Ghost of Tsushima The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough

The Legend of Tadayori, a mythic tale in Ghost of Tsushima, is as exciting as it could get and why...

The Legend of Tadayori, a mythic tale in Ghost of Tsushima, is as exciting as it could get and why wouldn’t it? The overall quest has different objectives and each of these are backed up by interesting cutscenes. The Ghost of Tsushima The Legend of Tadayori objectives are furthermore inter-related which makes the overall experience even better.

As exciting it may sound, it can get equally difficult and confusing but don’t worry as we have it all covered in this guide.

This detailed guide will walk you through the objectives that you need to complete in order to further progress into the Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale. Once the tale ends you will get the Powerful Tayadori’s Armor.

Ghost of Tsushima The Legend of Tadayori

The first objective is to find the musician for which the rumors from the town people will help you by marking the location of the musician.

The town people at Golden temple will help you mark it much more precisely. Just go south of the Rustling bend and then further southwest of Izuhara, along the river to find the musician there who will tell you his tale.

When the tale is finished, your new objective of finding the violet flowers will be updated. Your new objective is 700 meters away marked on the map so mount your horse and go there.

Once you reach Kii’s Pond, go east till you sea mountains sticking out of the ground that are grey in color. Move closer to finally find the violet flowers blooming on the grassy ground.

For the next objective, you just need to get to the violet crown which you can easily do by following the flowers. Get on top of the spiral hill until you reach the top.

You will find incense and container here. Examine the container to update your objective.

After examining the container, you will find a map, painted and non-detailed, which you need to use to reach the next secret destination.

As impossible as it may look, it is actually equally easy! You simply need to look exactly behind you. In some distance, you will see some mountains with orange trees in their vicinity.

Hop on your horse and reach this mountain. As you get closer you will notice that the abundance of violet flowers will also increase.

You need to climb the mountain! When you reach it, go straight into the fog only to find out that you need another way into the mountain.

Look on your left and you will see a lamp here. Right next to the left, on its left, you will see a hole that will take you inside the Tayadori’s Rest.

On your way inside the area, you will some dead Mongols. Go past them and follow the path until you reach the cemetery.

Examine the headstones here. You will also find more incense here. Once you are done examining the headstone, look behind you where Kaede will be waiting for you.

Kaede doesn’t believe in what your tale is and is ready to kill you as she is protecting Tayadori’s shrine. This is a duel fight so you must switch to an armor which will be beneficial for the battle.

Avoid Kaedes attacks and watch out for her red swings. This might sound crazy but you will die multiple times and that’s part of the quest. Every time you respawn you will have more Resolve

No one will win the fight but Kaede will finally believe you and tell you the location of the Tayadori’s Armour.

Nearby is your next checkpoint as shown on your map. Go to Azamo bay using the fast travel option. Grab the new Tayadori’s Armour and exit the area. Reach the next objective by following the wind. You will notice more violet flowers when you are close.

Eventually, you will find some Mongols around the small hill that you just reached. Take them all out and meet the musicians again.

Up till now you couldn’t use the newly unlocked armor but after you speak to the musician the Mongols will try to retake the hills! This time you can use the new bow themed armor if you wish. Kill the Mongols to finish the Legend of Tadayori Mythic tale.