Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots Full: How To Increase Inventory Space

If you are unable to carry more gear items in Hogwarts Legacy because your gear slots are full, let us show how you can expand them.

Being a fully open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy showers its players with a lot of loot and gear to improve their stats. However, gathering gear from every enemy and loot chest can quickly fill up your inventory slot, showing the Hogwarts Legacy gear slots full message on the screen.

Although leveling up increases the player’s HP, in order to increase their defense and spell offense, players need better gear. This means you have to pick up every gear item you find but you can’t do that when your gear slots are full. So how to bypass this issue?

What is the max number of Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy?

Gear slots, or inventory slots, refer to the total carrying capacity you have in Hogwarts Legacy. Being a student, the initial gear slot limit players have is very limited.

Players can only carry 20 equipable gear items, shared between all gear slots. Thankfully this doesn’t include gear customization items or the inventory capacity would feel extremely limited.

But there is no need to worry as the max gear capacity in Hogwarts Legacy can be increased up to 40 equipable gear items.

How to get more gear inventory space?

Just because the gear capacity is limited in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t mean you can’t increase it. The game does offer you gear capacity expansion to substantially increase your inventory limit. However, the option to increase gear inventory capacity isn’t something you can just go and buy from a shop.

To increase gear inventory capacity in Hogwarts Legacy, players actually need to complete a set of challenges. While challenges typically reward with cosmetics, you might have noticed one challenge set within the Exploration category that can increase gear capacity.

So players need to do different tiers of that challenge set and they will be rewarded with gear slot expansion. The challenges that they are required to do are actually solving the various Merlin Trials scattered around The Highlands.

Players need to find Merlin Trials, use Mallowsweet leaves to activate the trial, and complete it. The first gear slot expansion requires completing 2 Merlin Trials. The number of merlin trials you need to complete continues to increase from there.

Completing each tier of Merlin Trials increases gear capacity by 4 slots, allowing you to carry more equipable items.

Can you store unwanted gear in storage?

You might have been wondering if you can store some of your gear in a chest somewhere once your gear slots fill up. Unfortunately, the answer to that is no, there is no storage chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once all your gear slots are full in Hogwarts Legacy, you won’t be able to pick up more gear. The only way to pick up additional gear would be to free up your slots by getting rid of unwanted gear, selling it to a vendor, or increasing your gear space by completing the Merlin Trials.

Any vendor in Hogwarts Legacy will buy your unwanted gear. This frees up your gear slots if you have reached max inventory capacity.

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