Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Tips

Get the lay of the land and understand all there is to know about gameplay mechanics of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot with these beginner tips

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot just released and it is a complex RPG with a deep character progression system, so before you lay down and spend your weekend re-familiarizing yourself with your childhood memories of fighting Frieza; it is better that you acquaint yourself with the games’ various mechanics with these Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Beginner Tips.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Beginner Tips

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has a lot to offer in terms of action and battles, so let us help you out in making your Z-Fighters the strongest they can be.

Character Progression
In an RPG; you are obviously going to be focusing heavily on developing your characters through various activities found in the game. For this, the game has given the players various activities to delve into.

All of the activities that will help you in developing your character throughout your journey in defeating some of the most dangerous villains known to man-kind are:

Story and Side-Quests
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is rich with scenery and content. Re-visiting your childhood through the game is definitely an extremely crispy experience. The game has a rich campaign to offer that allows you to fight all the main villains of Dragon Ball Z. Not only this, there will be various side-quests throughout your story that are both entertaining and rewarding.

The campaign and side-quests are a really good way of earning fast XP, to further familiarize yourself with the concept of character progression, check out our guide for fast XP in DBZ Kakarot.

If you have been a fan of an anime, then you know how much calories a Saiyan needs; and for that, you are going to want to have good food by your side at all times. Different dishes and food can be bought. You can also ask Chi-Chi to make you a meal in DBZ Kakarot. Food not only provides you with temporary bonuses but also permanent bonuses for your character.

You have the ability to hunt down big dinosaurs and do a little fishing by playing through a series of min-games.  Aside from Chi-Chi there are also other characters who are able to provide you with delicious food if you can provide them with the needed ingredients. Better quality of ingredients means greater bonuses.

Getting New Techniques
Z-Orbs are needed for teaching your Z-Fighters various new techniques in DBZ Kakarot. Z-Orbs are divided into the following types representing different regions of the game.

  • Green means Forest.
  • Blue means Underwater.
  • Red means Desert.

There are other orbs as well that are a little harder to access, you will find rainbows scattered across the map, silver and golden orbs which are a bit more difficult to acquire compared to your usual orbs. You will be able to find these orbs through portals that show the orbs. Make sure to precisely use Dragon Rush to not miss out on these special orbs.

Alternatively, if you manage to collect all Dragon Balls, you can also wish for more Z-Orbs to acquire new techniques.

Collecting a variety of these orbs allows you to unlock the abilities from the development tree of the selected characters. Each playable character has a different talent tree.

An alternative way to unlocking new techniques involves putting your characters through special training sessions. These sessions pit you against a spirit version of your character or against an enemy from the past. In order to start this process, you are going to want to find a special spot and have the required number of D medals which can be found in the game world buried across various places.

A third way is to get Soul Emblems (Obtained from NPCs) which can be used to develop the community board; in turn giving you access to various new skills.

Once you have the newly acquired moves you will be able to set them in the palette. If you are going to use your favorite moves, make sure you have them set in the palette.

The Combat System

During your time fighting the big bad villains of Dragon Ball Z, you are going to have to master the basics and know how each ability is used whilst fighting and when is the best time to use it. The 3 main battling methods include Basic Moves, Techniques and Defense/Counter Moves.

Basic Moves
The basic moves are going to be your go-to attacks during your resting period, as they are essential for dealing bursts of damage before you go in for the kill. They are divided into three parts.

  • Martial Art Moves – Simple attacks that involve you punching your enemy into submission without using a lot of your energy during battle.
  • Ki Blast Moves – As the name implies, they use up your energy; more in fact compared to your basic moves but also deal more damage to your foe should they happen to land successfully.
  • Special Attacks – Remember the iconic Father-Son Kamehameha? Gohan’s Masenko? Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon? That’s what special attacks are. Although, they use up a lot of energy; but they surely do pack a punch. Make sure you have a plan on replenishing all that lost energy after using these draining attacks though.

With Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, Bandai Namco has really gone in for the more complex approach with combat mechanics, and thus you are going to have to focus on various other techniques to outsmart your opponent during battle.

  • Stun – You should try depleting your foe’s stun meter; once depleted this will leave the enemy completely open to all sorts of attacks. Using your special attack during this stun period will result in a special cut-scene.
  • Surge – This is essentially you powering up so that you can further utilize your energy in special skills and ki blasts. Surge allows you to replenish your energy and use your special attacks a lot more often.
  • Support Skill – Each character has a unique Special Support Move that you will be able to use in between battles.
  • Z Combination – Using your support skill various times allows you to fill up your gauge which you can use to deal a great amount of damage to your enemies.

Defense/Counter Moves
If you go on the offensive and try to overpower your enemies with a fury of blows, you will often find yourself exhausted; so the key is to balance out everything and know when to back off and conserve your energy.

  • Boost – Dash through the air with using boost and avoid your enemy’s fury of attacks. Stepping away from your enemy forces the game into slow motion so you can see yourself defend from the incoming attack.
  • Counter Moves – If you are familiar with Budokai Tenkaichi 3, then these moves are supposed to interrupt your enemies from completing a combo. Using Burst you can blow your enemy away from you and interrupt their momentum. You can also use the Vanish attack once you circumvent around your foe and can attack them.

These are all the beginner information and tips you are going to need regarding Dragon Ball Z Kakarot; in conclusion, make sure to leave no stone unturned while playing this game; it really makes the experience worth it.

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