Ghost of Tsushima The Heavenly Strike Walkthrough

This guide will show you how to complete The Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima and unlock this amazing combat art

Heavenly Strike is a Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima. It is started by talking to the musician Yamato, North-East of Komatsu Forge, at the River Falls Bridge in the Izuhara region. In this Ghost of Tsushima The Heavenly Strike walkthrough, we have the complete guide for the Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale for you.

Completing The Heavenly Strike mission will also unlock the Heavenly Strike Mythic Combat Art for you to use.

Ghost of Tsushima The Heavenly Strike

After finding Yamato, talk to him to start the Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale. He will tell you the story about Shigenori, a legendary samurai who developed a lightning-fast technique to slash through enemies called the Heavenly strike.

The technique was passed on to generations of the family. But a criminal Yasuhira Koga is working with Mongols to force them to teach it to him.

After dialogue with Yamato ends, follow the markers which will lead you to a bridge.

Talk to the woman weeping beneath the river. She will point you towards Yasuhira’s location. Follow the marker to a Mongol camp. You will have to clear the camp before proceeding.


After clearing the Mongol soldiers, talk to one of the kidnapped villagers who will take you to the watchtower. There, inspect the clues which will be marked and then talk to the woman outside. She will direct you to the white leafed tree.

To find the tree, go around the Shigenori Peak to a grove of white-leafed trees on the opposite side. Here, you will find a Mongol outpost where they have held Shigenori’s descendants.

Kill the soldiers here and rescue the boy. The boy will tell you his grandfather was taken by Yasuhira to a nearby area called Shigenori’s Rest.

Move towards Shigenori’s Rest and try to keep clear of Mongol soldiers on the way there.

When you reach there, head North-East to the small island. Here, you will again have to clear out many Mongol soldiers.

After beating them all, head to the highest point of the island marked by hundreds of swords sticking out of the ground.

There will be a clue to study in the center of them all.  Inspecting it will start a cutscene that automatically leads to the final boss fight.

How to Beat Yasuhira Koga

Yasuhira Koga will have already mastered the Heavenly Strike and he will use it against you. During the fight, wait for him to make his move and then attack him.

If you see a red shine from him, it will mean that he is about to use his Heavenly Strike ability. As you cannot block it, moving out the way is your only choice for avoiding damage.

Keep moving out of range and then move in to attack him when he is vulnerable.

Near the end of the battle when you have drastically weakened him, Jin will have seen the Heavenly Strike enough to be able to do it himself, and you will get a prompt to hit Circle + Triangle.

This is the input for the Strike itself, which will finish off Yasuhira for good and complete the quest. Finishing it will unlock the Heavenly Strike combat art for you to use.

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