Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Lancelot Build

My tried and tested Granblue Fantasy Relink build for Lancelot that will ensure your survivability as a frontline fighter even on higher difficulties.

Lancelot has a melee-focused playstyle that is more focused on offensive capabilities and his agility makes him one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Lancelot can use his hard-hitting abilities to inflict massive damage on enemies.

One of the things that makes Lancelot unique is his signature dual swords. These weapons allow him to deliver quick and precise strikes. Combining these with our tried and tested Granblue Fantasy: Relink build for Lancelot, you can stun your enemies and deal fast multi-hit combination attacks such as the Stiller Glanz combo.


Lancelot is one of the optional characters, so you will need to trade in a Crewmate Card at Siero’s shop to unlock him.

Best Lancelot Skills

  • Blauer Dolch
  • Southern Cross
  • Blade Impulse
  • Turbulenz

Undoubtedly, the best skill for your endgame Lancelot build in Granblue Fantasy Relink will be the Blauer Dolch skill. This specific skill grants you increased Supplementary damage and goes beyond the damage cap, making your attacks more destructive.

The Southern Cross skill is going to be your essential bread-and-butter damage combo. This means that you will be able to inflict a fast multi-hit attack on your enemies. The thing that makes the Southern Cross skill unique is the fact that your attacks can also come in the form of a chainable combo, which makes them more devastating during your battles.

Blade Impulse is going to be a mandatory skill for your Lancelot Build because you can also chain this attack into a normal combo. Moreover, this particular skill increases your movement speed by allowing you to dash far distances and you can deal with a fast lunge attack which is important for damage-up time in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

You can switch your skills with Turbulenz as this specific skill is best in those cases where you are unable to stun the enemy boss. Furthermore, having this skill included on your Lancelot build allows you to dodge enemy aerial attacks, and this leads up to a powerful AoE Slam attack, which you can use to bring down the enemy boss’s health significantly in GBF: Relink.

Best Weapons for Lancelot

  • Vegalta
  • Damascus Knife, the Unseen

If you are building Lancelot Build for increased damage stats, then your go-to choice should be Vegalta. This ideal Stinger weapon will serve you well throughout your playthrough before reaching the final chapters.

By using Vegalta during your fights, you will not only be able to increase the Critical Hit Rate, but it will massively increase your critical hit damage as well.

Once you move onto the endgame of GBF Relink, you should consider getting Terminus weapons since these are considered the best options for your builds. As such, the Damascus Knife is a great option for your ultimate Lancelot build. This indestructible knife increases the damage cap by an additional 100 percent when your max HP is less than 45000.


Keep in mind that being a Terminus weapon, Damascus Knife can only be acquired randomly by defeating the Proto Bahamut.

Best Lancelot Sigils

  • White Dragon’s Oath
  • Dodge Payback
  • White Dragon’s Glory
  • Nimble Onslaught
  • War Elemental
  • Combo Booster
  • Damage Cap V+
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Tyranny
  • Potion Hoarder

The White Dragon’s Oath sigil in Granblue Fantasy Relink is a great option for Lancelot builds, as it boosts the damage (by 50%) and makes Lancelot way more agile. Your movement range increases by 25% which is extremely good when you pair it with other sigils such as Dodge Payback. This way you can evade enemy attacks with relative ease and also increase your attack power to dominate your fights.

Next, you will need to equip the White Dragon’s Glory sigil to enhance your build stats even further. This specific sigil will gradually increase the attack damage to an inane amount by 50% once you land a successful hit on your enemies.

If you are looking for sigils that improve your dodge to enhance your movement in Granblue Fantasy Relink, then the Nimble Onslaught sigil is the best pick for your Lancelot build. This particular sigil extends your character’s invincibility after you end up doing a perfect dodge.

Apart from that, the charging speed of your SBA gauge is increased massively, and at the same time, the skill cooldown decreases, allowing you to go all out in your fights.

War Elemental is one of those broken OP sigils that you can acquire randomly. Once you have found a War Elemental Sigil and used it for your Lancelot, you will always be able to hit enemies with Elemental weakness attacks.


Make sure to farm curios and have them appraised to get a chance to find the War Elemental sigil in GBF: Relink. Their drop rate is random, so you will need to grind a lot for this sigil.

The next mandatory sigil that you should have on your Lancelot build is going to be Damage Cap. This way you will be able to increase your damage limit when using Lancelot’s offensive attacks on your enemies.

Pair the Damage Cap sigil with Tyranny and Critical Hit Rate in your build and you have got yourself the ingredients for creating the perfect endgame Lancelot.

Tyranny will help in reducing the maximum base health in exchange for increasing your attack power, whereas your critical hit rate will be increased by a ton, making your fights a lot easier to finish.

Lastly, If you are looking for the best potion sigils in the game then naturally the Potion Hoarder is the choice to go with. You can upgrade this sigil and the more level up, the more options you can access. Each of these options (Blue, Green, etc.) gives you temporary buffs which can increase your survival chances significantly during your fights.

Best Party Composition

If you are aiming for that endgame Lancelot build then you will need to pair up this specific character with those party members that can support him efficiently. That being said, the best AI party composition that you can use with Lancelot in Granblue Fantasy Relink will comprise the following characters

  • Zeta
  • Cagliostro
  • Gran

Starting with Zeta she can prove to be quite a valuable member of your party especially with Lancelot since she can use a particular skill to buff everyone. This particular skill will happen to be Singo Drive and it will boost the attack power on your Lancelot build by an additional 25% making your attacks more devastating in GBF: Relink.

Next, you can use Cagliostro as a support character with Lancelot in your party. She will use her Reinforce ability to restore your Lancelot’s HP and keep you alive and kicking during the entirety of your boss fights.

Lastly, Gran can offer highly useful skills such as Armor Break which is quite proficient for tearing down enemy defenses. As this particular character can also do burst heals therefore you can take this opportunity and inflict those precise strikes with Lancelot to finish off enemies with your combo attacks.

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