How To Get Into The Headmaster’s Office In Hogwarts Legacy

Accessing the upper study in Headmaster's Office can be quite puzzling in Hogwarts Legacy but we are here to help you.

The massive Hogwarts castle in Hogwarts Legacy is ripe for exploration, allowing players to access areas they could have only dreamed of when watching the Harry Potter movies. To earn the Room with a View achievement, players have to access the highest point of the castle, the Headmaster’s study which requires them to get into the headmaster’s office in Hogwarts Legacy.

While Dumbledore and his beloved phoenix, Fawkes, might not be present in the Headmaster’s office, it is certainly a beautiful place to explore.

Where’s the Headmaster’s office in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, the location of the Headmaster’s Office can be found by climbing the Grand Staircase by the Floo Flames. This Grand Staircase will lead you toward the Trophy Room and is a great reference point for first times visitors of the Headmaster’s Office, to use.

The statue by the Polyjuice’s Plot will ask you to say the password which you will be unable to answer during the early stages of the game. However, after completing the said Polyjuice’s Plot quest you will gain access to the password and in turn the Headmaster’s Office.

You’ll soon know the password which is the French word “Toujours Pur” which translates as “Pureblood, Always Pure”. This can also be attempted by guessing the password but during the mission when you are disguised as the Headmaster, you extract the password from Scrope.

How to access the Headmaster’s Office

Take the Grand Staircase up to the Trophy room. Optionally you can fast-travel to the Trophy Room floo flame to make it easier.

Following that look for the metal gate and use the Alohamora spell to unlock the first lock. You’ll run into more stairs that lead to two more Level 2 and Level 3 locked doors that you can explore if you want. Further up you’ll see a giant statue of what looks to be a Griffin which hides the way to the headmaster’s office. You need a special password or someone who helps you to get past this point.

You will have to progress the main story till you reach the Polyjuice Plot mission. This is the earliest part of the game where you can enter the office so make sure to look around thoroughly. You can gain access again down the line when you’re tasked with finding the Deathly Hallows.

How to enter the Headmaster’s Upper Study

Accessing the headmaster’s office is fairly straightforward since all you have to do is to progress your way through the main story. The Upper Study however is another secret that players might want to uncover. For that, you will have to upgrade Alohamora to level 3 to unlock the door.

Since entry to the locked door inside the Headmaster’s Office will require you to have the Key of Admittance, you must enter the room with the key.

Whenever you gain access to Headmaster’s office, just go to the study door and unlock it using level 3 Alohomora. Do make sure that you have collected all the Demiguise Moons so your spell is at max level before going to the office.

You can also optionally enter from the balcony via a broom, but that still requires you to have Alohamora upgraded. You can then explore the upper study and will also be rewarded with the Room with a View achievement. All in all, the Headmaster’s office is a must-visit if you’re a curious player who loves uncovering the Hogwarts Legacy lore.

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