Granblue Fantasy Relink Quest Difficulty Explained

These are the seven quest difficulties in Granblue Fantasy Relink, along with details on how you can unlock them.

Completing quests is crucial to progressing in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Quests allow you to collect various items at various difficulty levels to enhance weapons. The difficulty ranks of a quest determine the number of rare items you will get.

Completing additional quests that are not part of the main story unlocks new levels of difficulty that will challenge you even further. There are seven difficulties in total, and in the last Proud quest difficulty, you will receive the most rewards and rarest items in the game.

All of these quest difficulties are not unlocked from the start, and you will need to progress from Easy to Proud by clearing the missions in between. These quest difficulties are basically determined by your Skyfarer grade or rank in Granblue Fantasy Relink, and you will need to unlock higher quest grades to be able to play at higher difficulties.

As mentioned above, the difficulty level is determined by the Skyfarer Grade or Rank. After unlocking the “Quest Counter,” you will get the first grade, which is called “Novice Skyfarer.” This grade will unlock two quest difficulties for you: Easy and Normal.

In these two difficulties, numerous quests can be completed to level up and prepare for the main storyline. Two quests in these difficulties will get you the Silver and Golden keys to open the chests and unlock an achievement/trophy.


Completing the quest along with the Side Goals and performing well can get you an S++ Rating.

After completing the quests and the story of the GBF Relink, you will unlock the new Skyfarer grade. At the “Veteran Skyfarer‘ grade, you will unlock three new quest difficulties, which are Hard, Very Hard, and Extreme.

The quests at these difficulties will be more challenging, but you will get better rewards. Completing these quests will allow you to level up faster and eventually complete Chapter 0 of the main story. This will unlock the last Skyfarer grade in GBF Relink, “Zegagrande Legend.”

At this rank, the two most challenging quest difficulties will unlock. These are the “Maniac and Proud” quests difficulty, which allow you to farm many rare items, like the Legendary Merit. You can also find the Silver Centrum, the weapon awakening material.

If you don’t have a great party with maxed-out gear, you can’t complete all the quests in Proud difficulty.

Are there any benefits to playing higher difficulty quests?

As you play higher-difficulty quests, you will unlock the most potent weapon in the game, Terminus. At higher difficulties, you can allocate skill points to the Mastery nodes as well. You can also level up further and unlock Over Mastery nodes, which will provide you with bonuses in four random nodes.

This mastery progression will only unlock after you reach level 80 in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Moreover, you will have the chance to “Transmute and Transmarvel Sigils.” You can also get the Sigils for specific characters and Wrightstones.

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