GTA Online Money Farming Guide – How To Make Money In GTA Online, Best Money Farming Missions

How to make easy money in GTA Online mode of GTA 5. Know the tips, tricks and exploits through our GTA Online money farming guide.

Money is very important in GTA Online whether you want to pull off a successful robbery or survive the onslaught on head-hunters. You need the necessary gear, weapons, and vehicles to stay alive and all that is available at a price and this GTA Online money farming guide will help you earn money fast.

Grand Theft Auto online is filled to the brim with activities for players to do that will help them to earn and farm money and this GTA Online Money Farming guide will help you step-by-step on how to farm money and what are the best GTA 5 online misssions to farm money.

Following tips and tricks will help you to accumulate money and save it in your bank so that it is available at your disposal when you need it. In this Guide, we will help you step-by-step on how to make money in GTA V Online and how to earn money fast in GTA 5 online through money farming mission in GTA V online and more.

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GTA Online Money Farming

The economy in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is looking to be a fairly flexible animal. Apparently the most important feature is that you will lose a lot of money if you die. This makes banking money amongst the most important things you can do, as at any moment, a griefer can swoop in and blast your face off, picking up that $100,000 you were just carelessly wandering about with.

But before you bank the money, you need to make it first. So here are some methods on how to make money and what are the best missions to farm money in GTA 5 Online.

Fencing Cars

The easiest and most efficient method for making money in GTA 5 Online is by jacking cars and selling them. A couple of rules come into play here, firstly that you can’t sell more than one car a day. The second is that you can’t sell a luxury sports car. You’ll need to pick up a mid-range vehicle to steal.

Once you have a suitable car, drive up to any Los Santos Customs shop and enter it. Inside, you will see an option to sell the car. Select this option and you’ll be reimbursed about 6000 to 11,000 dollars per car.

Which Cars To Steal

  • Benefactor Dubsta (7,000)
  • Baller (9,000)
  • Benefactor Schwartzer (8,000)
  • Ocelot F620 (8,000)
  • Lampadati Felon (9,500)

How To Sell High-end Cars
In GTA Online, you might notice that the game repeats the cars you already own. The trick is to store a high-end car in your garage and then sell it every 48-minute mark at Los Santos Customs.

Simeon’s Totally Legit Business

Remember Simeon Yetarian? Franklin’s old boss? Well, it seems that you can do some jobs for him by ‘repossessing’ certain vehicles that he expresses a desire in having returned to him. You should be able to find information related to this in your phone’s text messages these GTA online missions will help you farm money.


You and your crew can do various jobs in GTA 5 Online to make money or farm money. These vary quite widely and give different rewards based on the difficulty level of the job. However, doing many of these will net you juicy rewards and will also provide you with more contacts, enabling you to do even more jobs. It’s not easy money, but it’s quite a lot.

Robbing Stores

You can rob stores in GTA Online to make some quick cash. Stores that you can rob are marked on your radar. It is recommended that you wear a mask before starting any robbery as you won’t be recognized the next time you will rob the same store.

You can read our GTA 5 Store Heists Guide for more on how to go about robbing different stores in the game.

Best Missions To Farm Money

GTA online also features mission through which you can farm money and this section of our GTA Online money farming guide we will discuss just that.

Players can take on these missions when they are Rank 6. Call Gerald on your phone and take the mission to retrieve and deliver cocaine to his apartment. You will need the firepower for this mission but you can complete it in five minutes maybe 3 depending on your shooting skills.

Completing this mission successfully will net you $3000 which is good money at the starting levels.

After leveling up your character a bit, you will unlock even more lucrative missions from not only Gerald but Lester as well. For example Violent Duct and No Hay Bronca are two missions which on average will net you around $9000 and take around 3 – 5 minutes.

Around level 20 – 22, you will also start receiving missions from Lester. Completing these missions will net you $10,000 on average.

Note. The patch blocked the replay mission option but you can still do it by repeatedly pressing RT just as countdown ends after the mission and mission will re-start. Make sure you don’t keep it pressed, you basically need to spam the RT button just as the countdown ends after the mission and hopefully, it will restart the mission.

Best missions to farm money in GTA Online

Meth’d up (Level 7, Reward – $5,000)
It is recommended that you do it 3 to 4-man party with host being at least level 7. You simply need to drive/run straight to the RV and head to the drop-off. You can drive off-the-road to avoid most of the enemies and do it quickly.

No Hay Bronca (Level 9, Reward – $9,000)
Another decent mission to do at early levels. Pays good but requires host to be at least level 9 character.

Violent Duct (Level 15, Reward – $9,000)
You can do it fast on easy to make it probably the fastest method to earn cash in GTA Online. Instead of going guns-ablaze, you can sneak in to do it clean and less time. Instead of going solo, do it with 3 to 4-man party but do remember, host needs to be at least level 15.

A Titan of a Job (Level 24, Reward – $10,000)
You will need at least 4-man party to complete it successfully with host being level 24 character. You should pick easy difficulty to do it quickly. Trick is to attack the hangar from both sides and move the truck that’s in front of the aircraft. Take off and avoid damage to finish the mission.

Down the Drain (Reward – $3,000)
It’s a decent race to earn quick cash.

American Cycle (Reward – $6,000)
You can not only improve your stamina with race but also make money. How good is that?

Base Invaders (Level 27, Reward – $25,000)
You need all your crew for this with host being at least level 27 character. Go to the Fort Zancudo and destroy 3 lazers before stealing a Cargobob. Completing this mission requires a lot of skill as enemies are armed with LMGs and it’s a military base you are attacking so expect surprises.

Boneyard (Reward – $20,000)
It’s a survival mission handed to you by Trevor. You need to survive 10 waves of enemies with each wave becoming difficult to manage, it is advised that you camp in the warehouse and guard every entrance.

After Wave 6, it is very difficult and requires a lot of accuracy and patience but once you have successfully pulled it off, you can easily do remaining survival missions.

Mixed up with Coke (Level 45, Reward – $700K/hour)
You can take this mission from Martin Madrazzo at level 45 and you can easily complete it within 60 seconds and make around $18,000 cash. It’s one of the most high paying missions in the game. You can watch this video for complete walkthrough.

Rooftop Rumble (Level 75, Reward – $2m/hour)
You can take this mission from Martin Madrazzo at level 75 and can easily complete it to make around $2m/hour. How cool is that? Watch this video for complete walkthrough.

Saving Your Money

Now we come to the part about securing your gains. Whenever you have over $5000 in your pocket, the game warns you that this money is not secure and will be lost if another player kills you.

The message will advise you to get to an ATM and deposit most of your cash but there’s really no need to go through so much trouble.

All you need to do is bring up your phone and hop onto your bank’s website on the phone browser. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Money and Services’ tab on the Eyefind homepage to see a list of links. Click on the Maze Bank link to head over to their site.

From this site, you can very easily make a deposit or a withdrawal instantly. Use this to save time.

If you still feel you are not secure enough, you can always choose to play in passive mode. Passive mode can be activated for $100 and it protects you from GTA Online players on foot. Although someone still can run a car over you but you are relatively safe this way as long as you mind your own business.

Alternatively, you can do Death Match Jobs. Move from playing in one deathmatch to another and continue farming money.

That is all for our GTA Online money farming guide with tips on how to make money and what are the best money farming mission on GTA V online..

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