How To Get The Concentration 3 Gear Trait In Hogwarts Legacy

The Concentration 3 Gear Trait in Hogwarts Legacy is used for increasing the overall damage of each spell you cast. Here is how to get it!

During your play in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find ways to improve the defensive and offensive skills of your gear using certain traits. These traits help in upgrading the piece of gear you equip for battle. One of the most common traits is the Concentration 3 Gear Trait which is used for increasing the overall damage of each spell you cast.  

Today we will learn how to find the Concentration 3 gear Trait in Hogwarts Legacy so you can use it to add additional buffs to your gear. 

Where to find the Concentration 3 Gear Trait in Hogwarts Legacy? 

Each Trait in Hogwarts Legacy is divided into three categories: Challenges, Exploration, and Quests. Each category provides a different method of finding these Traits. 

Since Concentration 3 belongs to the Exploration category, you will find it inside collection chests that are found while traveling. Mostly, these chests are found in the Bandit Camps with traits inside of them. 

However, these traits are randomized and do not have a fixed location. Therefore, you must search for all the chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy to find the Hogwarts Legacy Concentration 3 Trait location. 

How to craft the Concentration 3 Trait 

Since the Bandit Camp is randomized with its items, you can receive anything from Tier 1 to Tier 3.  

The best way to get Concentration 3 Gear Trait is by saving and loading. You can save your game right before opening the chest and load it if you receive another item other than the required item in question. You can use this method to increase your chances of receiving a Concentration 3 Gear Trait.  

Simply visit a camp to find a trait chest. Once found, save the game and open the chest. In case you are out of luck and fail to find the trait you are looking for, simply reload the game and try again.  

If that doesn’t work out for you, then you can create your own trait using 1 x Kneazle Fur which can be acquired from Kneazle. Kneazle is a Beast in Hogwarts Legacy whom you’ll come across throughout the Wizarding World. 

This beast is found in three different locations as southern south Sea Bog, near the cliffs in Southwest Marunweem Lake, and lastly, the Southern Clagmar Coast.

Once you have found this beast, slay it and bring it to Viavarium in the Room of Requirement. This is where you will nurture it and receive the 1 x Kneazle Fur to create the Concentration 3 trait.  

How to use the Concentration 3 Trait in Hogwarts Legacy 

Each trait you find or craft can be equipped into the trait slot of your desired gear. Depending upon the rarity of the gear, you can decide which trait slot you can apply the trait to. Following are all the trait slots according to the rarity of each piece of gear in Hogwarts Legacy: 

  • Superb gear – Trait Slot Level 1 
  • Extraordinary gear – Trait Slot Level 2 
  • Legendary gear – Trait Slot Level 3 
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