Hogwarts Legacy All Hogwarts Secrets Solutions

Hogwarts Secrets are like mini challenges with puzzles to solve and objectives to meet in the Hogwarts Legacy game.

There are a few carefully hidden secrets in Hogwarts Legacy that you can uncover for various rewards. Chances are that you have already stumbled upon so

me of these Hogwarts Secrets without even knowing because the game never marks them as a quest or tells you how to complete them.

There are three Hogwarts Secrets to uncover in Hogwarts Legacy and this guide explains how you can solve all of them.

What are Hogwarts Secrets?

Hogwarts Secrets are a part of the Hogwarts Secrets challenge which you can access using the challenge menu. With each secret granting you its fair share of rewards as you uncover it.

There are three secret puzzles in these challenges which are located in random locations in Hogwarts. Since the locations of these puzzles are random, you have to observe your surroundings and find the solution yourself using nothing but your wits. Such as noticing braziers on the Viaduct Bridge.

Below are the rewards you receive for solving the three Hogwarts Legacy Secrets puzzles.

  • Hogwarts Library Annex Collection Chest 5 and 6: Wand Handle Cosmetic, Conjuration Recipe.
  • The Clock Tower Pendulum Secret Puzzle: 2x Conjuration Recipes, 500g, and Legendary Chest.
  • The Key of Admittance – Headmasters Office Secret: Field Guide Page, Wand Handle, and Conjuration Recipe.

All Hogwarts Secrets Challenges solution

Solving the three secret puzzles in the Hogwarts Secret Challenges is a far more complex process than finding them as it involves multiple stages, interlinked side quests, and the use of special skills to crack the secrets.

How to solve the Clock Tower Pendulum puzzle

Before you start solving this puzzle, you must first unlock the required spells for this challenge which you can unlock after completing “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” (main story quest) and “Madam Kogawa’s Assignment” (Side story quest).

As you have unlocked the required spells, make your way to the Clock Tower in the southern wing of the castle to the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame.

Here, you will find four metal doors with four different symbols. If you interact with them, their metal bars will start to open before slamming shut.

Opening the Clock Tower metal doors requires you to use the giant pendulum to solve a Hogwarts Secret.

Head to the room located right on top of the dueling club. You must have come to this club at the start of the game. To attempt this puzzle, you need to have the Alohomora spell ranked up to the second tier. The spell helps you unlock doors, so complete Mr. Moon’s quest before attempting this puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

You have to unlock four doors to solve this puzzle. All four doors are located around the tower and are sealed by grates. You will notice a small logo on each door, making it easy to recognize them.

All the logos on the doors are the same as those behind the large swinging pendulum. The solution is straightforward; you just have to freeze the pendulum when it comes in front of the incorporated logos. Use the Glacius spell or Arresto Momentum to freeze it down.

Once you have stopped the Pendulum at all four places, all four rooms will unlock. You need to visit every room to complete the puzzle. The rooms are easy to find as they are all scattered in a very small range, but you just have to move to different floors. However, to make it easy for you, we have given the location of each room below, so enjoy solving another Hogwarts secret with ease.

Pendulum PositionDoor
Furthest-LeftRight next to the dueling club, just where Flo Flame is situated. Look right next to the corner where some trophies are present as the room is on the right side.
LeftOn the first floor toward the left corner near the wall.
RightOn the right side of the pendulum on the second floor.
Furthest-RightOn top of the tower and just right in front of the staircase.

You will find one Eye Chest and one other chest in two of the four rooms. These chests will provide you with different rewards, so make the most out of them.

How to solve the Key of Admittance puzzle

After completing the main quest “Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial”, you will get access to the Headmaster’s Office. If you make your way into the second level of the Headmaster’s Office, which is located right above the Trophy room, you can find the Key of Admittance on a table.

Near the desk with a telescope on it, there is a chest containing the Wand Handle. You might want to collect it before heading out to solve the puzzle. 

This is another Hogwarts Secret but as explained before, the game will never tell you that. Hence, you will be wondering where to use the Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finding the Key of Admittance takes a bit of work. You cannot simply barge your way into the Headmaster’s Office. You need to sneak your way into the office and then unlock the door on your left by using your Alohomora spell.

You will see stairs going up the tower. Follow them and you will face another locked door but this one has a level 3 lock. If your lockpicking skills are maxed out with a level 3 Alohomora spell, unlock the door and head inside to get the Key of Admittance next to the silver cups on the table.

The Key of Admittance is used to unlock a secret room. Head back downstairs and exit the Headmaster’s Office. Make your way down the spiral staircase and follow the hallway until the end where you will find a strange black, metal door with five locks.

You cannot open this door using Alohomora. If you have the Key of Admittance, interact with the door to enter a hidden room. This will complete another Hogwarts Secret in the game.

Find and loot the chests inside for random rewards including Fashionable Dress Robes.

How to solve the Viaduct Bridge puzzle

There are a couple of chests in a hidden area underneath the Viaduct Bridge that connects the Library Annex to the Great Hall. The only way to uncover this Hogwarts Secret is by solving the Viaduct Bridge puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy Viaduct Bridge Location

Make your way to the bridge to find four braziers, two on each side. You need to ignite these braziers using your Incendio or Confringo spells in a specific order to reveal the hidden area below.

Notice that each brazier has a large engraving as well as a roman number. The main clue for this puzzle solution is on the bridge itself. Head in the direction of the Library Annex to find a large circular metal plate on the ground with the same four engravings next to four roman numbers.

All you have to do is ignite each brazier and then interact with them to match their engravings to the correct roman numbers as shown on the ground from before. However, if you want to skip all of that, the correct Viaduct Bridge puzzle solution is shown below.

Closest-LeftIV (4)
Closest-RightII (2)
Furthest-LeftI (1)
Furthest-RightIII (3)

Once all four braziers are lit in the correct order, the metal plate from before will open to reveal a ladder going down. Congratulations! You just solved a Hogwarts Secret in the game.

Climb the ladder down to the secret area to find a small and large chest on opposite ends. Both chests will give you random rewards including Tailored Tailcoat.

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