes of enemies again and again and again until you become the best Pokemon trainer in the world; I mean Z fighter.


Go around the map scouting out for enemies with power levels you can handle, and kill them; they will reappear soon after within a few minutes. After wearing your character out, simply go to a campfire nearby to eat and resume your process of beating down bad guys to a pulp.

Try not to get yourself too engaged in fighting at the start of the game; the progression of the story itself is good enough, it does become worth it to fight all enemies towards the middle and end of the campaign.

King Kai and the Community Board
Making your way through the campaign of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will meet the famous King Kai on his planet unlocking for you the Soul Emblem and the training group. This group will give you experience bonuses so it is recommended that you place all of these into the group and get as many bonus links as you can.

Use all the gifts/soul emblems you can for all characters and try not to focus on one single character (I get it, Goku is your favorite). Once you have the final bonus which gives you 100% combat experience, it will allow you to make your progress through the game much more efficient.

You do not want to skip out on any detail in the game; trust me, it is all as entertaining as you would expect it to be. Every side activity, every cut-scene and even every technique you use has been made so beautifully that experiencing this game so far has been an absolute treat. Hopefully with a better idea of how to move deeper into the story of the game; you will be able to have the best experience you deserve and level up easily in DBZ Kakarot

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