Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Soul Emblems Locations, Combo Bonus and Leveling Tips

Learn about the Soul Emblems gameplay system and the benefits they provide to improve your character in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot uses ‘Soul Emblems’ for enhancing the stats and skills of your characters. These bad boys can be obtained by playing up until certain points in the game; as well as through tough battles. Read on for our detailed guide on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Soul Emblems Locations, Combo Bonus and Leveling Tips.

Soul Emblems can be used with the Community Board and with Link Boosts in order to get enhanced effects and experience for your characters.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Soul Emblems Locations, Combo Bonus and Leveling Tips

As you complete missions, you will be rewarded with more and more soul emblems which you will be using within the Community Board to increase your individual stats and skills. Unlocking all seven of the community boards requires you to acquire the Soul Emblem of each of the board’s community leaders.

Acquiring Soul Emblems
To get Soul Emblems you are going to have to complete story missions and side quests. Wander around and make sure to not ignore any activities as you might not get a chance to do it again.

Interact with everything you see, complete any activity given to you and get as many Soul Emblems as you can.

Using Soul Emblems
Soul Emblems are used with the Community Board so as to further better your skills and stats. Utilizing them in these boards will give you boosts to accompany you in your journey throughout the world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.


Try to plot Soul Emblems that are related next to each other in order to gain Link Boosts which will help you in getting experience boosts.

Make sure to check out the “Confirm Bonuses” list to get an idea of all the compatible characters.

Certain connections may be blocked by a question mark; this is where trial and error comes into place. Try placing different emblems here in order to see which gives the best boost to your character.

You don’t want to miss out on using Soul Emblems; should you happen to be skipping out on these, you will find yourself outmatched in battle a lot of times.

Proficiency of a Soul Emblem
Proficiency of a Soul Emblem can be increased so that it may contribute to the level of a community board a little bit better. Giving characters gifts will increase the levels of their soul emblems and high friendship rewards you with useful items.

Every Emblem Ever
Throughout your journey you are going to meet various characters which will unlock their respective soul emblems, we have compiled all of them for you and how to unlock each one of them for you.

Unknown means question mark; try plugging in various emblems here to see which one gives the best bonus for you.

Goku Emblem – The Goku Emblem is obtained during the tutorial.

  • +2 Bonus – Goku+Gohan
  • +3 Bonus Goku+Krillin+Yamcha
  • +4 Bonus Goku+Unknown+Piccolo+Tien

Gohan Emblem – Gohan Emblem is obtained during the tutorial.

  • +2 Bonus – Goku+Gohan
  • +2 Bonus – Gohan+Piccolo
  • +2 Bonus – Gohan+Unknown
  • +3 Bonus – Gohan+Unknown+Chichi

Piccolo Emblem – The Piccolo Emblem is obtained after defeating Krillin, Yamcha and Tien.

  • +4 Bonus – Goku+Piccolo+Tien+Unknown
  • +2 Bonus – Gohan+Piccolo
  • +3 Bonus – Piccolo+Kami
  • +4 Bonus – Piccolo+Unknown x4

Krillin Emblem – The Krillin Emblem is obtained during Saiyan Saga Chapter 3: Survival 101.

  • +3 Bonus – Goku+Krillin+Yamcha
  • +2 Bonus – Krillin+Unknown x2
  • +2 Bonus – Krillin+Unknown

Chi-Chi Emblem – Cook with Chi-Chi to get this emblem.

  • +3 Bonus – Goku+Gohan+Unknown+Chi-Chi
  • +2 Bonus – Chi-Chi+Unknown

Master Roshi Emblem – Complete Roshi’s Side-Quest to obtain the emblem.

  • +3 Bonus – Unknown x2+Roshi
  • +2 Bonus – Unknown+Roshi
  • +2 Bonus – Roshi+Unknown

Nam Emblem – Complete Nam’s Side-Quest to obtain the emblem.

  • +2 Bonus – Nam+Unknown

Android 8 Emblem – Complete Android 8’s Side-Quest as you find Gohan.

  • +3 Bonus – Android 8+Unknown x2
  • +2 Bonus – Android 8+Unknown

King Yemma Emblem – Acquired after beating Raditz.

