Horizon Forbidden West Apex Ravager Location Guide

Apex Ravager is an upgraded and deadlier variant of the Ravager in Horizon Forbidden West. You can get Apex Hearts after defeating Apex Ravagers. These Apex hearts are a very rare resource in Horizon Forbidden West that can be very useful in the game.

The following Horizon Forbidden West Apex Ravager guide will mark where to find the Ravager as well as its Apex variant, and how to defeat them for their loot. We have mentioned the uses of Apex Ravager Hearts as well in this guide

Horizon Forbidden West Apex Ravager Location

Much like the other machines in the game, Ravager is only the basic-level enemy variant. There is also an Apex Ravager that promises a far more difficult encounter but with better loot.

Finding them both in Horizon Forbidden West is not difficult because both variants are fairly close to each other.

Their locations have been marked on the map below. Just make sure to be fully prepared when going after the Apex variant.

How to Defeat Apex Ravager

The basic Ravager variant is very weak against Purgewater and acid attacks. So use these two attacks wisely and timely to defeat Ravager with ease.

As for Apex Ravager, it is highly vulnerable to Plasma attacks. So using plasma attacks against Apex Ravager can help you a lot during the fight.

Another way of defeating Ravager with ease is to use The Ravager cannon weapon. Using this weapon against both variants can prove to be lethal. Ravager cannon can also help you neutralize the Ravager’s primary attacks which can help you a lot during the fight against these machine enemies.

You can also use cannon against the Ravager. But this might backfire as the cannon has limited ammo and it might hurt you if the fight goes on for a while.

Apex Ravager Drops

Below we have listed all the items you receive after defeating Apex Ravager along with their drop chance as well.

  • Metal Shards (100% Drop chance)
  • Crystal Braiding (100% Drop chance)
  • Piercing Spike (100% Drop chance)
  • Sparker (100% Drop chance)
  • Braided Wire (72-73% Drop chance)
  • Apex Ravager Heart (65% Drop chance)
  • Volatile Sludge (50% Drop chance)
  • Medium Machine Core (37-38% Drop chance)
  • Ravager Circulator (33% Drop chance)
  • Ravager Primary Nerve (23% Drop chance)
  • Metal Bone (10-11% Drop chance)
  • Sturdy Hardplate (10-11% Drop chance)
  • Sparker (100% Drop chance)
  • Glowblast (100% Drop chance)

As mentioned above, Apex Ravager hearts are very rare resources in Horizon Forbidden West. If you are unsure how to use Apex Ravager hearts in Horizon Forbidden West, these rare items can be used to

  • Used to upgrade weapons.
  • Used to upgrade outfits.
  • Sell Apex Ravager hearts to buy other items

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