God of War The River Pass Collectibles Locations Guide

God of War River Pass Collectibles Locations Guide help you find types of collectibles, you can possibly locate Riverpass order to attain 100% completion.

The River Pass is a massive area that has a ton of collectibles for you to find. It may be quite hard to find all of the 37 different collectibles as they are quite a lot in number and hidden in obscure places, but this God of War The River Pass Collectibles Locations Guide is here to help.

Important: Do note that this GoW Collectibles Locations Guide does not include Hidden ChambersValkyriesDragons, and Favors. We have separate guides for the aforementioned things that you can check out by heading over to the links.

To find collectibles found in other locations, please refer to our God of War Collectibles Guide by heading over to the link.

God of War The River Pass Collectibles

Remember that like most other areas that you visit during your play through of the God of War 4 main story, you will not have the necessary skills that are required to get to all of the collectibles. For that reason, it is best to come and claim all of these collectibles after you are finished with the main story of the game.

Before we begin, GoW Collectibles in The River Pass include:

  • x1 Shop
  • x1 Shrine
  • x9 Artefacts
  • x1 Purple Chest
  • x6 Lore Markers
  • x5 Nornir Chests
  • x6 Odin’s Ravens
  • x3 Mystic Gateways
  • x1 Hidden Chamber
  • x5 Legendary Chests

The first Mystic Gateway will be unlocked automatically in the storyline, it is on the left side of the area. You will find your first Raven here as well. When you find the Raven, climb the chain downwards to find an Artefact.

Another artefact can be found if you climb up the chain and go to the bridge. Cross it and find it beside Brok’s shop on a corpse.

From here on, you can find the Legendary Chest in the story and you need to open it in order to progress.

The Lore Marker will be found right on your path to the Mountain Main Quest.

You can visit the shop automatically in the story. From there, go left and drop and climb all the way to the bottom. There, you can find a Nornir Chest.

Destroy the three seals to open it. One is above the chest, one is beside the bridge and the last one is found when you look at the hole which faces the path to the chest.

From the shop, go on the story path and open the gate beside the shop. Enter the cave and move across the spikes in the ceiling to find an Artefact.

When the trap lowers all the way down, jump on the trap to find a Nornir Chest. A seal is in the tunnel above the trap and the other two are in the spike trap room.

When you exit the spike room, find an artefact by following the story path. It is on a corpse outside the spike trap room.

When you solve the puzzle of the spinning discs right after the previous artefact, go inside the cave to find 2 Ravens and an artefact.

A Nornir Chest can be found in the boss area. You know the drill, hit the seal across the chest first and then the two that are close to the chest. Move left of the chest and destroy the barricade on top. Then, send Atreus there to lower the chain which you can climb to find a Lore Marker.

Continue on the path that you were on to find burned huts. Here, you can find a Raven in the first hut. An Artefact will be close to the aforementioned Raven, right outside the hut.

A Mystic Gateway would also have been unlocked on the right side of the area during your story, move there and take the elevator up to find a Legendary Chest.

If you look behind the elevator, you can use Atreus’ electric arrows to blow up the tree sap and find a Language Cipher Chest.

Advance on the same path and open the gate to get to the end of the cave. Here, destroy the wooden barricade so that Atreus can climb up and push the block to the other side.

After that, destroy the wooden boards to have him jump across and throw your hammer at the blocked language signs to have him lower the platform for you. Here, you can open a Legendary Chest.

Go back to the entrance of the cave at the top of the elevator. Head down the cave and push the block on the side until it drops down.

Go back to the entrance of the cave to get an energy ball which you can use to cross the bridge.

Next, go to the blocked that you pushed and use the energy ball on the middle platform to grab it from the back and put it in the third energy holder which appears so that you can push the block in the middle and jump across to put the ball in the final spot and get a Legendary Chest.

You will already have come across a Hidden Chamber during your quest for the Nornir Chest Seal. Remember you can find a Mystic Gateway and a Raven inside of the Hidden Chamber.

At the entrance of the witch cave, you can find an artefact on the centre platform if you head into the cave after finding all of the previous collectibles. Climb the well behind the elevator at the start of the cave for a Lore Marker.

The Artefact is right beside the Lore Marker. The remaining 2 Lore Markers are near the Artefact.

One is to its left while the other is to its right. Climb the chain near one of the Lore Markers to find an Artefact on a corpse in the red grass.

A Raven will be right beside the last Artefact.

When you find the Raven, move to the end of the hill and inspect the sings on the stones. That is the answer for the puzzle of the Legendary Chest which is at the bottom of the hill. Interact with the sand bowl to find the chest.

From the same place, get an energy ball on your right and place it in the holder facing towards the cliff.

Get it from the top of the cliff and put it in the Signpost. Next, throw your hammer at the signpost to have a B facing right at the sign at the top and a B facing up at the sign on the bottom.

Remove the energy ball when the B at the previous energy spot is facing upwards and put the ball in the Nornir chest to open it.

That is all we have for our God of War The River Pass Collectibles Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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