Rune Factory 5 Forging License Answers Guide

Rune Factory 5 provides many professions that players can adopt and use as their source of income such as farming, fishing and even becoming a monster hunter. This guide will help you get the Forging License in Rune Factory 5.

How to get a Forging License in RF5

Forging is one of the many jobs available in Rune Factory 5 for the players. The job is that of a Blacksmith, and players will engage in making new weapons for the players and even upgrading their farming tools to make them more effective.

To start forging in Rune Factory 5, you need the Forging License. After you get the license, you can then carry out all the activities as a forger.

Forging License will be unlocked for players to get after they have completed the First Directive task. After you have completed the task, you can talk to Eliza anytime to get the Forging License.

Talk to Eliza and select “I’d like to make a Directive” followed by the “License” option. Here, you have the option to select a Forging License for 200p.

To get the Forging License, you will have to pay the fees of 200p and also take a quiz. The quiz has three questions that you need to correctly answer.

Rune Factory 5 Forging License Quiz Answers

The following are the quiz questions and their answers:

Q: What do you need for Smithing?
A: Materials and RP.

Q: Where can you forge items?
A: At the forge.

Q: When you have a recipe for a weapon you already own….
A: You need less RP to make it.

When you have answered all the questions, you get the license and now you have the option of purchasing a Forge from Studio Palmo for 25 Material Stone, 30 Lumber and 3000G.

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