Hitman 3 Berlin Challenges Guide

In our Hitman 3 Berlin Challenges Guide, we’ll get you up to speed with how you can overcome all the challenges in Berlin, Germany, in Hitman 3.

In our Hitman 3 Berlin Challenges Guide, we’ll get you up to speed with how you can overcome all the challenges in Berlin, Germany, in Hitman 3. To Complete all these Challenges in Berlin you will have to play this level of Hitman 3 multiple times.

Hitman 3 Berlin Challenges

There are roughly 65 challenges featured in the Apex Predator mission in Berlin, Germany.

Completion of these challenges earns you handsome rewards like new gear starting locations along with an enhanced Mastery Level.

If your goal is to reach the Level 20 of Mastery Level and obtain the Warehouse Veteran trophy, then excelling in only 85% of challenges will get the job done for you.

However, below, you’ll find the outline of every single one of the challenges in Berlin. So, let’s begin!

Assassination Challenges

Assassinations 1, 2 & 5 are required for the Partied Out Trophy.

Crane Trauma
On Floor 00, put a fuse under the crane where Agent Thames walks. Then, climb up the ladder to get to the top of the crane to be able to control its movement.

Once Thames walks in front of the crane, release the cargo to kill him.

How the Turntables
Head to the Club on Level 1 and short circuit the Light Tree Installation. Next, equip a DJ-Disguise near the stage-booth on Level 2.

Having done that, proceed to the both and take over from your colleague. Wait until the Agent on the Walkway is about to be replaced by another one and when he is, take them both down.

Drive it Home
After you’ve killed at least 5 of your targets, the remaining ones will try to escape from the area.

You’ll find them running off while everyone else is busy in the routine so eliminate them accordingly.

Otherwise, wait on Floor 00 on areas like “Black Entrance” and Club Hölle” from where they are likely to escape and put them down.

Rule of Threes
Climb up the Radio Tower ad eliminate three targets with Sniper Rifle.

The 47th Trick in the Book

Grab the Sniper rifle, near Agent Tremaine, on Level 2 of Biker Clubhouse and shoot him with it.

Versatile Assassin
Finish “Piano Man”, “Someone Could Hurt Themselves”, “Hold My Hair”, “Straight Shot”, “Tasteless, Traceless” to complete this Challenge.

Suck a Bag of Bricks

Search for the Scrap Sword in the large tanks between the Juice Bar and the Canal.

Once you find it, use it to eliminate a target.

Straight Shot
Takedown any of your target with a headshot.

Tasteless, Traceless
During the Challenge, “Juiced Up”, offer one of your targets a drink containing lethal poison.

Somebody Could Hurt Themselves
Make an accidental kill happen like in the case of Crane Trauma.

Hold My Hair
During the Challenge, “Juiced Up”, offer one of your targets a drink containing emetic poison and when he goes to puke in the toilet, drown him from behind.

Piano Man
Equip Fiber Wire on your desired loadout and take a target out from behind using it.

Discovery Challenges

The Golden Ticket
You can find it in Hirschmüller’s Office on Level 2.

The Wurst Getaway
Eliminate the Food Delivery Guy and grab the Scooter Key from his droppings.

Now, use the Scooter standing between Black Entrance and Biker Hangout to secretively exit from the area.

Shortcut: Entrance Backdoor
It is located behind the guest entrance section on Level 0.

Find the Scrap Sword from the large tanks between the Juice Bar and the Canal on Floor 00.

The Candy Man
Take the disguise of the Drug Dealer who usually stands in the basement bar on Level 2 to complete this Challenge.

Discover Berlin
Find all of the undiscovered areas of Berlin, Germany.

Full Throttle
Pick the motorcycle key from the Biker Hangout and use the motorcycle to exfiltrate the mission.

Get your hands on all of the following disguises:

  • Club Security
  • Club Crew
  • Rave On Suit
  • Bartender
  • Biker
  • Dealer
  • DJ
  • Florida Man
  • Food Delivery Guy
  • Rolf Hirschmüller

Shortcut: Biker Basement Door
You can access it through the Bikers Clubhouse on Level 00.

