How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West

In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we’ll take a deep dive into how to fly and the missions that unlock this neat mechanic!

Horizon Forbidden West introduces the ability to fly for the first time in the franchise. During your progression, you will come across several areas and locations which you will not be able to reach. You will only reach these points of interest from the sky.

Unfortunately, the ability to fly is not available from the start of the game. You will have to first unlock flying in the game before soaring through the skies.

The following guide will explain how to fly in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Flying In Horizon Forbidden West

To unlock the flying ability in Horizon Forbidden West, you must wait till the very end of the storyline and complete the “Gemini” and “Wings of the Ten” quests. These are part of the main storyline and hence, you will not be able to miss them.

These missions require a Level 30 mark, and as you complete them, you’ll unlock the Sunwing mount that lets you fly around the entire map.

How To Unlock The Sunwing Mount

Gemini Quest

For this quest, you must head to the base and interact with GIGA. Once the conversation is over, have a brief chat with Beta and once again with GIGA. As the interaction is over, a cutscene is triggered after which you’re transported straight to Gemini.

As you make your way through the Cauldron, you’ll engage in a dual with the Behemoth. Next up is heading to HEPHAESTUS and going down the chasm towards a junction. As you find a junction, you’ll also come across two chambers which you can enter and override the Network Uplinks there.

Upon overriding the Uplinks, you’ll have to deal with a Fire Bellowback as well. Once that’s done with, head back to the junction and head directly into the chamber to the left to face a Longlegs, Leaplashers, and a Grimhorn.

Once defeated, override the Uplink and return to Beta and Varl, and face a Slaughterspine in the way. Lastly, override the remaining Uplink to complete the quest.

Wings of the Ten

Start off this quest by fast traveling to your allies for a brief conversation. Meet Zo at the western exit and return to the base to receive an objective to craft the Sunwing Override.

Once the device is crafted, head up to the Sunwing Site and complete other objectives that allow you to control the device and learn how to fly. Simply Override Square to take flight up to the skies.

How To Call In Sunwing

Once you have Overridden the Sunwing, it’s time to call it by simply pressing the Sunwing icon located at the bottom left side of your screen in the quick-select menu.

Head to the icon and press down to call the Sunwing to any Site you desire and experience the beauty of the skies.

However, the hard part is not calling Sunwing but its controls. Below we’ve given all the Flight controls required to control the mount.

  • X – Accelerate
  • R1 – Hover Up
  • R2 – Land/ Descend
  • Circle – Brake
  • Square – Dismount

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