Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips

Halo Infinite is the latest addition to the Halo franchise, which means there are new updates added to the game...

Halo Infinite is the latest addition to the Halo franchise, which means there are new updates added to the game ranging from new weapons to new locations on the map. In this guide, we’ve given a few tips and tricks to help you adjust to the multiplayer gameplay of Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips

If you’ve played previous installments of the Halo series, then you might be familiar with the overall concept of the game, but if you’re new or are seeking to find what’s new in the game, then we’ve taken care of that for you.

Below we’ve arranged a few important tips for you so you can get used to the newer style of Halo Infinite MP.

Focus on your Position

Compared to other Shooting games, Halo Infinite MP has a higher TTK (Time-to Kill) which makes the game position focused.

Generally speaking, Halo follows the numbers game rule where a team with more players left wins a majority of the matches. However, having a good position can really increase your chances of winning.

Single Headshot Kills Don’t Matter

The best thing any player can do is get a sweet headshot kill. But that doesn’t apply for Halo Infinite Multiplayer since you must shoot the opponent a total of three times to deal enough damage first, then proceed to get a clean shot at the head.

So, just focus on landing four consecutive shots at the opponent for a kill, as you won’t get any additional headshot damages with a single shot to the head.

Use Grenades

In Halo, you’ll be in a position where either your enemy has his hands on a weapon far superior to yours, or you’re just being attacked by multiple players at once.

This is where your grenades come in handy as they break your opponent’s shield, making them open for single-shot damage. Therefore, make full use of grenades in Halo Infinite.

Don’t Stick to One Position

Have you ever been in a spot where you have to kill an opponent, but he keeps jumping around, making you lose focus on your aim and eventually miss the kill? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing because you never know when an enemy can strike you. Use their move against them!

Crouch Jump

By far one of the most helpful mechanics in Halo Infinite to help you escape a gunfight. There are times in Halo when you’re out of bullets and are looking for a reload, but you get jumped from behind by an opponent.

This is where Crouch jumping helps you as it gives you an inch or two more to jump on top of platforms that can’t be reached with your standard jump. This mechanic is really helpful in near-death experiences in Halo Infinite, so master it for future use.

Take Help from the Radar

Good news for all the Halo players. Halo Infinite has brought back the classic Radar. So, what better time to use it. Basically, using the Radar, you can detect the movement of any nearby opponent with the exception of crouched targets.

Use Shock Weapons

Sadly, in Halo Infinite, you can no longer use the Plasma Pistol to disable vehicles. Instead, you’ll have to use Shock Weapons such as a Shock Rifle or a Shock grenade to do the job.

This is a major upgrade from previous installments and may take a while to get used to by long-term Halo players.

Bubble Shield is Useless

Many players must be familiar with the Bubble Sheild in Halo. However, what you might not be familiar with is the fact that they are of no use when exchanging bullets in a heated fight.

Although they will protect you from an upcoming bullet, it takes a single bullet to break the shield, and if you’re low on health, you’ll probably die on the second shot.

Grapple Everything

The most fun feature in Halo Infinite is the grabble. You can literally grabble everything from weapons, opponents, and even an opponent vehicle to hijack it.

Use the grabble on an enemy jet and have fun controlling it, or you can always use them to pull a Power Weapon towards you since they’re not found in racks anymore.

Know the Arena

This tip will help you when playing in different areas on the map as it helps you find the weapon spawns, which is the most important factor to win any fight apart from your actual skills of using any weapon in Halo.

Take a while to understand the map, and you’ll be finding the best weapon available for use.

Weapon Spawns

This brings us to our last tip of the day, Weapon Spawns. Weapons now are spawned on an eye-level rather than found randomly on the floor or next to a wall.

When looking for a weapon in racks, if the rack is somehow empty, it projects a holographic image of what the next spawned weapon is going to be. This is an amazing feature added to Halo Infinite.

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