Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron: Gemini Walkthrough

The following guide will walk you through every nook and cranny of Cauldron: Gemini in Horizon Forbidden West. Where to...

The following guide will walk you through every nook and cranny of Cauldron: Gemini in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to Find Cauldron: Gemini in Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldron Gemini is situated to the west of Scalding Spear. It won’t start unless your speak to GAIA because the Cauldron is part of the main Gemini quest of the campaign. Its completion is hence mandatory.

How to Complete Cauldron: Gemini in Horizon Forbidden West

Recommended Level

The cauldron is the 14th of the 17 missions in HFW and for that reason, players will come across this quest in the later parts of the story. The recommended level for Cauldron Gemini is 30. The only other Cauldron that is possibly tougher than Gemini is Cauldron Kappa which has a recommended level of 40.

Tips Before Entering the Cauldron

Before you get Aloy into the Cauldron, make sure you have enough weapons with Acid or Purgewater damage. These really come in handy against the boss and many other enemies that are weak to Acid or Purgewater damage. After getting yourself ready, speak to GAIA and the quest will begin after a cutscene with Aloy, Beta, and Varl inside Cauldron Gemini.

Defeating Behemoth and Ravager

The opening cutscene will lead to a group of enemies that interrupt the ongoing installation. Once the cutscene ends, Aloy is tasked to defeat a Behemoth and a Ravager.

Use her focus to analyze the weak parts of both machines and target those parts while fighting with them. Highlight the detachable parts of the machines including a cannon on the Ravager. These parts can then be used in the fight after detaching.

After defeating these two easy to defeat machines, the next task is to defeat the HEPHAESTUS after tracking it down.

Tracking the Hephaestus

Hephaestus is not going to be an easy task. Get to the opening up there and go through the triangular opening until you reach the other end. After getting to the platform on the other side, glide down using the Shieldwing and reveal a climbing point by using the Pullcaster.

Again, go through the triangle opening and reach the platform on the other side and glide down. The opening ahead will split ways and the players should opt to go left where they’ll reach an area with poles moving up and down. Use the pole to reach the platform up ahead.

Pull the purple glowing climbing point there using the Pullcaster and make way to the platform with the moving mechanism. After getting down, you’ll come across a few more Longlegs and an Apex Leaplasher.

Get to the Network Uplink at the central top of the area. Hephaestus will again play a smart move and will stop the override and send more enemies for you to fight.

Now you will need to fight two Leaplashers and a Grimhorn. Both of these machines are weak against Purgewater and the recommended strategy to tackle all the three machines here is to keep rotating and dodging the attacks while keeping a focus on Leaplashers at the beginning.

After killing both of the Leaplashers, it is time to get the Grimhome down which may be a hustle here. After defeating all the machines, interact with the same Network Uplink again and this time it will be overridden.

Head north to the Materials Bay where the water has electricity roaming in it. Use the poles and platforms there to get across the area and get a ledge by grappling onto the poles. Get up and land on the platform above from where the players can go to the next by using the cables there.

After getting to the next room, there would be a group of machines to be tackled. You will be up against a Spikesnout, a Clawstrider, a Fire Bellowback, and a few Apex Redeye Watchers.

Deal with all the machines at once by moving in circles and getting the Spikesnout knocked out first. This will save you from weakening from the Vapor Cloud.

After taking down all of the machines, override the Network Uplink and Beta will get you informed about an energy spike in the Assembly Chamber. Now get to the Assembly Chamber to fight the final boss enemy.

How to Defeat Slaughterspine In Cauldron: Gemini

Suffice to say, the level 45 Slaughterspine will be difficult to defeat. Start by using focus to highlight all of the weak parts of the machine.

Slaughterspine is weak against the Purgewater and Frost attacks. Anything else will do reduced damage. Try to destroy the Plasma Earthblaster and you’ll be able to throw attacks directly at the core of the machine to deal a ton of damage.

Take your time and once you’re done with Slaughterspine, return to the core and override another Network Uplink. This will finish the Cauldron Gemini with a cutscene.

Cauldron Gemini Overrides & Rewards

The Cauldron Gemini provides the following rewards upon completion.

  • 24,000 XP
  • 3 Skill Points

Along with these rewards, you’ll gain access to an override. Simply interact with the core to gain access to The Sunwing. This is one of the faster override machines in Horizon Forbidden West, so all your hard work has paid off!

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