How to Play Halo Infinite Beta

Halo Infinite is set to release on 8th December but for now, the Beta version of the game has been opened for players. This guide will let you know how to play the Beta version of Halo Infinite so that you can have early access.

How to Play Halo Infinite Beta

The Halo Infinite Beta version is basically early access into Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. The beta version of Halo Infinite MP provides players access to Big Team Battle, Arena, the training mode and the Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass.

The Beta version of Halo Infinite is open for players on PC and XBOX. If you are having trouble finding the game, simply go to your Xbox store or Steam store and search for Halo Infinite. You will get the option to download Halo infinite for free, and this is the beta version.

The beta is to remain accessible for players everywhere until the full game releases on 8th December. Your progress in the beta will carry over to the final version so you can start leveling up the Halo Infinite season 1 battle pass.

However, we urge players to remember that this is the Beta version, so there might be bugs and launch issues, and servers might be down as Devs try to fix the reported bug.

What to Expect

As said before, Halo Infinite beta has its entire multiplayer. You get Big Team Battle, Arena and even the training ground to play around with.

Arena is the 4v4 experience on a smaller and more carefully designed maps. Arena matches involve large amount on planning, strategy and team communication to make things work.

The second mode you will get is the Big team Battle, and this is a 12v12 mode with larger maps with random weapon and vehicle spawns.  This is the mode of Halo that gets the most traffic and the most salt, and that’s fun of course.

The beta version also features Halo infinite’s Battle Pass which is also a part of the Season 1 Battle Pass. It contains cosmetics related to the popular Halo: Reach. The complete battle pass will still cost you $10.

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