  • +3 Bonus – Unknown+Yemma+Unknown
  • +2 Bonus – Kami+Yemma
  • +2 Bonus – Unknown+Yemma

Kami Emblem – Obtained after beating Raditz.

  • +3 Bonus – Piccolo+Kami+Unknown
  • +2 Bonus – Unknown+Kami
  • +2 Bonus – Kami+Yemma

Yajirobe Emblem – Obtained from Kid Gohan during the Saiyan Saga.

  • +2 Bonus – Unknown+Yajirobe

Tien Emblem – Beating Tien with Piccolo will unlock this emblem.

  • +4 Bonus – Goku+Unknown+Piccolo+Tien
  • +2 Bonus – Yamcha+Tien
  • +3 Bonus – Tien+Unknown+Chiaotzu
  • +2 Bonus – Tien+Unknown

Chiaotzu Emblem – To get this emblem, beat the telekinesis training side-quest.

  • +4 Bonus – Unknown x3 + Chiaotzu
  • +3 Bonus – Tien+Unknown+Chiaotzu
  • +3 Bonus – Unknown x2 + Chiaotzu
  • +2 Bonus – Unknown + Chiaotzu

Yamcha Emblem – To get this emblem, beat Yamcha with Piccolo.

  • +3 Bonus – Goku+Krillin+Yamcha
  • +2 Bonus – Yamcha+Unknown
  • +2 Bonus – Yamcha+Tien

King Kai Emblem – You will get this emblem during the Saiyan Sage Chapter 3: Survival 101.

  • +2 Bonus – King Kai+Unknown
  • +4 Bonus – King Kai+Unknown x3

Eighter Emblem – Obtained after completing Eighter’s Side-Quest in East Ravine.

Puar – Obtained after going home with Kid Gohan during the Saiyan Saga.

Mr. Popo – Obtained after clearing the Snake Road

Pilaf, Shu and Mai – Obtained after completing The Pilaf Gang’s Plan Side-Quest.

Launch – Obtained after finding Launch for Master Roshi.

Saibaman – Complete The Pilaf Gang’s Plan, Foreboding fear, and Mysterious Power Reading During Intermission.

Mercenary Tao – Finish Mysterious Power Reading and Familiar Face.

Master Shen – Finish Mysterious Power Reading and Familiar Face.

Turtle – Complete the Tough Break for Turtle Sub-Quest at Kame House.

Bulma – Obtained after helping Bulma find materials for her spaceship.

Vegeta – Acquired after defeating Cui on Namek during the Frieza Saga.

Guru – Obtained after meeting Guru on Namek during the Frieza Saga.

Nail – Obtained after fusing with Nail on Namek during the Frieza Saga.

Oolong – Complete The Mystery Of The Missing Tail during Intermission 2.

Raditz – Obtained after fighting him again once you resurrect him through the dragon balls.

Nappa – Wish Nappa back for a rematch.

Dodoria – Wish Dodoria back for a rematch.

Zarbon – Wish Zarbon back for a rematch.

Recoome, Burter, Jeice, and Guldo – Wish the Ginyu Force back for a re-match and to get all of their emblems.

Trunks – Beat Trunks with Goku during the Android Saga.

Korin – Help Yajirobe once you meet with Kami during the Android Saga.

Bubbles – Complete the side-quest ‘Bummed About Bananas’ during the Android Saga.

Doctor Briefs – Complete the Easy-Going Genius side-quest during the Android Saga.

Bonyu – Defeat Bonyu during your training in the Special Training Room.

Baba – Complete the ‘Between Worlds Side-Quest’ to get the emblem.

Android 16 – Help Bulma to repair Android 16 during the Cell Saga to get this emblem.

Dende – Restore the Dragon Balls in order to get the Dende Emblem during the Cell Saga.

Appule – Wish Appule back for a rematch.

Shenron – Help Dende to improve the Dragon Balls to get the Shenron emblem.

Cui – Wish Cui back for a re-match.

Cell Jr – Wish Cell Jr. back for a re-match.

Ox King – Wish Ox King back for a re-match.

That is all the information you need regarding emblems and all their possible combinations along with where to find them. If you think we missed any detail, make sure to let us know.

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