GTA 5 Endings Walkthrough Guide – Which Option You Should Choose

All the GTA 5 endings explained and you can get them plus a walkthrough of the events that follow after choosing each option.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the first game in the GTA series to feature multiple endings. Since this GTA 5 Endings Guide deals will all three of those, be warned that this article is chock-full of heavy spoilers.

You do not need to worry about specific choices in the game, just the last one, which takes place when Devin comes over to Franklin’s house.

Switch to Franklin at his place and step onto the yellow marker inside his house. When you do this, the doorbell with start ringing. Open the front door to see Devin in a tracksuit, who will then proceed to invite himself in.

He says that he wants you to kill Michael, upon which Franklin protests that he does not want to do that, and furthermore that the FIB want him to kill Trevor instead. Devin then tells you that you have three options i.e. to kill Trevor for the FIB, kill Michael for Devin or to take the idiot option and try to save both of them.

After Devin leaves, Franklin opens his phone and there are the three options on display. Pick one and play out the results. For more help on GTA 5, read our Stock Market, Easy Money/Infinite Money and Properties Guide.

GTA 5 Endings

Once you have chosen one of the three options on your phone, you will not be able to play the other two. However, you can use the Replay Mission feature in the Pause Menu to change your choice later on.

If you choose to kill one of your own characters, they will not be available to be played with anymore and their activity will no more be visible on the map.

Option A (Kill Trevor)

If you choose this option, the mission Something Sensible will commence.

If you choose this option, Franklin will call Trevor and set up a meet. Then he will call Michael and ask for assistance, to which Michael will be a bit on the fence, but tells you that he will see what he can do.

Drive to the meeting place, where you will talk with Trevor. Trevor thinks that this has something to do with Michael and starts discussing the problem they are facing. He also remarks how Michael has been backstabbing towards Franklin, but Franklin says tells him that he is the ‘crazy one’, takes out his gun and points it a Trevor. Trevor says that he has been nothing but truthful to Franklin, which Franklin painfully accepts but does not stop pointing the gun at him.

At this moment, Trevor realizes that you are actually here to kill him and he makes an escape attempt in his truck, whereupon you will get into a car chase, following Trevor. The chase will be long and difficult, as he will try to lose you by weaving through traffic, but Franklin’s special ability means that traffic is a nonexistent concern. Do not bother trying to shoot him from the car, as you cannot actually catch up to him.

While in the car, you will receive a call from Michael about help with catching Trevor. Michael will soon appear in a stolen vehicle to crash into Trevor’s and apprehend him.

Eventually, you reach the oil fields, where a cut-scene kick in and Michael shows up to wreck Trevor’s vehicle and wound him in the process. Trevor’s car hits a gasoline tanker and with a few shattered bones, he comes out of the vehicle facing his former friends. He angrily calls them both Judases and challenges Franklin to take the shoot.

Upon hearing this, Franklin will shoot the fuel container and set Trevor on fire leading to his death. However, if you hesitate shooting your old friend, then Michael will do it for you eventually. After this ending, you will not be able to play as Trevor again.

Having killed Trevor, both Franklin and Michael go their own separate ways. Michael still holds Franklin dear as a friend but Trevor’s death has affected him deeply and he says that he needs some time away. In addition, Trevor’s cash from the Union Depository bank job will be split between the two.

Option B (Kill Michael)

If you choose this option, then the mission The Time has Come will begin. Franklin will call Michael and set up a meet. Then he will call Trevor and ask for assistance, to which he will refuse to, saying that he is done with traitors.

Drive to the meeting place, where a cutscene takes place in which Michael will receive a call from his wife saying that Tracey will be attending college soon. Franklin is moved upon hearing this but is able to overcome the feeling. He then starts talking suspiciously and Michael realizes – to his horror – that Franklin means to kill him. He will flee and a chase will take place. This chase will also lead to a cut-scene ending, so there is no point in shooting at him.

Michael will drive away to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station with Franklin on the chase. Michael will climb to the top of the generator tower where Franklin will overpower him. Michael however, has no problems shooting at you, so be careful as you climb through the catwalks and the ladders. After the chase will be another cutscene at the top of the structure, where Franklin and Michael struggle with one another before Michael falls off the edge and Franklin grabs him.

