Fallout 76 Wastelanders Invisible Ties Walkthrough

To help with your heist of Vault 79, you are going to need a stealth suit from the Invisible Ties mission of Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Jen knows of an armor that makes you untraceable. It lies in the company of communist spies. If you help her retrieve said piece of machinery, you will be able to use the suit in your Vault 79 heist and that is where our Fallout 76 Wastelanders Invisible Ties Walkthrough comes in.

The Invisible Ties quest presents a moral and ethical dilemma. The steps, for the most part, are fairly simple, if you find yourself stuck at any part, then we have detailed what you need to do exactly in every objective of the quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Invisible Ties


  • Chinese Stealth Armor (Plan)
  • Chinese Stealth Helmet (Plan)
  • Note from Jen

Talk to Jen
The quest starts off with you going to Jen regarding the Vault heist. She will tell you regarding a plan she has, which includes finding an untraceable technology, that makes you invisible from literally everything. You will agree to help her with finding the spy suit.

Kill a Liberator and collect its body
Fast travel to Vault 76, and around the area you should be able to find a Liberator. Collect its body and take it back to Jen.

After recalibrating the robot, you should be ready to move to the next objective. Talk to Jen, and head to the 7th hole afterward.

Go to the 7th hole
Make your way to the objective marker, at the golf course, here simply follow the Recalibrated Liberator to the destination. You will reach a trapdoor, enter the secret facility.

Explore the Deep
Almost there, you have found the spy’s top-secret facility, guarded by communist soldiers.

Descend to the building whilst taking care of all soldiers in your path. In the basement of the newly discovered facility, you will find a door leading to the Auxiliary Control Room.

Confront the Spy
The spy in this room is Agent Mochou who is apparently working for the agency against her will to save her daughter, Jen.

This will strike a dilemma in between the mother and daughter. After a brief discussion, it will be decided to shield the suit from tracking.

Meet Jen in Foundation
Head back to the foundation, and talk to Jen who will tell you that the suit is ready to use.

Talk to Paige
Paige will tell you about the suit’s specs, and people who want to talk to you. This will finish the quest ‘Invisible Ties’ in Fallout 76 and grant you the Chinese Stealth Suit plans to craft.

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