How to Get Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

In this guide we will show you how to get your hands on the Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders for your character

The Wastelanders update of Fallout 76 includes a very unique Chinese Stealth Armor. Veterans of the franchise might be familiar with the stealth armors so, in this guide, we will show you How to Get Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

How to Get Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Now, why is this gear so unique? It is because the Chinese Stealth armor doesn’t just provide you protection from damage like every other but it also has the ability to provide you stealth and lets you blend in with the environment.

So now your fall damage is reduced but you also have protection against all the waterborne diseases or radiation. You can go around completely invisible to the surrounding.

So how do you get this remarkable armor in the game?

Go to the Foundation and get ready for the mission Invisible Ties. You need to visit the Headquarters of Foundation where you will interact with Jen.

She will ask for your help in order to find her parents. In the conversation that you have with her, she will provide you with all the information you need for the mission.

You are going to make your way for Vault 76 and follow the prompt that is given to you while inspecting the body of the Liberator.

Grab the Liberator and head back to the Foundation where both Jen and Penelope are waiting for you in the Lab.

You have to put the Liberator on the table and then have patience while Jen and Penelope have a conversation and you get the recalibrated Liberator.

After the recalibration of the Liberator, Jen will ask you to head over to the Whitesprings Golf course and go to the 7th hole where the Liberator robot is going to come out and will take you to the entrance of the Deep.

Kill all the Communist soldiers and Liberator robots that come in your way and go to the basement of the building.

In the room, you are going to come across Agent Mochou who is Jen’s mother. She is wearing the Chinese Stealth Armor that you want.

Jen and her mother are going to have a conversation after which either you kill the mother yourself or convince Jen to do it.

Once dead, leave the mother and Jen alone and meet Jen back at the Headquarters of the Foundation.

Meet Jen at the Lab and after the conversation go to Paige who is upstairs. Talk to Paige and your mission is complete and you also have the blueprint for the Chinese Stealth Armor and the Helmet.

Go to the inventory in order to look at the schematics and then leave the headquarters to go to an Armor bench where you can craft your Chinese Stealth Armor in Wastelanders update.

To create the Chinese Stealth Armor suit level 50, it will cost you

  • x30 Ballistic Fiber
  • x21 Circuitry
  • x16 Fiber Optics
  • x11 Nuclear Material
  • x44 Rubber

The Chinese Stealth Armor Helmet will cost you

  • x2 Ballistic Fiber
  • x1 Circuitry
  • x1 Fiber Optics
  • x2 Rubber