How to Fly in Horizon Forbidden West

Have you been trying to reach different locations but can’t grasp how to fly? Well, we’re about to explain all of it. In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we’ll take a deep dive into how to fly and the missions that unlock this neat mechanic!

How to Fly in Horizon on Forbidden West

To be able to unlock flying in Horizon Forbidden West, players must first complete the main quests called ‘Gemini’ and ‘Wings of the Ten.’ These missions are on the Level 30 mark and occur near the end of the story.

However, players don’t unlock any flying ability. Instead, they’ll unlock a flying machine called the Overridden Sunwing. A device that lets the players ride in the air and efficiently fly around the open world of HFW.


Gemini is one of the lengthy quests that require you to go back and forth and talk to GAIA and Beta. It starts at your base and proceeds in Gemini.

It’s a level 30 mission that requires quite some time, so you have to be patient and follow the instructions given.

In the mission, you’re required to fight with Behemoth, and then once you’re back in junction, you’ll have to battle with Longlegs and Leaplashers alongside Grimhorn.

As you’re entering the next stage, you’ll be encountered with a Slaughterspine, and once you kill it, you’ll override your final uplink and go back to base.

Wings of Ten

Once the several stages and intermission of the Gemini mission are completed, you’ll have to start the ‘Wings of the Ten’ mission. Aloy will have to craft the Sunwing Overridein in this mission to proceed further.

You’ll do this in the Fabrication Terminal, where you can also craft other types of overrides. Then, once that’s done and your machine is all ready—press Triangle to begin the override on Sunwing and press Square to take flight up to the skies.

And here you have it, folks, now getting to locations and exploring new areas in Horizon Forbidden West is easier and faster than ever.

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