How to Win Crossed Wands Duels in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, Dueling Feats are special challenges you can complete to gain special rewards. Here is how you can complete them!

The Hogwarts Legacy experience is more than missions; dueling is just a small optional part. So, whether you’re a seasoned Harry Potter fan or new to this magical world, this Hogwarts Legacy dueling guide will provide all the necessary information you need to avail the rewards.

This Hogwarts Legacy guide will cover sections on how to find the duels, how to win cross-want duels, and lastly, dueling tips. So, grab your wand, don your house robes, and set on this thrilling journey to the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy!

How to Begin Duels?

begin dueling in hogwarts legacy

To access duels, you need to get into the crossed wand dueling club, which is in the Clock Tower Courtyard in the South Wing of Hogwarts. If you don’t find it there, go to maps and set daytime. This club becomes available once you’ve defeated Sebastian Sallow in defense during the Dark Arts classes. Once you’re in the clock tower courtyard, talk to Lucan Brattleby to join the club and begin dueling.

How to Win Crossed Wand Duels?

crossed wands dueling hogwarts legacy

Crossed wand duels are the side quests of the secret society in Hogwarts Legacy, where you’ve to fight against some of the greatest duelists in 3 rounds and a complimentary training round for the finale till you reach the end. In each round, you can duel with a partner, which is a more appropriate choice to make.

Let’s break into each phase of this duel and how to win each round.

Duel Round #1: Initiate Round

crossed wands dueling round 1 hogwarts legacy

During the first round, Lucan will pair you up with Sebastian to fight against two students. You first need to focus on breaking through the yellow shields with spells like Levioso. After breaking through the shield, hitting R3 will target and aim enemies without training. You can switch between targets by pressing R.

Initially, focus on taking down one target while Sebastian takes down the other. Dodge incoming spells, use basic blocks, or juggle by combining Levioso or Accio spells with basic attacks. When one student is down, take down the other one. Winning the rounds will increase your XP.

Duel Round #2: Adept Round

crossed wands dueling round 2 hogwarts legacy

You will pair up with either Natty or Sebastian for the second round and fight against three students. You need to break through their violet shields with a force spell like Accio. Focus on one student at a time and switch to another.

Focus on taking down one student at a time, break through a violet shield first, and take down the student while it is still in the air, then head towards aiming at the yellow shield student with Levioso. This will be a tricky round, so remember to block incoming attacks with a pair of Protego and Stupefy.

Duels Round #3: Championship Round

crossed wands dueling round 3 hogwarts legacy

Before the final round, you will have a training session to practice the spell combination. For the finale, you will be set up against four students. You can pair up with Sebastian for this one, keep your healing portions stocked up, and have the best gear to reduce damage impact.

You need to focus on breaking through the red shield using damage spells like Incendio and Protego to block the incoming attacks.

To win this round, break through the shields first and juggle the students in the air to give them significant damage. One thing to note here is that you can also use objects like boxes with ancient spells to break through the shield, giving damage to the opponent.

Crossed Wands Duel Reward

After you have won all three rounds, you will be rewarded with a Crossed Wands Champion Garb, which you can equip from the gear menu in the outfits section.

Crossed Wands Dueling Tips

Fighting duels can be troublesome, and this section has a few tricks to help you win. First, you need to focus on improving your defensive and offensive abilities by using spells like Protego and Stupefy, but you need to understand what each of these spells does. Protego creates a defensive shield around you, allowing you to block, while Stupefy will stun enemies.

If your opponent relies on physical attacks, use Rictusempra to take down their defenses. If the opponent heavily blocks your attacks, use Diffindo to break their shield and damage them. If you want to give devastating damage to your opponent, use a combination of spells (Protego + Stupefy or Confrigo + Glacius + Diffindo) to give damage immediately after blocking an attack.

While setting out on a duel, keep your resources (healing and focus potions and powerful spells) stocked, but unlike spells, dodging is an important resource during the duel.

What are Dueling Feats in Hogwarts Legacy?

Dueling Feats are optional side objectives that come with different rewards. These feats are unlocked from the Challenges menu in the Combat section under “Complete Dueling Feats.” Or they pop up on the bottom-right corner of the screen once available. Completing these feats will reward your with gear appearances. There are over 109 feats in Hogwarts Legacy, amongst which 42 will be available during final stage.

Dueling FeatHow To Complete?
Steal a Ranger’s Crossbow BoltUse Ancient Magic throw
Keep two enemies airborne at the same timeUse Accio and Levioso together
Summon 2 enemiesUse Accio and Accio Mastery talent
Destroy the orb while it’s chargingCast a spell that corresponds to the orb’s color and a Pensieve Guardian to attack it
Catch and throw a disarmed weaponCast Expelliarmus spell with a weapon and use Ancient Magic throw on enemies weapon
Flip a troll’s clubCast Flipendo at the troll charging toward you
Hit a troll with its own boulderBlock the troll’s boulder with Protego and use Ancient Magic throw on it
Levitate a DugbogCast Levioso when Dugbog tries attacking
Slice a dangling DugbogUse Diffindo after levitating the Dugbog
Flip a Dugbog on its backCaste Flipendo or any force spell
Flip a Dugbog while its waiting to initiate a sneak attackCast Disillisionment spell then Flipendo
Use Depulso to launch an enemy into somethingBait a target to stand in front of the enemy and cast Depulso
Launch an enemy into a destructible object with DepulsoBait the enemy near a red barrel and cast Glacius; after that, cast Depulso
Ignite a shooter before it attacksUse Confringo or Incendio
Bury spider’s head into groundSlow the spider with Arresto Momentum, then cast Descendo
Blow a flaming spiderCast Confringo or Incendio
Slow an Ashwinder Executioner after releasing a lightning spellUse Arresto Momentum
Disarm an Ashwinder Executioner as they prepare for lightning spellCast Expelliarmus
Interrupt a charging Mongrel with DepulsoWait for Mongrel to charge towards you then use Depulso
Freeze a Poacher Stalker while they are charging to attackCast Glacius when enemies wave their wands to attack
Use a mandrake against enemyUse mandrake anytime during battle
Throw a burning enemy into anotherBlow up an enemy with Incendio and use Depulso to throw the burning enemy on another
Slow a poacher after they release blast attackCast Arresto Momentum while poacher is casting fire tornado or blast attack

Dueling Feats Rewards

The reward system of feats are divided into tier list and each tier has different challenges and rewards. Here are the rewards for each objective in Hogwarts Legacy:

Finish 5x Dueling Feats Officer’s Uniform – Outfit Appearance 
Finish 10x Dueling Feats Officer’s Hat – Headwear Appearance 
Finish 20x Dueling Feats Halloween Pumpkin Mask – Face wear Appearance 
Finish 32x Dueling Feats Autumn Festival Coat – Cloaks and Robes Appearance 
Finish 42x Dueling Feats Demiguise – Face wear Appearance 
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