Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Walkthrough

Our guide to Secrets of the Restricted Section quest in Hogwarts Legacy will guide you through this main mission and learn a new spell.

Secrets of the Restricted Section is the 8th main quest; that you will come across in Hogwarts Legacy. Players will try to infiltrate the library after school hours in the Hogwarts Legacy Secrets of the Restricted section quest while being added by Sebastian. This quest is also needed to learn the Disillusionment charm that can turn players invisible.

How to complete the Restricted Section in Hogwarts Legacy

After you learn Incendio from Professor Hecat upon completing her assignment, exit the classroom and turn left to descend the stairs. Walk straight ahead, and you will see long stairs on the left.

Take these long stairs and keep moving up. Once you don’t see any more stairs, turn left to pass a corridor and then turn right to go upstairs.

Turn left from the dead end, and you will see and door on the right. Move inside and go through the second door upstairs to meet Professor Fig. While both are heading towards the restricted section, Professor Black will call Professor Fig.

Now Professor Fig has to go to the headmaster’s office, and you need to continue ahead with your search for the book.

Meeting Sebastian Sallow

After Professor Fig leaves, exit the classroom and follow the same route you took when coming here. As you go downstairs, you will see Sebastian Sallow looking at the painting. Talk to him and ask for his help sneaking into a restricted section of the library.

He will agree to help and ask you to wait for him tonight. Head downstairs, and you will see Sebastian looking at a door. He will point you to that door by saying this is where we should enter the library.

Learning a spell

To go without getting caught, Sebastian will teach you the Disillusionment spell so you can turn invisible and enter the library undetected. Once you have learned the spell, select it and put it in the slot. While following the tutorials on using this spell, you will enter the door to the library. 

As you enter, quickly hide behind the bookshelf to avoid being detected by the librarian. Sebastian will tell you to grab the key to the restricted section from her desk while he will create a diversion to lure the librarian away from the desk.

Use the Disillusionment spell to grab the key undetected, and then follow the objective marker to meet Sebastian outside the restricted section. Use the key to open the door and enter inside.

Restricted section

As you enter, follow the objective marker, and you see some ghosts on the way. Use the tutorial shown to lure these ghosts away and go undetected using the Disillusionment spell. While following the objective marker, you will see a door to the storage area; enter inside. 

As you are following the maker, your path will be blocked by the armor. As you near the armor, Peeves will see you and promise to rat both of you. Seeing this, Sebastian runs after Peeves to stop him from telling the librarian and leaving you alone on your journey.

You can clean up the way using Reparo and follow the marker to get to a magic hotspot on the ground. Before pressing X to investigate, loot the large chest nearby. 

After you have investigated, a portal will open; head inside. You will have to descend the stairs. On your way, you will see the large door to Athenaeum. Before opening the door, loot the large chest beside the door.

Discover the secrets of Antechamber

Go inside the Athenaeum, and you will see an archway with an orb on its top. Hit the orb with any basic spell to raise the bridge and cross over it.

Follow the marker, and you will come across a few Pensieve Sentries. You will learn how to break their shields from a tutorial as you fight them as part of the Secrets of the Restriction section quest in Hogwarts Legacy.  

Hit any enemy ten times to fill up your ancient magic meter. Once your meter is complete, you can cast a spell that can break their shield and deal them heavy damage. 

After defeating these enemies, head through the door, facing 2 Pensieve Sentinels. Defeat these foes and hit the orb above the archway with any spell to raise the bridge. While crossing the bridge, run as you will have a small duration before the bridge breaks.

Turn right from the dead end, and you will see an archway with an orb on its top again. Hit the orb with any spell to raise the first half of the bridge, and when you are about the cross first half, hit the orb again to raise the second half and cross over it. 

As you move forward, you will notice two chests on the left and right; loot them. Moving ahead, you will face some more sentinels. Defeat these and move forward, where you will find the book you were looking for.

A memory from the book

As you go near the book, a memory from the past will be shown to you. This memory involves a few wizards using magic to bring vegetation and water to a village.

Here a girl (Isidora Morganach) is watching this magic in this village. Later, she will become a 5th-year student at Hogwarts. It concludes the memory.

After this, you will return to the library, where you will see Peeves talking about Sebastian and yourself to the librarian.

When the librarian asks Sebastian about the other boy, he will tell he was alone and takes all the blame on himself. This means you are now free to exit the area, thus completing the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest.

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