Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Zeta Build

For the best Zeta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you should use these skills, sigils, and weapons to stay in the air and dominate your fights.

Zeta is a character who can dominate the skies by launching herself towards enemies. She is one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink when it comes to DPS, and you can make her even better with the right build.

She has infinite combos and can follow these up with some powerful finishers. In her basic attack combos, she launches herself into the air after the final hit. While in the air, you can press the square bottom to dash into enemies and deal significant damage.

If your timing is perfect, you can keep spamming these dash attacks by staying in the air. You can also finish these attacks with a combo finisher by pressing the Triangle button on the controller.

These nonstop attacks and the best skills, sigils, weapons, and other optimizations help you create an “insane DPS Zeta build” in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Best Zeta Skills

  • Spear of Arvess
  • Realm’s Majesty
  • Infinite Wonders
  • Rain of Furry
  • Thousand Flames
  • Signo Drive

As you know, Zeta does a lot of damage once she jumps into the air; you can use the Spear of Arvess skill to do that. In this attack, you will jump into the air with a powerful spear swing and continue to use dash attacks on the enemies to deal a lot of damage.

You can also use Realm’s Majesty to launch Zeta. With this skill, she will parry an incoming attack and jump into the air to deal even more damage to the opponents. You can finish these attacks with some powerful finishers.

At least attack three times before using the finisher to deal good damage. To apply the Arvess Fermare, which is Zeta’s debuff, you can use the Infinite Wonders skill. This skill also allows you to do long-range attacks.

It is especially useful when dealing with enemies that stay in the air or you have difficulty reaching. Another range skill I would recommend for this Granblue Fantasy Relink Zeta build is Rain of Fury. It will summon ranged projectiles and spears and throw them at the enemy.


Rain of Fury damages the enemy and inflicts the Attack Down status, thus reducing enemy attack damage. It is an alliance-wide utility, which means your party members can also deal more damage to that enemy.

For the final offensive skill, we go for the Thousand Flames. You can freely aim and lock it on the enemies to summon a massive fire explosion that deals a lot of damage and sets enemies on fire.

Skills like Signo Drive are also highly useful for Zeta builds, as they provide a party-wide buff and boost the attacks of the entire team by 25%.

Best Weapon for Zeta

If you have the “Gae Bulg, Impaler of Ruinterminus weapon of Zeta in GBF Relink, it can outperform any other weapon you have, so it is highly recommended.

If you don’t have the terminus weapon in Granblue Fantasy Relink, we recommend Gisla. It provides both critical hit rate and damage, which you can significantly boost with the right sigils.

Best Zeta Sigils

  • Crimson’s Flight
  • Crimson’s Clout
  • Damage Cap
  • War Elemental
  • Supplementary Damage
  • Guts

Crimson’s Flight is Zeta’s quality of life sigil that allows her to easily make airborne loop attacks. Chaining the high jump loop for an extended duration will enable you to make more attacks before the final finisher and easily take out the enemy.

Zeta’s Arvess Fermare effect will need the Crimson’s Clout sigil to strengthen her debuff attack. It will also allow you to remove an extra offensive sigil because you can hit the damage cap much more quickly with this sigil.

In addition, you can use the Damage Cap sigils to improve Dodge, Drain, regen, and healing. Couple the above sigils with the War Elemental sigil, if you can find it, to deal additional damage, as it will weaken all enemies against your element.

You can also use a few Supplementary Damage sigils to deal bonus damage. A sigil like Guts is also great for this build because it allows you to survive lethal hits with 1 HP. You can level it up to lower the cooldown.

Best Party Composition for Zeta

To get the most out of this Zeta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink, we recommend you go with the following AI party members with Zeta as the main:

  • Ferry
  • Cagliostro
  • Narmaya

All these will also play the DPS and support roles, so you will not have to worry about anything. Cagliostro is an excellent pick because, along with dealing damage, she will debuff the enemies as well. This means the enemies’ attacks will become less effective while your party can deal more damage.

Ferry is a versatile support character who can deal some good DPS if equipped with the right gear. The last character we picked for this party composition is Narmaya because of her high DPS attacks.

You can change one character from these recommended ones and go with the one you like, as that will not make a huge difference. This party composition is pretty balanced, and each character has the skills and abilities to fulfill any role.

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