The Party Starter
Pacify any of three DJs around the booth on Level 2 and take his disguise.

Shortcut: Skylight Ladder
It is located on Level 1. However, to get to it, you’ll have to make your way to the roof of Level 2 and then climb back down.

Der Ami
Take the disguise of Florida Man who roams around Level 2.

The Wurst Disguise
Take the disguise of the Delivery Guy close to the Juice Bar.

The Club Owner
You can find the club owner, Rolf Hirschmüller in Hirschmüller’s Office on Level 2.

Devil’s Dandruff
Pick up the brick of cocaine from the Bikers Clubhouse on Level 0.


The Wurst Delivery
Get the Delivery Guy’s Disguise and grab the scooter key from his droppings.

Now, make your way to the clubhouse entrance, pick up the food from the Scooter and give it to the Biker.

Once he sits down to eat, this Challenge will come to its end.



Paging Dr. Greenthumb
Head outside the Grow House and inset a sedative Insecticide in the Sprinkler Unit.

Once the Agent is in the room, turn the unit on.

There was a Fire Fight!
Takedown Hirschmüller, take his disguise and pick up the phonebook that he drops.

Next, make your way to Hirschmüller’s Office on Floor 02 and call one of the agents.

Sit behind the desk and when the other ICA Agents arrive in the office, kick over the desk to kill them.

Herr Ziegler Plus One

Juiced Up
Take out the three staffers behind the Juice Bar on Level 0 and take the disguise of one of them.

Now, offer Agent Swan a poisoned drink.

Sweet Dreams
Grab the cocaine brick from the Drug Packaging on Level 0 and hit the Dealer, around the Basement Bar, on Level 2 with it.

Spree Party
To complete this Challenge, head to the Water Channel on Level 0 and dump anyone into the water.

Concrete Ornithology
Take photographs of 7 graffiti around the level.

Trophy Au Naturel

Coconut Ball Surprise

During the first playthrough, the Apex Predator mission can be quite puzzling because the 10 ICA Agents, 5 of whom you need to kill, don’t get marked on the map.

To tackle this problem, just kill all the enemies that you’ll encounter on the map and you’ll eventually fulfill your objective.

This won’t be a problem during the second playthrough as the ICA Agents will be marked as red crosshairs on the map.

The Veteran

You’ll find Agent Rhodes in the Grow House on Level 1.

The Swan Song
Agent Swan can be found taking a walk between the Juice Bar and the Chill Out sections on Level 0.

The Wall
You’ll find Agent Banner still on the Walkway above the Dancefloor on Level 1.

The Sniper
Agent Tremaine can be found in the Sniper Nest of the Bikers Clubhouse on Level 2.

The Scout
You’ll find Agent Green on the club’s roof on Level 2.

The Professional
Agent Thames can be found near the Black Entrance on Level 0.

The Joker
Agent Chamberlain is located close to Hirschmüller’s Office on Level 2.

The Leader
You’ll find Agent Montgomery walking around the perimeter, on Level 1.

The Englishman
Agent Lowenthal can be found in the Bikers Clubhouse on Level 0.

The Rookie
Agent Davenport is located near the Club entrance on Level 0.

Clean House
Bring down all of the ten targets mentioned above at least once to mark this Challenge as complete.

The Classic

Sniper Assassin
To complete this Challenge, you have to kill all your targets using only the silenced Sniper Rifle.

Else, eliminate 5 targets from the Radio Tower and Level 02 Rooftops using a Sniper Rifle.

Silent Assassin
During the mission, you must only kill your targets and get rid of their bodies.

Also, you’ll need to steer clear from the enemy’s radar.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only
To complete this Challenge, you must only kill your targets and get rid of their bodies without getting detected.

You’ll also have to do all this with your suit on, and without any disguise.

Suit Only
You have to complete the mission with your suit on, without any disguises.

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