Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Locked Chests And Key Locations

Unlock the achievement that requires you to open all ten Silver, Gold, and Whitewing locked chests in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Locked chests in Granblue Fantasy Relink are a surefire way to find some nice loot for yourself including Sigils, Rubies, other currencies, pieces of equipment, etc. Both towns, Folca and Seedhollow, have ten locked chests, however, you can only open these chests if you have corresponding keys.

These chests are not just special for the loot they contain; finding and unlocking all the chests can also earn you the Unlocked and Unloaded achievement/trophy.

Out of the ten locked chests in GBF Relink, four are Silver, three are Gold, and three are Whitewing. These categorizations are based on the color or type of key that you will need to unlock in Granblue Fantasy Relink. You will need three keys, Silver, Gold, and Whitewing, to open all ten chests.


You will not need multiple keys of the same type, as one is enough to unlock all chests of that type. For example, if you have a Silver key, you can unlock all four Silver chests in both “Folca” and “Seedhollow.”

Getting your hands on the keys for Locked Chests in Granblue Fantasy Relink will require you to complete certain quests, which will reward you with these keys. Let’s start with the Silver key location in GBF Relink, and then we will move to the Gold and Whitewing Keys.

Silver Key location

This key is pretty easy to get at the beginning of the game. Move a little forward on the left side of the “Quest Counter,” and you will get a quest called “A Lingering Regret” from an NPC. This quest requires you to find a Golem Finger.

To find the finger quickly, head to the Quest counter and, from the normal category quest, pick the “Golemology 101: Desert Golems.” Doing this quest once or twice will give you the “Golem Finger,” which you can use to complete the “A Lingering Regret” quest and get your hands on the Silver Key.

Gold Key location

Now, for the Gold Key in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you must complete another quest that you can find in Seedhollow. You can get it in the center market from an NPC, as shown in the picture below. The quest is called “Out of Serpentine Spite” and requires you to defeat a Cobra.

If you have just started and are looking for this quest, you may not find it. You will need to complete some other quests in the Seedhollow before taking on this. To complete this quest, you must enter the Quest menu. From the section where you find the “Golomology 101” quest, you will also find another quest called “Rilla Done Did It.”

In this quest, you will find and defeat a cobra, and after that, you can again head to the center market and complete the “Out of Serpentine Spite” to get the Gold Key as a reward.

Whitewing Key location

You will not have to do something special to unlock this key. You will get it automatically after unlocking the Maniac quest difficulty. At maniac difficulty, you can complete quests for other purposes, like farming the Legendary Merits in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Once the difficulty is unlocked, you will get the Whitewing Key as a reward, along with Silver Centrum, a rare item for awakening weapons.

The Folca hub town has four of the ten locked chests. Here, you will find two Silver Chests, one Gold Chest, and one Whitewing Chest. We have detailed all the locations so you can find them easily.

Locked Chest #1 – Silver Key

The first chest you will find in Folca is a Silver Chest that requires a Silver Key to unlock. To find it, you will need to start from the Blacksmith location and follow the path on its right.

Cross the small wooden bridge structure, and at the corner on the right, you will find the chest.

Locked Chest #2 – Gold Key

The second chest that you can unlock in Folca is a Gold Chest. It is located right near the location of the last silver chest. To find it, after crossing the bridge, take the path on the left, right in front of the Silver Chest.

As shown above, a building is located at the corner on the right. Climb on top of it and circle to reach a balcony with the chest.

Locked Chest #3 – Whitewing Key

To find this Whitewing chest in Granblue Fantasy Relink, follow the path up by taking the rock stairs from the Blacksmith location.

Continue straight, and after passing the stone doorway, turn left and continue along the wall. Here, you will find the first Whitewing chest inside some bushes at the corner.

Locked Chest #4 – Silver Key

This is the last chest in the Folca and the second of the four Silver chests. It is on the path right opposite the Blacksmith or on the right of the Stone Stairs path going up.

Move straight on this path, and you will find the chest right in front.

There are six locked chests in this town, two of each type. Let’s start with the location of the first gold chest in the Seedhollow.

Locked Chest #5 – Gold Key

Right when the red carpet area starts, take the first left and move towards the right corner. Here, you will find the chest next to the railing.

Locked Chest #6 – Silver Key

After entering the red carpet area to collect the first Gold chest in Seedhollow, get back and head downstairs to a central sitting area next to some shops. Here, you will find the third Silver locked chest.

Locked Chest #7 – Gold Key

Instead of heading downstairs from where you collect the last chest, you will need to follow the left side path circling that area and take the first left. Now, continue to move forward until you reach a big iron bar door at the end.

Right before that door, you will spot a small staircase on the right. Climb up, and you will find the locked chest in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Locked Chest #8 – Whitewing Key

From the Locked Chest #6 location, take the stairs on the right and continue forward. Take the pathway down to the left of the red carpet stairway. Continue forward, and you will find a building on the right with the Whitewing chest.

Locked Chest #9 – Whitewing Key

Start where you find the last Whitewing chest, move a few steps ahead, and take the path on the left. Move forward, and as you turn left from the corner, you will find the chest on the left side. Open it using the Whitewing key and claim your reward.

Locked Chest #10 – Silver Key

For this one, follow the same path as the Locked Chest #7, but instead of moving straight after climbing, take the first right after this, take the lefts that come, and continue to move down.

Here, right next to the stairs that lead you down, you will find the last Silver chest in Granblue Fantasy Relink. This will also unlock the “Unlocked and Unloaded achievement/trophy.”

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