Ghost of Tsushima The Six Blades of Kojiro Walkthrough

This guide will help you complete The Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima and aquire the Kensei armor to terrify in battle

The Six Blades of Kojiro is a Mythic Tale that is unlocked after the main story quest, A New Horizon. Read this guide for the complete walkthrough of Ghost of Tsushima The Six Blades of Kojiro mythic tale with locations of the five assassins as well as tips and tricks on how to duel.

The objective of The Six Blades of Kojiro mythic quest is to defeat Kojiro and his five Straw Hat Assassins.

Ghost of Tsushima The Six Blades of Kojiro

The quest is given by a musician known as Yamato who is located in Umugi. Yamato will be looking stressed and in urgent need of speaking to you.

After you talk to Yamato, all five of the Straw Hat Assassins will appear on your map. You have to duel with all five of them to progress further. You can duel the Straw Hat Ronins in whatever order you want to.

It is recommended to wear good dueling armor with decreased damage taken, increase to damage, and improved health. Dodge their attacks by parrying and then counter-slash for maximum damage.

Duel in the Drowning Marsh

Your first duel takes place on the north-west of the Drowned Man’s Shore and south of Old Kanazawa Marsh.

The first straw hat ronin, Yasumasa, uses fast kick to break your defenses. Dodging his attacks will be more useful than blocking them because of his fighting style.

Dodge his attacks and then hit him with a quick attack to stop him from completing his moves.

Duel of Crashing Waves

The second ronin is Tomotsugo who will be on the north of Urashima’s Village. He will be fishing at the beach just above the village.

The fisherman will charge you with his shoulder when the battle starts. This fast charge is unblockable so you would need to dodge him. He also kicks you to break your defenses. This kick can be blocked.

Wait for Tomotsugu to use his overhead strike and then strike him as soon as he raises his sword over his head. This will leave him open and you can deal a lot of damage from this.

Duel under Falling Water

Kiyochika is your third duel who is near a waterfall on the south-west of Kishibe Village.

Kiyochika makes big moves that are not easy to block. They deal a lot of damage if they land so it is better to dodge than to block. Deflect his attacks by using the Unyielding Sword Parry and time your attacks to defeat him.

Duel among the Spider Lillies

On top of a plateau among the Spider Lillies, you’ll find Hirotsune who is a deadly fighter. He does heavy attacks and charging moves that are unblockable. Hirotsune can take out half of your health if he lands an attack on you.

Dodge backward and counterattack to do more significant stagger damage followed by a Heavenly Strike attack. This will help you to take him out much more easily.

Duel under Autumn Leaves

Your final duel will be against the evilest Straw Hat Ronins of all, Kanetomo. Kanetomo can be found on Toyotama’s north-east coastline. He uses spin attacks and unblockable kicks that lunge forward.

One of his deadliest attacks is the rising attack which cannot be blocked. Leap to the side immediately and block a second swing right after the rising attack.

The best chance to counterattack him is to wait for his sheathed sword strike which is easy to dodge and will leave him open.

Kojiro The Final Boss

After defeating all five of the Straw Hat Assassins, their leader Kojiro will now be willing to fight you.

Kojiro will be waiting for you at Omi Monastery on the west side of Mount Omi. Follow the marker into the room where Kojiro is.

Kojiro is a heavy hitter and uses Stone Stance. He can easily block most of your heavy attacks.

You won’t be able to land any significant hits on him so it is better to play defensively and counterattack to land single strikes on him.

Stick to Stone Stance and parry his attacks if you can. Use the Heavenly Strike to cut through his defense and do a decent amount of damage. Keep an eye on him and dodge when he’s about to charge you.

Fight with patience and wait for the right moment to attack. Eventually, you’ll be able to finish him in a duel and complete the Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale.

As a reward for defeating Kojiro, you’ll get Moderate Legend Increase and Kensei Armour. The Kensei Armour increases your Resolve by 15% and it also increases your Ghost Weapon damage.

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