You can try to save Michael here or drop him, but both outcomes result in Michael’s death. If you choose to leave his hand, he will fall to his certain death, but even if you should choose to pull him up to save him, he will head-butt Franklin causing his to loosen his grip and still fall down to his death. After this, Michael will not be available for play.

After having killed Michael, Franklin will call Lamar to make amends. The Union Depository share of Michael will be given to his family. Upon realizing that you killed Michael, Trevor and Amanda will call you, cursing you for killing Michael and warning you to stay away from them.

Option C (Kill the A-Holes instead)

By far my most favorite option (Both because it involves saving Michael and Trevor, and because of all the running and gunning). This choice will start the mission of The Third Way.

Franklin will call Lester and set up a meet. Drive over to his house to engage in a cutscene. Initially flabbergasted at the situation Franklin’s been put in, he nevertheless comes up with a plan to first exhaust the protection the FIB and Devin have at their disposal by luring them into an ambush at the foundry. They call both the FIB and the Merryweather mercenaries to the foundry under the pretense that they want to melt the gold from the Union Depository job.

After the cutscene, go pick up Lamar and drive over to the foundry, where Lester has called the other two. Lamar stays outside to watch for the bad guys, you head inside to find Trevor, and Michael pointing guns at each other, both are convinced you called them here to kill them.

Franklin talks reason into them and they all get ready to face off against a small army.

In the upcoming fight, never stay out of cover for more than a few seconds at a time. Stay at your position and duck down after each kill. Only pop out of cover to shoot at a target. Use the explosive barrels scattered around to kill multiple enemies if circumstances allow it.

Before long, Trevor will alert you to enemies approaching on the catwalks above. You do not have a good angle on them, so switch to Michael, who is using a sniper rifle now to take them out.

A little bit after this, Lamar will call in from outside, saying that he is under heavy fire and could use some assistance.

Take Franklin and make your way outside to where Lamar is, making use of cover along the way. There are several cars parked outside and many of the Merryweather and FIB troops are using them as cover. Use a grenade or remote explosive to kill a bunch of them at once. Kill the enemies alongside Lamar until Michael calls in and says that Trevor has gone silent.

Franklin will respond that he cannot leave Lamar, so you will have to switch to Michael and go over to where Trevor was stationed. Run and gun down the enemies along the way and make use of cover and Michael’s special ability to survive the trek across.

Find Trevor, and work with him to dispatch the remainder of the forces inside the foundry. Then Trevor and Michael will split up, the latter going to the catwalks in the back of the foundry, and the former going around the side to flank them. A helicopter will appear here but if you focus on the pilot, it should go down easy.

This will mark the end of the fight, and the three of you will meet back up and discuss your next move. Trevor decides to kill the FIB agent, Michael will go off to kill the gangster Stretch and Franklin is assigned to the Triad boss as his target.

The FIB agent will be in one of the cabins on the Ferris wheel at the pier. Drive to the targeted location as Trevor and use a sniper rifle to figure out which cabin he is in. Then use a rocket launcher to blow him up. Escape the cops afterward.

As Michael, go to the targeted location to find a basketball court with a bunch of gangsters. Take out a rapid firing gun and mow all of them down, they are in the open anyway. If you do it fast enough you will not even have to escape, since they are all dead.

Lastly, go as Franklin to the targeted location on a bike. Arm yourself with remote explosives and as soon as you get there either toss bombs at the cars themselves (especially the middle one that is where the target is) or just mine the exit of the parking lot with them. Hit the trigger to kill them all.

Now switch to Trevor, it is time you dealt with Devin.

Drive over to his mansion; you have two options for how you want to do this. You can go in all guns blazing, taking out all the guards while absorbing damage using Trevor’s berserk ability, or you can station yourself on the hill opposite his house and take out the guards using a silenced sniper rifle.

Either way, head-on in or grab Devin, he will be hiding in a box near the pool.

Trevor dumps him in the trunk of his car and you will have to now drive off to the coast, where you meet up with Michael and Franklin. There will be a cutscene where you will drive Devin, car and all, into the sea and depart happily. Afterward, Lamar sends all three of them their cuts from the Union Depository heist and the three of them agree to end their criminal lives and drive off to their respective homes.

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