How Does The Liberation Meter Work In Helldivers 2?

Filling up the liberation meter in Helldivers 2 with democracy and freedom.

In a joint effort with all the other players in Helldivers 2, whether they are in your squad or not, you will be liberating different sectors and planets throughout the galaxy. The combined effort of all the players and the Galactic War progress is presented via the liberation meter of each sector as well as individual planets in Helldivers 2.

However, some players might be confused as to exactly how this Galactic War progress actually works and how the “Liberated” meter is filled for the sectors as well as planets.

Helldivers 2 Galactic War progress explained

The Liberation Meter or the Galactic War Progress will be present underneath all the names of the sectors and the planets within that sector in Helldivers 2. The game itself focuses more on online campaigns, and your victories are recorded and added to this specific meter. You will learn during the briefing that the enemy factions have taken over some parts of the Super Earth planets, so you will need to defeat them in order to liberate those particular planets.

Since there are over 50 Sectors present within the Sol System, you will need to focus on both Personal and Major Orders of each individual planet in Helldivers 2 to fill up the Liberation meter. This way, you will be able to push back the factions and liberate those planets that are being overrun by these enemies.


You can check the Galactic Map on your ship in Helldivers 2 to keep an eye on the Galactic War progress on each planet and the overall sector that planet is in. There are different liberation meters for both. This aspect is equally important for your progression because, with each planet that you end up liberating, new sections of the map will be unlocked for you to access.

Helldivers 2 liberation meter

For these Galactic War progress tasks, you will complete missions that will focus on eliminating enemies from the two Factions as well as other objectives. Below are the sectors that are under the control of factions when you start your journey in Helldivers 2

Terminids (Bugs)Orion, Umlat, Mirin, Draco, Lestrade, Sten
Automatons (Bots)Trigon, Xzar, Severin

Once you complete missions such as Eradication, Blitz, Defensive, etc., in different areas of these sectors, you will notice that each victory you secure in Helldivers 2 will add up to the percentage of the Liberation meter. The goal of filling up the liberation meter is to highlight how much the enemy invasion has ceased, and what the Helldivers’ Galactic War progress is.

However, the Liberation meter can also decrease as the player community fails missions, giving your enemies a stronger grip on that area, so you will need to focus on winning all your battles. This means that if a planet becomes 0% liberated, the faction will take over and move closer to Super Earth.


Higher difficulty missions in Helldivers 2 provide more Galactic War progress and fill up your Liberation Meter faster but failing them will also reduce your liberation meter considerably so keep that in mind before you tackle high difficulties.

The liberation meter can also drop if you aren’t participating actively in the missions surrounding those areas and could turn the tide of war in the enemy’s favor in Helldivers 2.

Keep filling up the Liberation Meter of each planet in a sector until the Sector’s galactic war progress is complete. This will result in the sector’s liberation meter being filled and the sector becoming locked. When a sector becomes locked in Helldivers 2, you can no longer complete missions in that sector, however, a new sector becomes available nearby for you to liberate.

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