Halo Infinite Best Sensitivity Settings Guide

One thing true for any First-Person Shooter game is just how competitive anyone gets. The same goes for Halo Infinite...

One thing true for any First-Person Shooter game is just how competitive anyone gets. The same goes for Halo Infinite so we know that every player has their own unique settings to land that critical shot. This guide will gloss over some sensitivity settings for Halo Infinite MP that can get your trigger finger settled.

Halo Infinite Best Sensitivity Settings

With the release of Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, the game is seeing a massive surge in player count day by day on both PC and Xbox. Seeing that Halo Infinite supports cross-platform, both controller and keyboard/mouse players are trying out the game.

There will also be a majority who will play the game for the first time so it’s best to be prepared before jumping into Halo Infinite blind.

We know that Veterans will have their sensitivity settings ready so here are some settings we recommend for your very first match.

It’s not much but it will at least get you going before you tweak the rest out for yourself. So just adjust the rest after you get the feel of the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience!

Halo Infinite MP Controller Sensitivity Settings

Let’s start with the players with Controllers:

  • Move: Center Deadzone: 6
  • Look: Center Deadzone: 6
  • Move: Max Input Threshold: 0
  • Look: Max Input Threshold: 9
  • Move: Axial Deadzone: 6
  • Look: Axial Deadzone: 1
  • Look Acceleration: 2
  • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 7
  • Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 7
  • Zoom Level: 1.4x
  • 4x Sensitivity: 0.9

The only thing that may take some tweaking is the Deadzone levels and that depends on the type of controller you have. There may be custom controllers available with added movement sticks.

These movement sticks are usually sensitive therefore it requires you to increase your deadzone settings to balance it out. If you prefer Sniping then increasing the deadzone levels may help you target your opponent better.

Keyboard Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Now the best sensitivity setting for mouse and keyboard players of Halo Infinite multiplayer are the following:

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 3.5
  • Vertical Sensitivity Scale: 1.5
  • Horizontal Sensitivity Scale: 1.3
  • Magnification: 1.4x
  • Zoom Sensitivity: 1-2
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off

Unlike controllers, mouse and keyboard players are able to play Halo Infinite MP just fine with lower sensitivity. It’s mostly due to the freedom given with the movements of the arm and wrist especially if you are sporting a large mouse pad.

But you may need to adjust the settings depending on your choice of DPI. High DPI means you decrease your sensitivity depending and Low DPI means you increase it; vise versa till you find a harmonious setting.

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