Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales Locations Guide

In this guide we will give you an insight and location of all the Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima so you can embark on these journeys

Ghost of Tsushima’s open world is a rich one, with details lying all around pointing to the past’s legendary warriors and their respective relics. These Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales are for you to pursue, and in this guide, we’ll help you in tracking them down.

Throughout the course of your adventure, you’re going to want to keep yourself updated with the best equipment to be able to fend off stronger enemies, and completing all 7 Mythic Tales is sure to help you do just that.

Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales Locations

You can discover a total of 7 Mythic Tales during your adventure in Ghost of Tsushima. Each tale is told by a musician who will give you the background on the respective legendary warriors.

If you’re close to the musician, you’ll see a golden bird that will lead you to the location of the musician.

Citizens of the respective region, where Yamato is supposed to spawn, will tell you regarding him if he’s spawned.

If you can’t seem to locate Yamato anywhere, then there’s a possibility that you might not have a high enough legend rank.

The following are all the locations of Yamato speaking of the respective tales.

The Heavenly Strike
Region: Izuhara.

Location: Head North-East of Komatsu Forge, and South-West of Golden Temple. You’ll run into it by the River Falls Bridge. Talk to Yamato to start The Heavenly Strike

The Legend of Tadayori
Region: Izuhara.

Location: The Legend of Tadayori can be found in Northern Tutsu, found west of Azamo. South of the Rustling Bend river.

The Curse of Uchitsune
Region: Izuhara.

Location: Meet Yamata North-East corner of Hiyoshi Springs located on the cliff next to the sauna to start your hunt for explosive arrows by completing The Curse of Uchitsune.

The Unbreakable Gosaku
Region: Toyotama.

Location: South of Akashima Village in a settlement. Yamato will be performing in the middle of them. Talk to him to start The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale.

The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengenace
Region: Tomotaya.

Location: Head West of Rebel’s Last Stand and South-East of the Ruins of Old Yarikawa to find Yamato and start The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengenace.

The Six Blades of Kojiro
Region: Tomotaya.

Location: West of Umugi Cove. You are meant to duel multiple Straw Hat Ronins, each in a different location to complete The Six Blades of Kojiro.

The Undying Flame
Region: Kamiagata.

Location: The Undying Flame Mythic Tale is located to the North of the Jogaku Temple.

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