Hitman 3 Berlin Walkthrough

In this guide, we have the complete Hitman 3 Berlin Walkthrough for you to help complete the Apex Predator mission. Berlin is one of the 6 total locations where missions take place in Hitman 3. Berlin does not have any mission stories.

Hitman 3 Berlin Apex Predator

Before you arrive in Berlin, there will be a cutscene. As the cutscene ends, Agent 47 will be standing on the side of the road with a fuel station in the distance.

Your first objective will be to contact Olivia. Move forward until you see a car to the side of which will be a path going into the woods.

Take the path going into the woods and move forward until you reach a tower on the outskirts of Berlin.

Another cutscene will play in which Olivia will tell 47 that they have been compromised by ICA agents.

After the cutscene ends, the Apex Predator quest will start.

Apex Predator

In Apex Predator, your objective will be to eliminate ICA agents in Berlin. The ICA guards will be marked with red when you use your special vision.

There will be 10 ICA agents in the area, and you will have to eliminate 5 of them. You can choose to go all guns blazing or take the stealthy route.

The better method is to take the stealthy route.

The ICA guards are spread around the facility and they are further away from each other enough that you can easily take them down silently.

Make sure to hide the bodies of the agents you take down so that the other guards can’t found them. And change your outfit to one of the taken down guards to blend in more.

Some of the guards are outside guarding the Berlin facility, while some of them are inside the compound.

Once you eliminate the 5 ICA guards, you will have to exit the facility to finish the quest and also the Berlin part of the story.

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