GTA Online RP and Money Farming Guide – How To

How to farm RP and Money in GTA Online the most easiest of ways to quickly level up your character and accumulate money to buy expensive gear and property.

Leveling up your character to the maximum is always a pain in the butt in any kind of online game, and GTA Online is really no exception. You don’t get to play with the really cool toys until you’re well up in the rankings. For example, you can’t purchase the minigun until you hit level 120, which sucks.

As such, we’ve compiled this guide for you guys, using which you can make more efficient use of your time and grind a good number of RP by repeating a single mission several times. For this method, you need at least one crew member to help you out.

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GTA Online RP and Money Farming

When you get Gerald as a contact, keep on calling him until he offers you a mission called Death Metal. Accept this mission, make sure to be doing it on the highest possible difficulty setting, and make sure to have at least one crew member to maximize the RP gains.

For the mission you’ll need to head to a junkyard where a deal is going down and kill everyone there. Then you Pick up the money and ammo that the gangsters drop, hop into a vehicle and drive back to Gerald’s to deliver the drugs to him.

You will be rewarded with $3000 and about 1100 RP per run. After you deliver the drugs, you’ll go to the results screen, where you hit continue, and then you vote on the next job. Instead, click on ‘Replay’ to start a new instance of the job and keep going.

And that’s it, just keep redoing this mission. It’s also a pretty easy way to amass a lot of money early in the game since you get $3000 per run. The mission normally lasts about 2 minutes once you get used to the routine.

Once you are Level 20 – Level 22, you will be able to get more lucrative missions from Gerald; Violent Duct and No Hay Bronca. These missions on the average net you around $9000 and 700RP and take 3 – 5 minutes to complete.

Violent Duct is the easiest of these and can be done in under a minute once you get used to the routine. At these levels, you will also start getting better missions from Lester, which will net you around $10,000 on average and 700 – 1000RP.

Just replay these missions as much as you want until you get bored to not only level up your character but also accumulate money to buy your own apartment and garage in the game.

Note. The patch blocked the replay mission option but you can still do it by repeatedly pressing RT just as countdown ends after the mission and mission will re-start. Make sure you don’t keep it pressed, you basically need to spam the RT button just as the countdown ends after the mission and hopefully, it will restart the mission.

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