How To Get And Use Damascus Ingot In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Damascus Ingot in Granblue Fantasy Relink allow instant uncapping but is extremely rare, so allow us to guide you to their locations.

Damascus Ingot is a highly valuable and uniquely rare resource item that is hard to come by in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. The reason for its rarity is that Damascus Ingot can be used to instant uncap your weapon level without having to spend any of the other required resources. So while it does save you the trouble of farming items like Silver Centrums, you need to be careful how you spend Damascus Ingots.

If you want to attain a Damascus Ingot then you will need to go through your fair share of grinding quests at challenging difficulty levels in Granblue Fantasy: Relink for a small chance to find this resource and speed up your weapon uncapping process.

Damascus Ingot is an extremely rare item that comes with the weapon awakening benefits. So far, we have found five different ways through which you can get Damascus Ingots in Granblue Fantasy Relink, and these are

  • Trading Gold Dalia Badges at Siero’s Knickknack Shop
  • Undertaking side quest Slime After Slime
  • Farming the Rainbow/Prismatic Slime through the Slimepede quest
  • Unlocking Whitewing chests
  • Getting the Celebrated trophy

The most guaranteed way of getting Damascus Ingots in GBF Relink is to get them from Siero’s Knickknack Shack by exchanging 20 Gold Dalia Badges.


You can get Dalia Badges (Silver and Gold) by completing Daily Quick Quests in GBF Relink. These quests, which have random difficulty levels from Easy to Maniac, can be started from the Quest Counter.

If you are having difficulty collecting Gold Dalia Badges, you can start the Slime after Slime quest from Seedhollow. Completing this quest will give you one Damascus Ingot. However, keep in mind that this is not a repeatable quest, so you can only get one Damascus Ingot, which makes Dalia Badges a far better option for farming this resource.

The Slimepede quest at Maniac difficulty can also yield Damascus Ingots, although the chances are low. During this quest, you need to kill a Rainbow/Prismatic Slime. However, this slime has a pretty low spawn rate, so you can’t rely on this one method.

Killing the Prismatic Slime is a good way to farm this resource as the enemy drops 3x Damascus Ingots. Keep repeating the Slimepede quest again and again, hoping luck is on your side and the rainbow slime spawns. Once it does, kill it, finish the mission, and attempt it again. Hopefully you can farm the Prismatic Slime this way and get the ingots.


It took me 30 attempts at the mission before Prismatic Slime spawned, so good luck if you are attempting to farm Damascus Ingots through this process.

In the Seedhollow area, you can find two locked Whitewing chests. These Whitewing chests can be opened with the key you get from unlocking Maniac difficulty. One of these chests will give you a Damascus Ingot.

While going through the story of Granblue Fantasy Relink, unlocking the Celebrated trophy can also reward you with Damascus Ingots. To unlock the Celebrated trophy (not to be confused with PSN trophies/Steam achievements), you need to get an S++ rating in missions 200 times. This is quite a grind, so getting a Damascus Ingot this way in GBF Relink will take you a long time.

Now that you have finally acquired a Damascus Ingot, the next step is to visit the Blacksmith. Go through the weapon upgrading option, and, this time, select the Max Level Uncap option instead of the option that lets you level up your weapon.

In the Use Treasure section, you will now have the option to use a Damascus Ingot instead of gathering a ton of required materials for instantly uncapping your character’s weapon.


I would only recommend using Damascus Ingot to unlock the weapon cap to reach level 150. Using Damascus Ingot at level 50 would be a massive waste of this rare item.

Given the rarity of the Damascus Ingots in Granblue Fantasy Relink, it is up to you when you want to spend them and uncap your weapons, but think carefully. If your character’s weapon is at its current max level and you don’t feel like grinding quests to gather the required materials, then feel free to use the Damascus Ingot instead.

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