How To Steal A Loyalist Ranger Crossbow Bolt In Hogwarts Legacy

If you have a specific skill, you can easily complete the Hogwarts Legacy loyalist ranger crossbow bolt challenge.

While dueling a loyalist ranger in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to hit the goblin with his own crossbow bolt to complete the challenge.

This is a dueling feat that requires you to have a specific spell. If you have that spell, you can easily complete the Hogwarts Legacy loyalist ranger crossbow bolt challenge. If not, you will not be able to steal his crossbow.

Since completing dueling feats give you valuable rewards, you need to know how to steal the loyalist ranger’s crossbow bolt in Hogwarts Legacy.

Unlock The Ancient Magic Throw Expertise Talent

Before dueling the loyalist ranger, unlock the Ancient Magic Throw Expertise talent. Its for challenge completion. Keep progressing through your storyline, and you will be able to unlock the talent.

The name of this challenge is confusing, as you do not have to steal the weapon from the Loyalist Ranger Goblin. Deflect the loyalist ranger crossbow bolt back to your enemy in this dueling feat.

Reflect The Loyalist Ranger’s Attack

An option will appear to reflect the attacks of the loyalist ranger’s attack. Use (Z/R1/RB) to throw the crossbow bolt back at the ranger.

The reflected crossbow will substantially damage the loyalist ranger. The same tactic is used to break down the shields of your enemies during combats.

This will complete this dueling feat in Hogwarts Legacy. Completing these feats can earn you various items, including a Demiguise mask.

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